16 April 2009

So not funny

So there I was today halfway through my errands driving along minding my own business. Boogers was in the back seat babbling about who knows what, asking me all kinds of "why" questions that don't have answers. She really knows how to step on my last nerve with the "why" questions-especially the ones that don't have answers. "What is this song called, Mom?" "Time Bomb," I answer. "Why?" She inquires. I just shake my head.

Anyway, I digress. So there we are driving along and I look in the rear view mirror and see a cop behind me. He didn't have his lights on and I wasn't speeding or doing anything wrong so I didn't have anything to worry about, so I thought. The light in front of me turned yellow, then red so I stopped slowly. As soon as the light turned green I watched the cop and sure enough he turns his lights on.

What the crap?! I wasn't doing anything wrong! So I pull over and tell Boogers to please keep quiet in the backseat because the police man wants to talk to me. "Why does he want to talk to you, Mom?" I just don't even answer that one.

As my heart is beating out of my chest he walks up to the window and just as cheerfully as if we were having a donut together he says, "How you doing today? I just pulled you over because I wanted you to know that one of your rear brake lights was out." Relieved I said, "Oh I was wondering what I did wrong!" He was very kind and told me he was sorry for freaking me out, but had I ever been arrested?


"Okay can I see your driver's license?" I give it to him and he takes it back to his car to make sure it's valid. No problem.

When he comes back he apologized again for worrying me and to have a nice day. He didn't even give me a fix-it ticket or anything. Just sent me on my way.

So the center brake light on our car has been out for years. I don't think it's been working since we even owned the car which we bought from my dad 4 years ago. He must not have had anything to do today and decided to freak out an almost 9 month pregnant mom just for the fun of it. So not funny.

11 April 2009

Where to sleep?

How about a box?

Sleep tight, Boogers. Sleep tight.
(For the record it was her idea)

10 Things I like that start with "D"

I needed some help getting out of my blogging slump so when I saw this on bythelbs blog, I jumped at the chance. It's a game where you are assigned a letter and then you have to list 10 things you like that start with that letter. I got the letter "D" due to the impending delivery of my second child.

So without further adieu here are 10 things I like in no particular order that start with the letter "D"

1. Dessert-Especially this time of year. I just bought a 4 lb carton of strawberries from the store today to make strawberry shortcake for Easter. Yum! But that's not all, I love cookies, and brownies and pies. It's a good thing I have a fast metabolism....except when I'm pregnant.

2. Daisies-These are such a beautiful, joyful flower. Doesn't that just make you smile?

3. Daughters-Speaking of making me smile. Boogers, my sweet daughter makes me smile all the time. She also makes me want to do other things, but all in all she is a wonderful little girl. I'm so glad I was blessed with a daughter.

4. Deals-Who doesn't like a good deal? I love saving money and when I get a great deal on something that just makes my day!

5. Diamonds-While they are not my favorite gem, I really adore diamonds. I only have one and that is my diamond engagement ring, but it is something I treasure. I just wish it fit these days. Someday I hope to have more....

6. David Cook-My favorite American Idol winner. I also adore Chris Daughtry but technically he didn't win. I felt silly buying his album but it's really good!

7. Dreams-I don't have too many dreams lately since I'm so wasted when I get to bed, but there are some that I've had over my life that I remember vividly. I seem to have recurring themes in my dreams and the most prevalent one is that they all have some form of water in them. Another recurring dream I remember was when I was in High School. I constantly dreamed I was late for Math class. We had class in the temporary buildings in the back and I would run to class and be locked out. I hated that dream.

8. Dancing-I haven't done a lot of dancing lately being pregnant and all, but I really do enjoy doing it. I'm not a big fan of Dancing with the Stars or any of those dance shows, but I like doing it myself. Not that I'm any good at it, but Stake dances and Young Adult dances were usually the highlight of my week when I was younger.

9. Dollars-What do I need to say about this one? I like money. Isn't it the best thing to find a buck or two in your jeans?

10. Dads-My dad and of course T-Bone. Dads are great. I have a great Dad and I married a great dad. What would we do without them?

09 April 2009

And she's ready for Kindergarten

So Boogers got her Kindergarten shots today. It was traumatizing for both of us. First they had to do a blood draw at the lab and the lab guy took so long to actually take the blood. If he had only just stuck her instead of talking about it for 2 minutes I think it would have been better. She always asks to go get her blood taken since she sometimes comes to the lab with me. Then it was time for the shots. She kept screaming, "I don't want any shots!" over and over. It was very heart wrenching for me. Even bribes didn't work. When I told her she had to get shots if she wanted to go to Kindergarten she said, "But I don't want to go to Kindergarten!" That was huge for her. She's been talking about going to Kindergarten for months. I really had to hold her down while she was screaming and crying--and while I was crying too. I'm not usually very emotional about these things, but today I was. I'm sure that being pregnant has something to do with it but I don't want to see her go through that again! The good news is she's feeling better now watching a movie I rented for her and rotting her teeth out with a Bottle Pop candy. As she told me when we were leaving the store, "I don't feel sad anymore." Oh to be four and have short term memory loss.

08 April 2009

I love it when things go my way

This day is starting out great! Hopefully it continues on that way.

So a few months ago I bought some yarn from Joann's to make a blanket for my dear friend Lacey. I made it and had what looked like tons left over. So I decided to make one for Buckethead too. Well of course I ran out. I thought it would be easy to just go back to Joann's and buy another skein. Let me tell you how hard it has been to find this yarn again. The store closest to me has none but for 2 weeks has said they have some on order. Just keep calling on Monday to see if they get it in, they say. Well it's not coming in. So yesterday I called another store in the area--well like 25 miles away--and they say they have one. The girl goes to look for it and can't find it. Bummer. But she is very helpful and says she will continue to look and to call today to see if she was able to find it. If you've ever worked in retail you know that an inventory of 1 is usually not all that reliable. I was not optimistic.

But I called this morning anyway. And lo and behold....it's there! Hooray! I am so excited! The guy that was on the phone probably thought I was some crazy person--on a side note I always think it's funny to see guys working at Joann's, but anyway--because I was so happy! We are going down to that area anyway today to go to Balboa Park so it's not even out of my way!

On to thing number two: I bought a stroller last week on Overstock.com. I looked all over for strollers I liked but none of them struck my fancy. Then I saw this one. I had never tried it out or even seen it in a store, but you know how when something just feels right? I knew this was the stroller for me, despite it's color scheme. The brown and orange really don't look too bad in real life. I missed the delivery of it on Monday but it came yesterday. Of course I was all excited to put it together. But something wasn't right. The stroller frame kept coming off the brake bar. Yeah, not safe at all. So I called the manufacturer yesterday and of course they closed 3 mintues before I call. I left a message and then I went on their website. I started reading and it said if you bought it from somewhere else then you should go through them. So I went on Overstock.com and submitted a request for an exchange.

This morning Go Go Babyz called me back and I talked to another very nice guy--the stars must be aligned for me to get really helpful Customer Service agents--who helped me figure out the problem. It was defective and he's sending a new part out in two days! Yay! So then I was all worried about my exchange on Overstock, but that's all taken care of too.

I got a sweet stroller and my skein of yarn that I needed! I love it when things work out!

Anything good happen to you lately?

03 April 2009

Giving Props

First off, I'm alive. The baby's fine, I'm 33 weeks today and in pain. But that's life and it comes with the territory. The good news is I bought myself some new clothes yesterday so I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I've been feeling pretty down lately, but I think I might be starting to come out of it. I might be around more. We'll see. No guarantees though. :)

I'm looking forward to Conference Weekend. My sister and her family are coming down and we are going to the zoo tomorrow and spending some time with my parents. Should be a great weekend! Happy Conference watching everyone!

Anyway, the reason for this post...

I've gotten a couple things in the mail the last week or so and I just had to give some props to the senders. Getting mail like that made my day!

First I got a handmade quilt from my friend slash old house mate from BYU-Hawaii, Shelley. She rocks for sending baby Buckethead a new soft blanket!

Then I got a surprise package from Janelle on Monday. My favorite Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints! And boy did I need them on Tuesday. Self-medicating anyone? I won't say how many I ate by myself.
And then I got a sweet package today from Julie. I won her give-a-way a few weeks ago and she sent me a handmade apron and some super cute cards. I love them! Although I'm afraid to use the apron because it's so nice. I'm a messy cooker! Thanks so much!

Julie took such great pictures I just copied them from her site.

Thanks again everyone for the wonderful presents!