06 August 2008

So Apparently Gourds Rot

Am I the last person to know this?

We're moving, right? So T-Bone and I decided that we should get a storage unit for all our stuff that just takes up space that we only use every once and a while. I got some bins and have been slowly filling them. Today I decided to see what was in the bins in our office.

First bin: Christmas lights and miscellaneous Christmas decorations. Easy.

Second bin: Fall decorations from last year. Hmm, maybe I can combine the two since this one doesn't seem very full. Wait, what is that smell? Ugh, what is that smell? I look closer and there is a strange soft mass on top of a cute little scarecrow I bought last year. Okay, that's weird. I pick up the scarecrow and get ready to throw it away. Below the scarecrow is the real disaster.

I decided last year that I was tired of having a boring un-festive apartment in the fall. I mean, I get all in the Christmas mood and decorate with what I have, but I wanted autumn decorations last year. So I went to Michael's and bought a cute scarecrow, some fall colored artificial flowers, a cornucopia and a variety of dried gourds to put in it. It looked really cute in our living room. I put them up around the beginning of October and kept them up until it was time to decorate for Christmas. I thought all of these things would be okay to keep for subsequent years. Boy was I wrong.

Here is what the cornucopia and gourds look like now:

A veritable mass of nasty. The cornucopia is so ridden with mold that it was soft. I had to throw the flowers, the scarecrow and of course the cornucopia and gourds away. Everything stank. The bin is outside on our porch de-stinking as I type. I wasn't going to take a picture but I must document this for all to see in case I am not the only person ignorant enough to know that you can't put dried gourds away for use for another year.

There is my public service announcement for the week.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Thanks for the info, that sounds like something I would do! :)

Ashley said...
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flip flop mama said...

This is a comment from Ashley. She used my husband's real name so I'm just reposting this preserve our anonynimity:

Wow, I didn't know that either! Good to know.
So I just found your blog from a friend's blog, and this is funny but when I look at your family picture your husband looks really familiar to me. I don't know if he'd remember me one bit, we weren't close friends or anything, but he either IS that guy or looks just like him! :)

flip flop mama said...

Yes, Ashely, that is him. We checked out your blog and he vaguely remembers you. Thanks for stopping y!

Julie said...

Na-sty! I've done that with dried fruit decorations. Sorry, should've warned you!

Thanks for the PSA.

The Motherboard said...

Ewww! That is completely disgusting. I just may start dry heaving over here! :>)

Aren't you glad you discovered this when you were moving instead of when you went to get those decorations out next month? Yuck!

madhousewife said...

Wow, when gourds rot, they really rot. Impressive.

bythelbs said...


Making a mental note.

Katie Harding said...

Yikes! that is definately something that i will keep in mind. Who knew?!

Hazen5 said...

I hate to admit it but, I have done something very similar to that with those tiny, baby pumpkins!

Melissa said...

Yeah, we figured that out our first year here... when we lived in Oregon, we would buy pumpkins a few weeks before Halloween and then just set them out on the front step to enjoy. When we moved here, we did the same thing. This was a bad idea! The crickets and other creatures dug into the pumpkins and the heat liquidized the insides!! It was gross :S