23 September 2008

Booger's Requests

Yesterday Boogers and I were just chatting. I mentioned that my birthday was coming up and that got her talking. She loves birthdays and is eagerly anticipating her own in December. Just to see what she would say I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Then we got talking about Christmas as well. Here is her list. I should say this is totally unprompted. I wrote down exactly what she said...

If you can't see it, it says:
monkey dolly
cake and a fridge for baby
little tiny scriptures that I can read by myself

apples (a lot)
blocks with a lot of 1's on them. 1111111111111 (She made me write all the one's)

So there you go Grandparents. Your life is easy when it comes to Boogers this year! :)


Melissa said...

That's too funny! I love this age :) They are fairly easy to please! My 9 year old on the other hand... well, he thinks he wants an iPod for Christmas! YIKES!

cornnut32 said...

i wonder how you're going to get all of the "one" blocks out of the packages? :D

sounds like christmas will be fun this year!

Lisa M. said...

A LOT of apples.

Love it.

S'mee said...

Ah! I love this! Awesome!C It totally makes me want to go to and get her all her wants, what a fun list! You could make her blocks. They have blank wood cubes at Michaels and you could paint each one a different colour and then add all the "1"s. (awesome!), I think they also have kits for monkey sock dolls, and one year I gave baskets of fresh apples to all the kids teachers, with one actually coated with real gold leaf. I used honey and brushed it all over the apple, then layered the gold leaf. It stuck to the apple and yes, you can eat real gold! Very pretty. Any who, Still reelin' with that list! way fun!

flip flop mama said...

s'mee, thanks for the tips! I might just have to make some "1" blocks. That would be awesome! We'll see if she still wants these things as her birthday (in Dec) and Christmas get closer! I've been wanting to make a knitted sock monkey for a long time though. This could be my excuse.

Shelley said...

I love the "little tiny scriptures that I can read by myself" I know that you wrote that down exactly how she said. It's adorable! Hope she gets them! :)

Susan M said...

That is awesome! (And I love your note paper.)

Enjoy it while you can---before you know it the list will have Playstation 3 and an iPhone.

bythelbs said...

Too cute. You darn well get her some apples for her birthday. Lots.

You've got to get her a monkey dolly, too. I can send you the link to the etsy store where I found Sir Guster. Cute, cute sock monkeys. I'm thinking about contacting Lisa (the store owner) about making some for my kids for Christmas.

I love the note paper too! ;)

rachel marie said...

Apples, that is so cute! I am going apple picking in Julian this weekend, have you guys gone recently? Plucking delicious apples from the trees, walking around the cute town sipping hot apple cider and eating appley treats. Its such a fun weekend outing that I highly recommend if you guys can find time in September or October to make it during the harvest season.

kjehansen said...

So cute. I love the lists of three year olds. So simple!