04 March 2009

American Idol--Top 36, Round 3

So here we are, the last group of 12. I had to pick my mom up from the airport last night so I'm a little late on my review. Let's see how they do...

Von Smith--Okay definitely not the song I would have chosen. You know, it reminded me of a cruise singer--to use Simon's analogy. He's kind of cheesy. I do have to say he sang it very well but I doubt that he will get anywhere with this song. Wow, the judges really liked him, but the song was weird for me.

Taylor Vaifanua--If I Ain't Got You--That was really beautiful and what a way to finish it! I really think she could have showed a little more range but I thought she did really well. Oh she sang it in Hollywood week? Maybe not the best choice after all. Man I'm 0 for 2 with the judges with this episode.

Alex Wagner-Trugman--I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues--I like this kid but tonight was a little weird. I get that he was trying to be fun and entertaining-although the breaking away from the mic and coming back was really distracting. He was very fun to watch but the song was a disaster.

Arianna Afsar--The Winner Takes It All--The song was beautiful, wow does she have a voice! A little grown up though. It was really boring and slow but I thought she sang it well.

Ju'not Joyner--Hey There Delilah--I love this song. It has to be one of my all time favorite songs with the acoustic that Plain White T's sings it, but I have to say, he blew me away! I loved the little R&B spin he threw on it. I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant or what, but seriously I almost started crying during that song. What's with the hand cuffs though??

Kristen McNamara--Give Me One Reason--Booooring...That's all I hve to say.

Nathaniel Marshall--I Would Do Anything For Love--This guy just annoys me. And to sing a song that annoys me even more than he does, yuck. He has a decent voice though, I'll give him that.

Felicia Barton--No One--Ok this is just for my posterity but Boogers totally knew that song. I'm not sure how, we have some Alicia Keyes songs but I don't really recognize that one and she was totally singing along! I thought that was a great performancy. It was fun, energetic and well sung. I'm glad they brought her back too!

Scott MacIntyre--Mandolin Rain--I like him. He's got such a purity to him and a beautiful voice as well. This was a great song and he sang it great.

Kendall Beard--This One's For the Girls--Fun song and I liked it. Yeah she missed some notes, but I thought she did a good job. I really liked the message the song portrayed too. I loved what Randy said. My feelings exactly.

Jorge Nunez--Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me--I don't know...the song didn't really do much for me. I thought he was trying really hard to mask the accent and I could tell. I think what Simon said was true. When they were doing the intro I thought, "What's the big deal with the accent anyway?" and I wish they hadn't told him to lose it. It's who he is. I didn't hink he was the best tonight, but he was good.

Lil Rounds--Be Without You--This girl has potential. I thought she nailed the song! Pretty clever how she gave herself that little plug at the end too. :) She's definitely through to the next round.

There were a lot of good performaces tonight but my picks to go through would be Lil, Ju'Not, Felicia and Scott. I know that's four, but this is my blog so I get to do what I want.


Anonymous said...

I think what was different about this week is there weren't as many stand out suckers. It's a little bit closer race, I would say. Not because everyone was so great, but because not everyone was sooo scary. I'm kind of liking Lil. I liked the one they brought back too, and I thought that Ju'not dude was decent too. I'm feeling very apathetic, though. I hope things get more exciting when we finally get into the final 12.

Susan M said...

I think it's hard to get excited about anyone where there's so many of them. It's taking weeks to narrow it down to 12, which I'm hoping is when we can start getting excited. I mean, there are some contestants I really like already---Danny and Adam and Lil, and I thought Felicia was great this week, even with the missed notes. But there's just so many people every week!

flip flop mama said...

I agree bythelbs. I'm hoping I feel more connected when they finally have the final 12.

Susan, SO true. There's just way too many. I wish they hadn't drawn this part of the show out. It's getting kind of tedious and hard to remember everyone.