17 February 2009

American Idol--First 12

As far as I'm concerned Season 8 of American Idol has finally started. Enough with the Hollywood drama. Let's hear them sing! Are you ready for my AI recaps?? Just tell me if you don't want me to do them. Ok first off, is it just me or did they get a new, more blingy microphone?? That thing is shiny!

Next I think this new format is actually going to work. There weren't very many people I'd put through anyway based on tonight's performances so I'm totally cool with only 3 getting put through. It will be interesting to see how America votes in this round.

Okay, on to the contestants...

Jackie Tohn--whoa is all i can say. That was way over the top and I did not like it. I agree with Simon. She was being too much of a clown and not an entertainer.

Ricky Braddy--Amazing. I thought he sang the song beautiful and he really pulled it off.

Alexis Grace--Her voice is pretty and she's really talented. I didn't dig the song, but I really liked how she sang it. Very soulful.

Brent Keith--Eh, it was okay. Forgettable.

Stevie Wright--Oh, the beginning was rough...in fact all the slow, low parts were rough. I liked seeing her personality during the fast parts, but I don't think she is going to do very well tonight.

Anoop Desai--I've liked him when I've seen him in the past so I hope he delivers tonight. He has a beautiful voice and I like listening to him, but I wish he had sang a little bit faster. It was a little old and boring. I'm not sure if it was as good as Ricky Braddy.

Casey Carlson--eww, she was out of tune the whole song. Her faces were getting pretty annoying too. Blah.

Michael Sarver--I'm so over this song, but he sang it decent.

Ann Marie B.--I thought she did a good job. At first I was trying to figure out what she meant by throwing her own style in the song, but then she changed a few notes and belted them out. The judges didn't like her, but I think she did fine.

Stephen Fowler--I was worried at the beginning when he looked confused, but he brought it! I though it was great!

Tatiana--She did a lot better than I thought on a Whitney song. I think she has a voice, but is no way cut out for this. She is way too dramatic and I can't stand to listen to her talk.

Danny Gokey--This guy can really go far. He has a great voice and coupled with the story of his wife I think people will really connect with him. I loved it.

I think Alexis, Anoop and Danny should stay. I guess we'll find out tomorrow, right?


Melissa said...

Danny all the way my friend! The others just weren't as good...

Susan M said...

Danny could win the whole thing, IMO.

Whenever Anoop is on I say to my husband, "Never underestimate the Indian vote. Look at Sanjaya." But Anoop can really sing.

The girl who did the Police song was horrible. And I think a lot of it was the face pulling and the dance moves. I think if I'd closed my eyes for her song I wouldn't have hated it as much.

What's with the horrible song choices. DUDE!

Anonymous said...

OK, Blogger just ate my comment again!

I'll just say last night was mostly painful to watch. Someone should really be telling these people what to sing. Or at least what NOT to sing.

Danny was the only shoe-in for me.

Emily said...


loved danny and the braddy kid...

tatiana really suprised me!

you nailed it girl!

Emily said...

oh yeah, i cant decide between danny and anoop.... i really hope they both make it!