27 August 2008

The rest of the story--part 3

If you want to read the other parts here is Part 1 and Part 2

I'm going to try to make this the last one but we'll see how far I get. I came down with a head cold today so my head is a little clogged today...

Okay where was I? Conference, right. We got to our friend's house on Saturday morning and slept for a few hours. Oh wait, I lied. We didn't drive the whole night (it's a good thing I am writing this down, I forgot some things) we stopped and slept at my aunt and uncle's house in Cedar City. That's a funny story by itself. I had been to their house a bunch of times but I had never driven...and it wasn't 5 o'clock in the morning. We had their address but being a Utah address rookie we got a little lost. We finally found what we thought was the right address and pulled into the driveway. I was pretty confused since it didn't look like the right house, but like I said I had been driving all night so I wasn't sure of anything right them.

So just to make sure we had the right place I called my uncle. He confirmed the address and that he would have a light on for us. Right house number, check. Light on, check. So I knocked on the door and sure enough it wasn't my aunt and uncle's house. We were on the opposite side of the city. The funny thing was that the lady who answered the door had been up for an hour or so and was getting her son ready for scout camp. She was so nice and cheerful and gave us directions on how to get to the correct side of town. I'm so glad she was awake! We laughed about that for a while.

So we crashed there for a couple hours and then got up and drove the rest of the way to Salt Lake. We made it for the Saturday Afternoon session and even met some friends. We had a group of about 5 and we were all sitting together. I was sitting next to T-bone and one of his good friends--I'll call him Sam. About half way through the session I am really getting exhausted so I lean over to rest a little. I feel someone scratching my back and look over and it's not T-Bone. Now I've got a little crush on him by now and I'm thinking it would be great if it was him. No such luck. It was Sam trying to put a move on me. Hmmm, how to shut him down? So I sat up and paid some more attention to T-Bone. We flirted a little while and played arm rest wars and I think Sam was getting the hint. Turned out he totally had a crush on me and the girl he ended up marrying had a crush on T-Bone. We never liked either of them--in that way. They're both friends of ours today.

So that evening all the boys went to Priesthood and the girls hung out. After the Priesthood session T-Bone and I met up with some friends from my home town and all the girls slept at Suzette's house and all the boys slept at Alan's. We all went to pizza that night and I probably flirted some more. Now I feel bad about telling this story because a lot of it was hazy for me. I hadn't slept for a full night so some of the details are a little blurred or forgotten.

Anyway we ended up getting to bed pretty late that night and got up early to go to the Sunday morning session. I can't remember if T-Bone and I went with anyone else, I'm sure we did. But I'm pretty sure by this point it really was him scratching my back. :) We played some more arm rest wars totally flirting with each other.

We left after that session so we could get home. Both of us had to work on Monday morning so we needed to get a move on. The drive home was less energetic than the drive up but the chemistry was definitely there. We talked a little but we tried to listen to the afternoon session on the radio so that kept the conversation to a minimum. Both of us were wasted from the weekend. We stopped for dinner in St. George at some Mexican place and I remember sitting across from him, totally liking him and so wanting him to like me back. I put my feet up on his bench--we were sitting across from each other--and he touched my ankles. I would probably make my Grandma blush at how forward I was being--practically throwing myself at him to get him to hold my hand or do something.

Finally after we left he did! He was driving and we just kept flirting and finally he grabbed it. I remember thinking "I was wondering how long that would take!" but I didn't say it. We just talked and held hands and cuddled all the way home. We got back to his house at about 1 in the morning and I went inside to go to the bathroom and get a drink. I wanted to make sure I got all the details so I grabbed my journal. This is what I wrote on October 8th, 2001:
Then he carried me bride style out to my truck! When he put me down, one arm was already around his neck, so I put the other one up and gave him a big hug. We both said how much fun we'd had this weekend. Then I looked him in the eyes and he kissed me! It was 4 or 5 just small kisses, but I feel like he meant it. I don't see him as someone who just kisses for the moment and then it's over.
So there you go! We kissed just after a few days of really knowing each other. My friends and I joked that we'd either come back from Conference hooked up or hating each other! Well I'm glad we hooked up because I married that man 10 months later! And I still love him dearly.


Cheryl said...

Aww! That is so sweet! I love this story. It was like I was there. But not in a weird psychotic way. Just in a...you're a good storyteller way...? Yes, that way.

Anyway, I love your story. It's very romantic. :)

flip flop mama said...

Ah, thanks! I never thought I was a good story teller, so that made my day!

Emily said...

Very interesting story. It is a side a T-Bone that I wouldn't have guessed. And now it has been over 6 years. Congratulations. I wish you many, many, many more happy years.

Shelley said...

Great story. :) I think I remember you telling me part of it as it happened... I even think I went truck test-driving with you at one point. :) Fun stuff!

Melissa said...

I love it!! It sounds like you remember things very well! I need to write our story down in sequence. I know I have bits and pieces on my blog, but not all together! Thanks for sharing your story! You've inspired me!
And I hope you get feeling better soon!!

Michele said...

Yay! What a great story and I agree that you are good story teller. You totally had me on the edge of my seat and wondering what happened. (Oh except that I scrolled down and saw that you kissed tee hee.)
Can you tell us some more stories please?
Hope you are feeling much better soon!

Jen said...

I actually kissed Mason on our first date. We didn't know each other all that well either. I think you "know when you know". Thanks for sharing.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I think you did a great job telling the story. So fun!

Summer said...

What a sweet conclusion!

Bra-man said...

I love your story. What better place to hook up than GC. Congratulations on your six years.