25 September 2008

Who's excited for The Office tonight?

Can I get a "That's what she said?"

So many questions: Did Pam go to New York?
When the heck is Jim going to propose?
Are they going to follow Toby in Costa Rica?
What's happening with Holly and Michael?
And Angela and Andy or Dwight??


Mandy said...

First off, your daughter is so adorable in that family picture over there! :) Second, all of the questions you have about The Office tonight are the exact same as I have. The main one I need the answer to is the whole Jim and Pam thing. I need to know!!! I'm really looking forward to the premiere tonight!

I'm also really looking forward to the commercials. No, seriously! Remember that Tide talking stain commercial that first aired during the Super Bowl? So funny. Well, I work at Tide and we had a contest earlier in the year to see who could best spoof the ad. We had some great entries! The finalists can be seen here: www.tidetogo.com/ads and the WINNER can be seen during the season premiere of The Office. Should be great!

Thanks for letting me comment on your blog! If you have any questions, feel free to email me! I'd love to hear from you!

Mandy Jacobs :)

Julie said...

You so know I am going to post about this today!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!

flip flop mama said...

Here's a sneak of the episode tonight...Pretty funny!


On another note...is that Ryan I see in the back corner? Did he do his time and come back?? I must know!

Shelley said...

FINALLY!!! Months ago (which seemed like AGES ago) I thought this day would never come! NOW I get The Office and my ER back! WOOHOO! Yay for Thursday!

Bra-man said...

We have been counting down the days. Can't wait to see what happens!


Melissa said...

Ah... my life can now fall back into order and peace... I've missed The Office terribly!

bythelbs said...