31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope you all get to spend New Year's with the ones you love. Here's to 2009!

23 December 2008

Things I've learned the last two months

So rember this post? Well there was a reason I didn't feel all bloggy for a couple months. I was sick, sick, sick. Sick with what you ask? Morning sickness. I threw up every day for a few weeks and if I wasn't throwing up I was doing everything I could not to throw up.

Yes I'm pregnant again. Can you believe it?

Most days I can't.

I still look at myself and that little baby bump and think I'm just getting fat. (Until my last appointment and my midwife said my uterus was at my belly button. I guess there really is a baby in there. Who knew? Oh I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow, due the end of May)

Ironically I found out a week or so before this post. Even thought I knew I was pregnant at the time I wrote it, the post was still very important to me because I still have to have hope. Getting pregnant is not my challenge anymore, staying pregnant is. I still have hope that we will add to our family. Posting this is of itself a leap of faith since I lost my previous two pregnancies two weeks after announcing it to blog land. I'm pregnant today though and my mantra this time around has been "Pregnant until proven otherwise."

So since it's been so long since I've made it this far into a pregnancy I wanted to put down some things that I've learned this time around.

1. Throwing up scrambled eggs and popcorn (not necessarily together) has to be one of the nastiest things there is.
2. I could never be bulimic. I hate throwing up non-digested food. It just plain hurts.
3. Nothing tastes better coming back up despite what some people have claimed.
4. Feeling the baby kick can bring immeasurable joy--especially if it's been a few hours since you last felt it.
5. Even if you are going to the doctor every two weeks to have ultra sounds it's still too long to wait.
6. I will never get tired of seeing the ultra sound picture of our baby on the fridge every day. That in itself gives me hope.
7. Sometimes you do crazy things like kiss your fingers and touch those ultra sound pictures just because you are so grateful for what you are given.
8. The first 8 or 9 weeks go by really fast, but 9 through 15 take for.ever.
9. Prayers can bring about miracles
10. Morning sickness doesn't end when you get into the second trimester
and lastly 11. No matter what Billy Madison says, peeing your pants (while throwing up, sneezing, coughing--you fill in the blank) is never cool.

One thing I haven't learned yet though is with just barely half of the pregnancy behind me, how I can love this little person so much already.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support when I've needed them. My "real life" friends and my "internet" friends have both been immeasurable supports and I'm truly grateful for you all.

Merry Christmas!

18 December 2008

Can you guess who the goofy one in our relationship is?

A couple weeks ago we were at my sister's house and my mom and brother had their cameras. T-Bone and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and take some pictures of ourselves. This is the result. It started out innocent enough and then got a little out of control...

(I'm going to apologize for the picture sizes...Blogger takes forever to upload photos but if I use Photobucket--like I always have--it's not resizing them right)

I don't even know what's happening in this one...

02 December 2008

4 Years Old

Today Boogers turns 4.

I have a four year old.

That's just crazy to me. She has been waiting for months for her birthday so she is totally thrilled that it is finally here. She knew that she had to wait for mine, then her Daddy's and then it was hers. So consequently since the end of October she has been obsessing. It started way earlier than that but I had to make a count down calendar so that she would stop asking me every day, "Is today my birthday?" This morning when we told her it was her birthday and she was finally 4 she said, "I'm done with three?" She couldn't believe her birthday was finally here.

Boogers is both a joy and a challenge in our family and I love her for everything. Here are just a few things about her on her special day.

She loves her blankies and smells them- whom she calls "Pink" and "Yellow"

She loves plain tortillas, spoonfuls of peanut butter and cereal

She has become a Princess fanatic and is having a Princess birthday party

We have to read her 3 books every night. She loves books

She loves music and learns songs very quickly

Lately she has been a big "helper". She wants to help Mom do everything

She loves "twirly" dresses. It's not a dress unless it twirls

She doesn't want to get bigger. She always wants to stay "her size"

Life would not be the same in our family without our sweet Boogers and I am so grateful I have her. Happy Birthday Princess!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from her life: