08 April 2009

I love it when things go my way

This day is starting out great! Hopefully it continues on that way.

So a few months ago I bought some yarn from Joann's to make a blanket for my dear friend Lacey. I made it and had what looked like tons left over. So I decided to make one for Buckethead too. Well of course I ran out. I thought it would be easy to just go back to Joann's and buy another skein. Let me tell you how hard it has been to find this yarn again. The store closest to me has none but for 2 weeks has said they have some on order. Just keep calling on Monday to see if they get it in, they say. Well it's not coming in. So yesterday I called another store in the area--well like 25 miles away--and they say they have one. The girl goes to look for it and can't find it. Bummer. But she is very helpful and says she will continue to look and to call today to see if she was able to find it. If you've ever worked in retail you know that an inventory of 1 is usually not all that reliable. I was not optimistic.

But I called this morning anyway. And lo and behold....it's there! Hooray! I am so excited! The guy that was on the phone probably thought I was some crazy person--on a side note I always think it's funny to see guys working at Joann's, but anyway--because I was so happy! We are going down to that area anyway today to go to Balboa Park so it's not even out of my way!

On to thing number two: I bought a stroller last week on Overstock.com. I looked all over for strollers I liked but none of them struck my fancy. Then I saw this one. I had never tried it out or even seen it in a store, but you know how when something just feels right? I knew this was the stroller for me, despite it's color scheme. The brown and orange really don't look too bad in real life. I missed the delivery of it on Monday but it came yesterday. Of course I was all excited to put it together. But something wasn't right. The stroller frame kept coming off the brake bar. Yeah, not safe at all. So I called the manufacturer yesterday and of course they closed 3 mintues before I call. I left a message and then I went on their website. I started reading and it said if you bought it from somewhere else then you should go through them. So I went on Overstock.com and submitted a request for an exchange.

This morning Go Go Babyz called me back and I talked to another very nice guy--the stars must be aligned for me to get really helpful Customer Service agents--who helped me figure out the problem. It was defective and he's sending a new part out in two days! Yay! So then I was all worried about my exchange on Overstock, but that's all taken care of too.

I got a sweet stroller and my skein of yarn that I needed! I love it when things work out!

Anything good happen to you lately?


Anonymous said...

Nice. These are the moments, Flip.

Things aren't not going my way. That's something, eh?

Melissa said...

Hurrah for things going your way! I hope you'll post pics of the blankets :) I like seeing your projects!!

flip flop mama said...

Melissa, You know, I didn't take a picture of Lacey's...I'll have to do that when I see her next.

bythelbs, heck yes that's something!

Sarah said...

Sweet! The coolest things that have happened to me lately is that I am finally finishing up old-but-necessary projects. That, and Bryan's Graphic Design is coming along nicely.
FYI, there's a Joanne's in Escondido and Oceanside. I don't know which one you went to (they are both pretty much the same distance away), but the Oceanside one is bigger with more selection, go figure. I've been banned from that store until I finish up absolutely EVERY blanket/diaper clutch that I've already cut!

flip flop mama said...

Sarah, The Joann's in Oceanside is the one I've been calling. There are no other stores around north of Point Loma that had any in stock. So Point Loma here I come!

Cheryl said...

Awesome! I love it when things go well. Lately, I've gotten stuff done. Which is huge in my life!

Callie said...

That is pretty exciting on both parts!

Anonymous said...

I actually left a comment on this last night--or tried to--but when I signed in with my OpenID, it told me I didn't own that identity. That tells you what kind of day I had yesterday and how much went my way.

Actually, things did go my way yesterday as soon as my husband got home and made dinner. (It wasn't all bad, see.)