26 September 2008

Questions Answered

So The Office last night?? I'm a little late on the synopsis--I was too tired last night--but I wanted to say that I loved it! All my questions were answered.

Did Pam go to New York? Yes. Wasn't that hilarious how she was in the wrong class and the teacher made her stay there? I hope they don't make that other guy a new love interest. Jim is the only man for Pam.

When the heck is Jim going to propose? Last night! Yes! I loved it! He is such a romantic. I thought it was great how it wasn't built up to and just happened. It was perfect! I may just have to watch it online again today.

Are they going to follow Toby in Costa Rica? Oh poor, poor Toby. If you missed the end on your DVR, he's in the hospital because he broke his neck on a zip line. He said he hasn't even seen the beach yet and he's been in the hospital for 5 weeks. Poor guy, never gets a break--or maybe he does...

What's happening with Holly and Michael? I love this "relationship." I'm so glad they brought Holly. I loved it when Jim said, Michael is "killing it" with Holly because she's kind of a major dork." Classic.

And Angela and Andy or Dwight?? Ok what was up with this??? So weird that Angela would page Dwight every time she was frustrated with Andy. It was kind of sweet that we actually saw some affection between Angela and Andy though. I get a little tired of the coldness of her. I wonder if they are actually going to get married. I think this relationship is going to be the on again off again one. I'm not sure how I feel about that but I guess we'll see. Have you seen Angela and Andy's wedding page?

In addition I loved that Holly told everyone Kevin was mentally retarded. Hilarious! And the awkward conversation between her and Oscar. She's going to be awesome. There were so many more but now I want to know what were your favorite parts?


Shelley said...

I loved it too! The proposal was perfect! She TOTALLY wasn't expecting it! And he went back to work all smiley!

I think it's Angela and Dwight. Andy isn't "her type" ya know? Maybe that's just me. Plus, the sneaking around has got to stop! Not a big fan of Andy's character anyway. I wouldn't miss him if he were to go bye bye.

And Holly is perfect for Michael, they're BOTH major dorks! LOVED IT!

Melissa said...

The proposal was awesome! I was getting really nervous as she was getting all buddy buddy with that guy in her class. I wanted to scream, "PAM!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?! RUN AWAY!!"
Loved Kelly's part in all of this and that she was willing to swallow a tape worm! So gross! I wish she wasn't leading Darrel on though... :S
Not sure how I feel about Ryan being back... but I thought it was great that they made him the receptionist. Hee hee
The awkward moments with Holly? Too funny... they were perfectly cringe worthy :)

Summer said...

I was thinking that since they'd ruined the finale for me, they darn well better give me a proposal in the premiere. I was very pleased.

Oh and I really like Holly a lot. The Kevin dynamic was soooo funny!