25 February 2009

American Idol--Top 36, Round 2

Okay on to week 2 of the Top 36. I have to give you a disclaimer on this one--I had to tape the first half of the show on our VCR and it tweaks the sound a little so I hope that what I hear for the first 6 is pretty accurate.

(Oh and sorry for you who checked your Google Readers before I was done. I accidentally clicked Publish before I was even close to being done)

One thing first though before we get to the contestants: I'm digging the fact that the judges are taking turns! Finally someone other than Simon has the final say. I do like what Simon usually has to say but it's nice to have everyone take turns. The show isn't all about him. Now on to the contestants!

Jasmine Murray--I like her...She looks really natural up there and like she's having a great time. Her voice is really pretty too. She could really go far. Interesting what Randy and Kara said. Wow, even Paula didn't like it. Maybe my tape is off a little.

Matt Giraud--Singing Coldplay, huh? That's some big shoes to fill, let's see how he does....Well he missed that high note, not good. His voice was super shaky the whole time, I did not like it one bit. It was rough.

Jeanine Vailes--First off, what the heck is she wearing?!? Second, that was really bad. She needs to be singing some R&B not Maroon 5. She has way too much of that in her voice. I'm confused looking at her hearing that song coming out of her voice.

Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell--I was really surprised when the judges put him through to the top 36. I wish they would have given someone else a real chance. He is an entertainer though. He does make me laugh but whoa that was really nasaly tonight. I just don't know what to think about him. He's just in a different class than the rest of the singers.

Allison Iraheta--Okay finally someone to listen to! I was worried about her singing Heart, but that was really good.

Kris Allen--Oh I like this guy from the beginning. I don't remember seeing him in previous shows but I like his look and his tone. He does Micheal Jackson good! The weird thing he's doing with his fingers on the microphone is bugging me a little though. Wow, I'm surprised at what Kara said. Yay for Paula and Simon. They had it right on.

Megan Corkrey--Hmmm, I'm not sure what to say about her. I thought she sang the song beautifully but I didn't like the song particularly. I thought it was good for her--like Randy said "smoky Jazz", but not my style. I think she'll go far though.

Matt Breitzke--Is it just me or did he sing that song a little too soft? It seems like he could have the rocker potential, but I felt like he held back. It was pretty boring and forgettable for me. He wasn't really on key much of the song either. I totally agree with Simon. I think he blew his chances of moving on.

Jesse Langseth--Pretty, but forgettable again.

Kai Kalama--Not bad...I liked it. I liked what Kara said though, I kind of wish he had sung a more modern song too. I thought the judges were a little more harsh than they should have been, but it's true that at this point in the game you have to really blow us away. I wasn't necessarily blown away. It was just good.

Mishavonna Henson--Yawn....I hate it when the contestants sing songs like this. They are way overplayed on the radio and no one wants to hear them anymore. She was really boring though.

Adam Lambert--Okay he knows how to perform. I thought he did a good job through the first half and being last he will mostly likely be remembered for it. Whoa though, he's going a little crazy now. I liked him better at the beginning. A lot of energy, I'll give him that. Simon hit it right on....it was on and off. Do I want him to go through? Yeah I think he could do well.

My favorites tonight--in no particular order--were Kris, Allison and Jasmine or Adam.


Susan M said...

I think Adam will sail through--he's a shoe-in. I thought Allison Iraheta (Heart), Megan Corkrey (Put Your Records On), Mishavonna Henson (Drops of Jupiter) and Jesse Langseth (Bette Davis Eyes) were all really good and think they should all go through. I hope some of them make it on the wildcard deal.

How exactly does the wildcard deal work, anyway?

madhousewife said...

Interesting tidbit of trivia: I know Kai Kalama's cousins. I've met Kai, too, but only briefly. My brush with celebrity! Too bad I don't watch American Idol.

flip flop mama said...

Susan-I wish I knew. I'm thinking they will probably have a wild card results show or something.