26 February 2009

A Pregnant Update

I know I haven't posted about my pregnancy very much on the blog and that has been a conscious decision, but people have been asking me how I'm doing so here's the update. I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow. Crazy that I'm still pregnant, huh? I am very grateful. Buckethead--as T-Bone likes to call him--is doing well. I just had an appointment today and his heart rate was in the 140's where it's been from the beginning. I've gained a little more weight than I should but what can you do but eat when your body is constantly telling you it's hungry? I'm going to try to make a conscious decision to exercise more despite the fact that my feet don't like me to be on them.

I'll tell you this though, this pregnancy has been so much different than Boogers'. I was working full time so in a way it's hard to compare but I'm going to do it anyway. I remember being really hungry with her the first few weeks and then that leveling out--especially as I was sick in the 1st trimester. With Buckethead I have just barely stopped eating at night about a week ago. I would get up in the middle of the night to pee and then have to have a snack. I physically could not make it through the night. If I didn't eat, I couldn't fall back asleep. So I'm hoping that my weight evens out now that I don't have those extra calories. We'll see though, I'm still ravenous during the day.

Also with Boogers I had horrible sciatica. Sitting was painful, standing was painful, laying down was painful, turning over in bed was painful. Yeah, you get the point. This time all I've had is pelvic pressure the last month or so. I get uncomfortable, but I'm so grateful I can get out of bed by myself. With Boogers T-Bone would have to push me or pull me so I could sit up. Don't get me wrong, I am starting to get uncomfortable. I've been really bloated and swollen the last few days. I'm trying to drink as much water as I can but my fingers and toes always end up like sausages by the end of the day.

He moves so much different than Boogers did too. She rolled and pushed a lot but this guy just seems like he's flailing in there. People have always said that each pregnancy is different and boy is that true.

Still no name, so don't ask. :) So there you go. I still have 3 months left, things are going the way they should and I'm happy to still be pregnant.
I will be out of town this weekend for a girls get together in Vegas! I'm meeting some blogging buddies for a girl's weekend to celebrate Cheryl's 3oth birthday. Yay! Catch ya on the flipside!

25 February 2009

American Idol--Top 36, Round 2

Okay on to week 2 of the Top 36. I have to give you a disclaimer on this one--I had to tape the first half of the show on our VCR and it tweaks the sound a little so I hope that what I hear for the first 6 is pretty accurate.

(Oh and sorry for you who checked your Google Readers before I was done. I accidentally clicked Publish before I was even close to being done)

One thing first though before we get to the contestants: I'm digging the fact that the judges are taking turns! Finally someone other than Simon has the final say. I do like what Simon usually has to say but it's nice to have everyone take turns. The show isn't all about him. Now on to the contestants!

Jasmine Murray--I like her...She looks really natural up there and like she's having a great time. Her voice is really pretty too. She could really go far. Interesting what Randy and Kara said. Wow, even Paula didn't like it. Maybe my tape is off a little.

Matt Giraud--Singing Coldplay, huh? That's some big shoes to fill, let's see how he does....Well he missed that high note, not good. His voice was super shaky the whole time, I did not like it one bit. It was rough.

Jeanine Vailes--First off, what the heck is she wearing?!? Second, that was really bad. She needs to be singing some R&B not Maroon 5. She has way too much of that in her voice. I'm confused looking at her hearing that song coming out of her voice.

Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell--I was really surprised when the judges put him through to the top 36. I wish they would have given someone else a real chance. He is an entertainer though. He does make me laugh but whoa that was really nasaly tonight. I just don't know what to think about him. He's just in a different class than the rest of the singers.

Allison Iraheta--Okay finally someone to listen to! I was worried about her singing Heart, but that was really good.

Kris Allen--Oh I like this guy from the beginning. I don't remember seeing him in previous shows but I like his look and his tone. He does Micheal Jackson good! The weird thing he's doing with his fingers on the microphone is bugging me a little though. Wow, I'm surprised at what Kara said. Yay for Paula and Simon. They had it right on.

Megan Corkrey--Hmmm, I'm not sure what to say about her. I thought she sang the song beautifully but I didn't like the song particularly. I thought it was good for her--like Randy said "smoky Jazz", but not my style. I think she'll go far though.

Matt Breitzke--Is it just me or did he sing that song a little too soft? It seems like he could have the rocker potential, but I felt like he held back. It was pretty boring and forgettable for me. He wasn't really on key much of the song either. I totally agree with Simon. I think he blew his chances of moving on.

Jesse Langseth--Pretty, but forgettable again.

Kai Kalama--Not bad...I liked it. I liked what Kara said though, I kind of wish he had sung a more modern song too. I thought the judges were a little more harsh than they should have been, but it's true that at this point in the game you have to really blow us away. I wasn't necessarily blown away. It was just good.

Mishavonna Henson--Yawn....I hate it when the contestants sing songs like this. They are way overplayed on the radio and no one wants to hear them anymore. She was really boring though.

Adam Lambert--Okay he knows how to perform. I thought he did a good job through the first half and being last he will mostly likely be remembered for it. Whoa though, he's going a little crazy now. I liked him better at the beginning. A lot of energy, I'll give him that. Simon hit it right on....it was on and off. Do I want him to go through? Yeah I think he could do well.

My favorites tonight--in no particular order--were Kris, Allison and Jasmine or Adam.

Overheard Today

This morning Boogers asked me where we were going today. I had a busy day yesterday and have started swelling up a bit so I told her we were going nowhere. I need a day to rest.

So when it was time to pray before T-Bone left for the day she said, "Dear Heavenly Father, Bless Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you that Mommy and I are going nowhere today. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

23 February 2009

Free Stuff!!

Hey everyone! My friend Cheryl is turning 30 this week and she's having a give-a-way. Head on over to her blog to enter!

21 February 2009

In abscense of things to blog about....

Because I know you don't want to know how miserable I am. How stuffy my head is. How every time I sneeze or cough--and it's a lot--I pee my pants a little. How crappy it is to sleep when you're almost 7 months pregnant, let alone almost 7 months pregnant and sick. Because you don't want to hear all those things, I leave you with this picture.

The day after the snow day I was in Ralph's and I saw a basket with gloves. Since all Boogers has are mittens that are made for a 2 year old, I decided to buy them for next winter's snow storm. She has been wearing them ever since.

20 February 2009

Sick, blah

Well I managed to avoid the sickness going around mostly until now. Wednesday afternoon after the snow I started to get that tell-tale tickle in my throat. Yesterday I felt okay but could feel my head getting congested and today it's in full force. Poor Boogers will be watching lot of movies and playing computer games as I veg on the couch all day.

Have a great Friday everyone!

19 February 2009

Snow Day!

We've had a lot of snow in the local mountains so yesterday my friend, Emily and I decided to head out there. Before I post the pictures though I have a funny story about that. Neither of her girls had gloves so we decided to stop at Volde-Mart to get some. Boogers and her oldest were in my car and she was just going to stay in the car and nurse her youngest while I was inside. So I rolled the two back windows down and left them there. Can you believe that they didn't have gloves? Drives me crazy that you can't buy winter stuff in winter. Even Kohl's next door didn't have any. They said, "Oh we don't get those kinds of things after the holidays and we've probably sold out." Yeah, ya think? It's still winter! I know it doesn't get "cold" here in San Diego, but it does get chilly and who thinks about buying gloves in October when we're having Santa Ana winds and it's 90 degrees? Not me!

Okay so I go to both stores and come out with a pack of socks. At least they can put something on their hands. As I'm walking to the car I see Emily standing in between the two cars and the kids are playing around. I think "Good to see everything is okay." (Not that Emily is not totally competent at watching children trapped in cars. She is fully competent. I trust her implicitly with the life of my daughter. There were however 4 kids 4 years old and under. Any number of things could have gone wrong) Then she tells me a story. She's sitting in her car nursing her baby and all of a sudden looks back and sees one of the parking lot security guards writing down my license plate number. She jumps up out of the car--mind you she is parked right next to me--and starts talking to him. Apparently a number of people, including cart gatherers and customers saw Boogers and her friend in the car and thought I left them there. I guess they were hanging out the window yelling my name and people started to get concerned. Luckily Emily caught the situation before it got out of hand and explained that I was in the store, one of those kids were hers and she had the situation under control. I laughed about it as I drove away, but if she hadn't seen that guard, imagine how different the situation would be!

Okay, here are the pictures:

I don't have pictures of everything, Emily took a lot of video so I'll just link to her blog when she posts it, but her is a quick rundown of what we did.

First we buuilt a snowman, but Claire knocked it over. Then the girls just played. Later a family let us have their little snow "sled". I use the term loosely, because it was just a flat piece of plastic. And lastly another family let us ride on their tube with them. That's where the girls had the most fun.

We left when everyone was wet and frozen through, but it was a fun day!

17 February 2009

American Idol--First 12

As far as I'm concerned Season 8 of American Idol has finally started. Enough with the Hollywood drama. Let's hear them sing! Are you ready for my AI recaps?? Just tell me if you don't want me to do them. Ok first off, is it just me or did they get a new, more blingy microphone?? That thing is shiny!

Next I think this new format is actually going to work. There weren't very many people I'd put through anyway based on tonight's performances so I'm totally cool with only 3 getting put through. It will be interesting to see how America votes in this round.

Okay, on to the contestants...

Jackie Tohn--whoa is all i can say. That was way over the top and I did not like it. I agree with Simon. She was being too much of a clown and not an entertainer.

Ricky Braddy--Amazing. I thought he sang the song beautiful and he really pulled it off.

Alexis Grace--Her voice is pretty and she's really talented. I didn't dig the song, but I really liked how she sang it. Very soulful.

Brent Keith--Eh, it was okay. Forgettable.

Stevie Wright--Oh, the beginning was rough...in fact all the slow, low parts were rough. I liked seeing her personality during the fast parts, but I don't think she is going to do very well tonight.

Anoop Desai--I've liked him when I've seen him in the past so I hope he delivers tonight. He has a beautiful voice and I like listening to him, but I wish he had sang a little bit faster. It was a little old and boring. I'm not sure if it was as good as Ricky Braddy.

Casey Carlson--eww, she was out of tune the whole song. Her faces were getting pretty annoying too. Blah.

Michael Sarver--I'm so over this song, but he sang it decent.

Ann Marie B.--I thought she did a good job. At first I was trying to figure out what she meant by throwing her own style in the song, but then she changed a few notes and belted them out. The judges didn't like her, but I think she did fine.

Stephen Fowler--I was worried at the beginning when he looked confused, but he brought it! I though it was great!

Tatiana--She did a lot better than I thought on a Whitney song. I think she has a voice, but is no way cut out for this. She is way too dramatic and I can't stand to listen to her talk.

Danny Gokey--This guy can really go far. He has a great voice and coupled with the story of his wife I think people will really connect with him. I loved it.

I think Alexis, Anoop and Danny should stay. I guess we'll find out tomorrow, right?

13 February 2009

Mushy Valentine's Stuff

I saw this husband meme over at a bunch of my friend's blogs (Cheryl, bythelbs, Susan M)blogs and decided to jump on the bandwagon.  And I guess it fits with Valentine's Day being tomorrow and everything.

How long have you been together?
We've been married 6 1/2 years and together a little longer than that. (Since October 2001)

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Sort of knew who each other was from the Single's Ward. We'd hung out a few times so I guess a few months. Technically though we've known each other for  a lot longer. We were both in the same Primary class when we were 8.

Who asked who out? 
On our first date, he did. But that's not how we got together. 

How old are each of you?
We're both 30. I'm a month older than him.

Whose siblings do/ did you see the most?
Mostly mine since we see my sister fairly often. All of his, except two, live out of town.

Do you have any children together?

Yep, one and one on the way!

What about pets?
We have a fish named Red Fish who is about to celebrate his one year birthday living with us. Pretty impressive for a Beta.

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
Not seeing each other on a regular basis due to schedules and stuff. Emotional issues are pretty tough too.

Did you go to the same school?
One of the colleges we both went to was the same (Junior College), but nothing else. 

Are you from the same home town?
No, but the same Stake

Who is the smartest?
Both of us are smart in our own ways. I have been a better student, but I forget things. Once he learns something he never forgets it.

Who is the most sensitive?
Sometimes me, sometimes him.  We trade off.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
It varies. Usually Mexican food or Italian.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Just us? Mexico or Northern California. As a family? Hawaii.

Who has the craziest ex’s?
I have more than he does so probably me.

Who has the worst temper?

Who hogs the bed?
We've gotten the sharing thing down pretty good.

Who is more stubborn?
It's a tie.

Who is more jealous?
Probably him, but I get pretty jealous of my time with him.

Who does the cooking?
Me. We've tried on and off over the years to give him one day a week where he cooks, but it rarely works out. Not that his dinners rarely work out, just the planning.

Who is more social?
Me. Poor guy has to sit in an office all day while I'm galavanting around town with my friends.

Who is the neat Freak? 
We take turns I think. There days I cant stand certain things and the same thing happens to him. I clean up around the house though mostly--which would explain it's current state.

Who wakes up earlier?
We both pretty much wake up at the same time--although it's usually me that gets up with Boogers and he stays in bed for a few more minutes. 

Where was your first date?
We went to an Italian place in La Jolla. 

Who has the bigger family?
He does.  T-Bone's 6th of 7.  I’m 2nd of 3.

Do you get flowers often?
A couple times a year. I'm cool with that though. 

How do you spend the holidays?
We take it easy. Usually hang out with family.

How long did it take to get serious?
Well our relationship started on a weekend trip to Conference. We started dating and dated for a month then I broke it off because it was a little too physical for me. Then a month laster we picked it up again--after we knew each other a little better--and by February I knew I wanted to spend Eternity with him. We were engaged in May.

Who does the laundry?
I do.  But he'll carry it to the laundro-mat in our apartment complex when I ask him.

Who drives when you are together?
Usually me. 

Is your family still growing?
Yep, one on the way right now. We'll see what happens in the future.

So there you go. T-Bone and I in a nutshell. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 


11 February 2009

Pay it Forward

My blogging friend Julie, is having a fun little game on her blog. I'm playing along.

So this is how it works..... The first 3 people to leave a comment on this (my) post will receive a hand made gift from me during this year. When and what will be a surprise. There's a small catch...You knew there would be didn't you? Post this on your blog then come back and leave a comment, telling me you're in. Fun, huh? Remember, only the first 3 comments receive the gift.

04 February 2009

On a less itchier note

Later in the day last Monday we drove over to the North Shore to Laniakea Beach. This is a place where the turtles come up on the beach to bask in the sun. You can get withing 20 feet of these beautiful animals. In all my 2 1/2 years of living in Hawaii--I've even been surfing at this beach (just a little farther down) I never knew about this little cove but I'm so glad we went. I had seen turtles in the water from up above, but never that close.

They have volunteers there that keep the people away from the turtles--there's also a rope--and giving out information. Each of the turtles have names and the volunteers have gotten to know them so that they pretty much know when each turtle will come out of the water. Boogers was very chatty once again and made friends with one of the volunteers.

03 February 2009

Mosquitos Bite

Last Monday we went hiking while we were in Hawaii. T-Bone and I both had pants on but Boogers wore a skirt. I didn't think twice about it but boy do I regret it now. This is how her legs look today

She has over 40 mosquito bites. Last week they looked fine, just the normal red bumps, but she can't stop scratching them. I've tried Benedryl, Cortizone, Calamine and even antiseptic cream with gauze but nothing works. I can't get her to stop scratching them. Because she has scratched them so much they are now open and scabby. Gross. We are going to the doctor tonight to see if she needs antibiotics.

The hike was gorgeous and breath taking though. It was Hau'ula Loop Trail through the pine forest. However, the mosquitoes were swarming. I have never seen so many in my life. As soon as we got into the forest we saw them all around us and we spent the better part of 2 hours swatting at them and keeping them off our skin. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping them off Boogers, but they were 2 steps ahead of us. Here are some pictures of the hike.

The hike was supposed to take about an hour and a half but it ended up taking us over 2 hours. With a 4 year old, a 6 month pregnant mom and a 30 year old getting over a cold dad, it's a miracle we made it back alive! We couldn't really stop to rest much since the mosquitoes would attack us as soon as we stopped.

Oh yeah and true to Booger's form she never stopped talking for 2 hours. It's amazing how many words can come our of a 4 year old's mouth. We love her even though she talks our ears off and asks the same questions over and over and over!

01 February 2009

Photo Shoot

It takes too long for me to write up all that we did last week so I'm just going to share some pictures right now. My brother Jesse, took some great pictures of us on Temple Beach in Laie and his wife edited them on their suh-weet iMac. Here are our favorites:

(I need some help here. How do you all post your pictures onto Blogger? I used to use Photobucket but now Blogger doesn't resize them like it used to do. Any ideas so I don't have to do slideshows?)

Three times in two years?

So we only had Sacrament Meeting today.

This is the third time in 2 years that we have been sent home from church after only an hour. The first time the bathrooms weren't working. Last year on Father's Day the power went out. And today it's the bathroom's fault again.

In all my years of going to church I have never been sent home early and now in this ward, three times.

Super Bowl Sunday and Father's Day?? I'm starting to get suspicious. haha