15 July 2008

My nephew hates me...and other happenings from the last couple days

My brother-in-law (my sister's husband) had a business trip in Alabama this week so instead of trying to keep two little boys occupied by herself my sister came down for a few days. She's been here since Saturday night and will be here until tomorrow when Tyler comes home.

Boogers and her cousin Caden have been having fun playing together and have done really well actually. Emily also has an almost one year old too who absolutely despises me. I have no idea why and neither does Emily but Tanner wants nothing to do with me. At first we thought he was just having a rough couple days but when he went happily to my father-in-law who he has never even met we knew something was up. Then when we were driving home from the beach and I sat in the back with him and Boogers he screamed the whole way home. I tried to give him things that he liked--his mom's cell phone, a book or a toy--but he would just turn his head away and scream louder. It was like my very presence in his world was toxic. I'm not sure what I did to be on the receiving end of such hatred but I hope he realizes that I'm not all that bad. This morning he waved at me with a smile on his face so that's progress.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. Here are a few pictures:

The hippos were sleeping right up against the glass so it looks like they are touching their faces

I'd never seen baby flamingos. There were a whole bunch of them and then the mama's were sitting on their nests.

My Dad bought the kids binoculars so they could see all the animals real close. Caden kept calling them octiclators.

After we came home from the zoo, we had the kids rest for a little while then we went to the beach for the evening. I had too many pictures so here's a slideshow. I would have gotten more pictures of Tanner but he was sitting in the sand with Emily. Plus one of the kids was throwing wet sand and it got in my zoom of my camera. Hopefully I can get it out. I don't think I can listen to that grinding sound for too much longer every time I open or close my camera.


bythelbs said...

You know, kids usually have a sixth sense about this kind of thing. J/K!

I have the same problem with certain kids just not taking to me. I like to think they're just intimidated by my coolness.

Maybe you could try winking at him. ;)

Jen said...

I'm sure he doesn't hate you. You might eventually be his favorite person later on down the road. LOL

It looks like you had a fun time.

The Roz's said...

i love all the pics! thanks for the beach ones, i needed that!

Cheryl said...

Your nephew is my #3. Sometimes, he's just really tired, hungry, upset, and he screams at everyone and everything, even if it's actually the thing he wants. He's slowly growing out of it, so I'm betting your nephew will, too. Of course, maybe you dropped him on his head when he was a baby and he remembers it?? Kidding! :)

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