12 September 2008

Random Friday

First and foremost, Boogers has been fantastic the last few days! Thank you for all your suggestions. I think it all stemmed from the fact that I said I wouldn't fight with her but I still was. I was still always trying to have the upperhand. Well I stopped that and laid down the law. I tell her "I am not fighting with you. You need to listen" and she backs down! I'm not sure if it was just coincidence or if she really is listening better, but my life has been so much easier the last couple days. Let's hope she keeps it up for my sister next week when we're gone.

Did I mention we are going on a cruise next week? Yes! T-Bone's brother and sister-in-law gave us a cruise voucher earlier this year for graduation. What an awesome present, huh? Well it was discounted to begin with so we paid a little of it and we are leaving Monday! I'm so excited! At first we didn't think we were going to be able to use it because I was pregnant at the time and--if had stayed pregnant--would have had a newborn right now. There is a silver lining to some things. Anyway we are going to Catalina and Ensenada, 3 days 4 nights. We so need a vacation! My wonderful sister will be taking Boogers so I hope she behaves!

Boogers started preschool 3 weeks ago...did I mention that? I'm so lame with things like this. She did go to preschool in January so it's not her first time ever, but I should at least document it right? Here she is in her new outfit. I think she looks so grown up!

We walk to preschool and back so it's a nice little opportunity for her and I to chat. I really look forward to those.

I got my hair done last week and Boogers looked so cute on Sunday for church that I made T-Bone take our picture. She would not smile for anything! Little stinker!

Yesterday Boogers and I were bouncing our big ball back and forth. I've noticed lately her sport skills have gotten a little better than they've been in the past. So I asked her if she wanted to play soccer or baseball when she turned four. She said, "No I want to play football!" Not sure if she really knew what football was I asked her to describe it to me. "You kick the ball really far and then you throw it into a basket!" She was getting basketball and football (or soccer) mixed up. They have a small basketball hoop at her preschool so I guess she's been working on her shots. She did say she made it in the hoop!

Well that's about it. I'll be around sporadically the next few days and then totally gone for a week so have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

The hair looks great!

Have fun on your trip!

Motherboard said...

Your hair is hot! H.O.T. Baby!