19 February 2009

Snow Day!

We've had a lot of snow in the local mountains so yesterday my friend, Emily and I decided to head out there. Before I post the pictures though I have a funny story about that. Neither of her girls had gloves so we decided to stop at Volde-Mart to get some. Boogers and her oldest were in my car and she was just going to stay in the car and nurse her youngest while I was inside. So I rolled the two back windows down and left them there. Can you believe that they didn't have gloves? Drives me crazy that you can't buy winter stuff in winter. Even Kohl's next door didn't have any. They said, "Oh we don't get those kinds of things after the holidays and we've probably sold out." Yeah, ya think? It's still winter! I know it doesn't get "cold" here in San Diego, but it does get chilly and who thinks about buying gloves in October when we're having Santa Ana winds and it's 90 degrees? Not me!

Okay so I go to both stores and come out with a pack of socks. At least they can put something on their hands. As I'm walking to the car I see Emily standing in between the two cars and the kids are playing around. I think "Good to see everything is okay." (Not that Emily is not totally competent at watching children trapped in cars. She is fully competent. I trust her implicitly with the life of my daughter. There were however 4 kids 4 years old and under. Any number of things could have gone wrong) Then she tells me a story. She's sitting in her car nursing her baby and all of a sudden looks back and sees one of the parking lot security guards writing down my license plate number. She jumps up out of the car--mind you she is parked right next to me--and starts talking to him. Apparently a number of people, including cart gatherers and customers saw Boogers and her friend in the car and thought I left them there. I guess they were hanging out the window yelling my name and people started to get concerned. Luckily Emily caught the situation before it got out of hand and explained that I was in the store, one of those kids were hers and she had the situation under control. I laughed about it as I drove away, but if she hadn't seen that guard, imagine how different the situation would be!

Okay, here are the pictures:

I don't have pictures of everything, Emily took a lot of video so I'll just link to her blog when she posts it, but her is a quick rundown of what we did.

First we buuilt a snowman, but Claire knocked it over. Then the girls just played. Later a family let us have their little snow "sled". I use the term loosely, because it was just a flat piece of plastic. And lastly another family let us ride on their tube with them. That's where the girls had the most fun.

We left when everyone was wet and frozen through, but it was a fun day!


Jen said...

I love the pics. I also love that your snow pics they don't even have to wear coats it's so warm. The socks were a great idea. If you ever need gloves again let me know and I'll ship them to you.

Susan M said...

How fun! Wish I had time to do that. I'd have to go on my own, though, my kids are teenagers and wouldn't want to go!

knitkumpoop said...

We just went to Utah and needed some snow gear. I waited until we got up to Heber because I knew they wouldn't have anything down here.

Cheryl said...

I would love to be living in a place where "going to the snow" would be a fun thing! Most of the snow has melted here, but I'm prety sure that we'll get more.

But hey, I don't have to explain to you how much I hate the winter right now. :)

P.S. I'm so glad that your friend stopped that guard from turning you in to CPS! Holy cow!!

shay said...

Where did you head for the snow? So fun!

flip flop mama said...

Shay, we were at Palomar Mountain.