06 July 2008

Selfish, me? I don't think so

Go read this article and then come back. I'll wait...(If you can't read it all don't worry, I'll summarize it for you)

Okay did you read it all? It you couldn't stomach it or just didn't have time to read it I'll sum it up for you. (First I have to give credit to Mormon Mommy Wars for bringing it to my attention) It is about two separate couples who have taken sterilization measures to make sure that they will never have children. I'm okay with that--no everyone has what it takes to be a parent. Only bring children into this world if you want them. But that's not the reason they don't want to have children. They claim that children are a negative impact on the environment, that every child born on this earth is a danger to the future of the planet. One woman even went to great lengths to have an abortion because she "mistakenly" got pregnant. Sorry, don't have sex then! That is what sex is for, ya know? (Okay for a few other reasons but when you get down to the nitty gritty of it, that's what it's for.) In fact just after I read this article T-Bone and I were watching a nature documentary about wild horses in Montana. It was eye-opening to watch these horses in action. They chose families and stayed together. They mourned together and they reproduced. Why? Because they knew that they needed to reproduce to survive.

Anyway, enough on the sex thing, back to the couples...They call having children "selfish" because all it's for is to carry on our own gene pools. I have to say from the one kid I did make I'm pretty darn happy about carrying on my gene pool. That kid is wonderful if I do say so myself! I must be the most selfish person in the world according to them. What about all the animals in the world reproducing? No one tells them what to do. Are they selfish because they want to carry on their gene pool? It's just innate. Once again they do it because they know their species cannot survive without it.

I want to know what their answer to the question "What would happen to the planet if everyone believed as you do and stopped having children for the sake of the planet?" I'm sure they would be thrilled that there was no more carbon footprints left by anyone. Seriously though? As a member of my church I know that the earth was created for our use. Now, I'm all about conservation and recycling. We all can do our part to keep our Earth healthy. Moderation in all things. But I also know that it is not only necessary for children to come to this earth but we have a divine responsibility to bring children here.

As a woman who has one child and desperately wants to hold another in her arms but is having trouble achieving that goal, this is heartbreaking. I'm almost glad that these women are not having children so that they can't pollute them with this nonsense. I can tell you that bringing children into this world is one of the most selfless things any person can do. Now tell me who's selfish?


Emily said...

First of all, who wastes their time reading stuff like this??? Let alone writing it... Oh, I guess I did!? Read it I mean....

ANYONE whomever is in my shoes (3 very busy little boys) knows that having children is the most UNSELFISH thing you can do. My life is nearly entirely wrapped around my stewardship as a parent. And I don't know ANY woman whos says, "I'm going to have a baby so that my line will go on." As women we are born with an inherent quality to WANT to bear children.

I truly feel sorry for these kind of people and like you, FFM, I'm glad they are not reproducing. I would LOVE to breed out their kind.

It's good to know how people outside of our little happy housewife circle think, but I prefer to fill my mind with more uplifting literature.

Thanks for the dose of reality... I think I need sometimes because I'm trapped in the utard bubble!

Knotty Britta said...

Good point Emily, about them not reproducing. I agree with you, let's get rid of them! I wonder how they will feel in 10 or 20 years when they have missed their chance entirely.

I also have fertility issues. I have two kids, but I went through the heartbreak you are feeling for almost 2 years before we conceived our daughter. We want more, but I am nervous to try again and experience those terrible feelings once more. I am so sorry you have to deal with this, it's just so hard.

Jen said...

What? Call me selfish then. I think they must have a few loose screws in their heads. LOl

Julie said...

Jumbo -- interesting read. I can't agree with them, but I suppose it's a good thing they're removing themselves from the gene pool. I'm just grateful to have a little perspective beyond this life -- to understand God's plan and why it's important to continue having children--to allow spirits the opportunity to inhabit bodies and experience earth life.

I think the thing that was most jarring to me in this article was the fact that this woman chose to abort a pregnancy to "save the planet." Take measures to avoid conceiving? Okay, fine, I can't really say too much against you on that one. But choose to terminate the life of an innocent baby to further your own agenda? That's crossing a moral line I'd never even considered.

Melissa said...

The first couple seemed a tad hypocritical to me... we don't want kids because we're saving the earth.... AND we can travel and do so many other fun things without kids!
I'll agree with the others. Glad they've taken themselves out of the gene pool. I can understand people that don't want to have kids, that's not so uncommon. But this just seems crazy.

Janelle said...

Calling good evil and evil good is a wonderful past time for some folks. I love this post.

The Motherboard said...

I can understand them not wanting to have children-- being a parent isn't for everyone. However, terminating a pregnancy in the name of reducing your carbon footprint is ludicrous! That is just a cop-out for "I think I will suck at parenting and it will seriously infringe on my jet set lifestyle."

I am all for people not having children that don't want them... less abuse in my opinion. BUT don't claim it is for the environment. Thats absurd!

I am grateful for my knowledge-- it helps me to see the "big picture" and not be so selfish.
But, if they want to call me selfish-- so be it. I will take that label any day over what that article spouted!

Great post!

Jumbo Shrimp said...

Emily--there were many times when I thought I should just close the window and walk away becausse I was getting so angry, but I couldn't!

knotty britta--thanks for stopping by my blog. It's never easy when you have fertility issues. It's good to hear someone with a success story. It gives me hope.

Jen and the motherboard--We can start a selfish mom's club! LOL

Julie--I had a hard time with the abortion too. I just cannot even fathom that.

Melissa--T-Bone said the same thing...They won't have kids, yet they travel all they want...hmmm things don't exactly add up.

Janelle-so sad but true

Shelly said...

Well, I didn't read the article and I don't really care to. I only know that I have 4 beautifully gorgeous grandchildren that have brought such immense joy to my heart and soul that sometimes I have to pinch myself. I feel so richly blessed!!!! They truly keep my heart beating. And of course they are in my life because of my own three wonderful children who chose to bring life into this world. Gosh darn it! They didn't listen to all the crap out there about the "rottenness" of this world and instead chose to look at it as possibly a pretty decent place. It's all we've got!! Can't be afraid of it! And that's all I have to say on that subject!!

S'mee said...

This is prophecy, and it's amazingly sad.

For those of you with fertility issues and who want hope,my s-i-l.

Short story:literally years of treatments, millions of $$, the loss of many pregnancies and five children. Success with three and then very late in her thirties she has a flu that won't go away.

The flu was a very unexpected and unplanned baby girl who is now 10 years old.

Try as we may Heavenly Father will get these little ones here, with or without science, with or without plans, with or without an eco foot print.

My blessings on all who are struggling. It's difficult but *Someone* is on your side struggling with you

Summer said...

"I'm almost glad that these women are not having children so that they can't pollute them with this nonsense."


Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Michele said...

Wow! I really can't believe I read that whole article. I would consider myself as an environmentally concerned person but I would NEVER give up my boys. I feel incredibly sad for that woman who "terminated" her pg for the sake of the planet. She really has no idea what she missed. ITA about the rationalization about being able to make a trip every year because of their other sacrifices as being total--well rationalization. It seems to me if you are so fanatical about all this then go all the way not just what is convenient for you. Anyway that is my 2 cents.