03 October 2008

Birthday Recap and a Question

So my birthday was a week ago. I am now 30 years old and 6 days. It doesn't seem like I should be thirty. I still feel 25. I hope I feel 25 for a while.

Anyway so we had a fun day so here are some of the pictures.

We went to the Viking Festival. T-Bone really wanted to go so we just played along. It was pretty fun though.

Some people really dressed up and Boogers had fun on the inflatable slide.

Boogers got to play the accordion and we took a picture with one of the festival workers.
They also had axe throwing and some fighting demonstrations but we were a little late and didn't get pictures of that.

Then we went to Legoland for the free last hour. It was perfect since there was a light cloud cover. It had been pretty hot during the day so it was nice to have a reprieve.

This didn't happen on my birthday but on Monday we woke up to thunder. We don't get thunder and lighting very often so it was pretty cool to watch. The storm was totally random with one super big dark cloud up against blue sky. We watched it for an hour before it passed us and headed out to sea. The last picture is of the rainbow we saw (in case you can't see it).

And the question...I'm ready to open my etsy store but I need some store name ideas. Anyone? I'll mostly be selling knitted things but am not sure I want to be held into that in case I make different things in the future. I'll give away a free knitted item to you if I use your guess so make them good!


Cheryl said...

Well, dang, girl! Happy Birthday! You are a gorgeous 30, so no worries. Now...if you had been an *ugly* 30...well...

That storm is gorgeous! I love stuff like that.

A name for your Etsy shop? How about "Flip Flop Mama's Really Cool Stuff" or "Buy my Stuff. NOW!"

Yeah, I'm not good at the naming thing.

Emily said...

okay, i totally remember when we did that hike with jeremy and james ... the one where we trespassed and trail blazed.... do you remember the sunset when we came out from behind the hills... i remember it being so beautiful and i remember jamie had a tear running down her face... do you remember that?

Shelley said...

Happy Belated Birthday. :) I'm dreading my 30th in a month. I had so much I wanted to have done by now. I'm not even close anymore.

As for Etsy, I think we need more info. Are you doing just the finger puppets, and kids' toys? or will it be EVERYTHING you can knit, like scarves, hats etc. Will you accept personalized/made-to-order orders too? I'll be thinking, but I need more info. ;)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Happy 30th! I'll be joining the 30 club this month. :)
I love the pictures from your bday, the Viking with the suede Daisy Duke shorts is awesome!
As for Etsy...how about Flip Flop Mama's Cool-A-Rama! :D

flip flop mama said...

Thanks Cheryl. :) I'm glad I'm not an ugly 30 too, not quite sure about gorgeous but I'll take not ugly :)

Emily, I do remember that now that you mention it. That was a really pretty hike. Where was that? Do you remember? Was it Sacred Falls?

Shelley, 30's not too bad. I wanted to have more things done by 30 too but you do what you can, right?

And yes, I think I will be selling all things knitted. I do want to eventually do special orders as well but probably not right now.

Leslie said...

Happy 30th...Don't worry...being in your thirties isn't all that bad...it's just stinky saying that you are in your thirties.

As for the shop? Flip Flop's Fluff?

bythelbs said...

Your birthday was a week ago? I knew that. I mean, I knew it was coming and yet I forgot. Man, I forgot. Happy belated birthday!

I don't know when you stop feeling 25. It hasn't happened to me yet. I don't think. And I've got a few years on you.

flip flop mama said...

Leslie, not bad, not bad. I'll consider that one.

Bythelbs, I can't believe you forgot my birthday. Sheesh! :) Glad to hear I still get to feel 25 for a few more years at least.

Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!! I don't have any suggestion for your etsy shop, but good luck! :)

staceygirl said...

Um, Russ loves axe throwing. On one of our very first dates, we went to the Arizona renaissance festival, and he wanted to do axe throwing. Such a man thing.

Janelle said...

30 is fabulous!