30 May 2009

Welcome Sean James!!

So it's been a little hard to get on the computer this week as you can probably imagine, but I'm here. Let's see if I can finish this in one go. For those of you that are interested, here is the birth story of my son, Sean James.

**Oh and for the record, this is the only time he will be referred to as Sean. He will hereafter be identified as Buckethead.**

I was due May 22nd. All through this pregnancy I have been in pain. Pain in my hips, pelvis, you name it. Plus all the puking. So when I went in for my appointment on May 20th I was hoping I could get my midwife to agree to induce me the next day or Friday. Well that was not going to happen due to Kaiser's very strict protocol. The earliest she could schedule me was Monday morning--Memorial Day. So I gladly took the spot. She told me to call the hospital at 6am on Monday just to make sure they still had a bed available.

I talked to a friend who also had Kaiser and was induced and she said, "I didn't call. I just went right in. I would rather wait there, then at home." So that's what I decided to do. The morning of May 25th arrived and I was up at about 4:30am with anticipation. I finally got out of bed a little before 6 o'clock and took a shower. T-Bone got up a little later and was getting ready too. I had hoped to leave around 6:45am but at 6:40 he was shaving. I was really excited and just tried to breathe. I thought to myself I was going to have that baby today and if we got to the hospital a little later than planned it wouldn't be a big deal. Just then my phone rang.

It was the hospital. The lady said that she had me scheduled for an induction and could we be there between 7:30 and 8:00? I said yes and immediately calmed down. Let me tell you that was an answer to a prayer. I knew they were expecting us.

After T-Bone was ready to go I asked him for a blessing. I needed a little extra peace and comfort for the day ahead of me. I was going to have a baby! We had waited so long for this day to come. The blessing was so helpful and off we went. Boogers had spent the night at my Dad's so she was taken care of for the day.

We got to the hospital at 7:30 and they hooked up my IV and did a bunch of paper work. Kaiser hadn't faxed over my file like they said they had so it took a little bit of time to get all the information they needed on me. When I got to the hospital I was dilated to 4cm. Around 9:40 the nurse started the pitocin. My nurse was Bepeen and she was the greatest lady. It was so awesome to have her there with me. She has worked the maternity floor for 18 years so I knew I was in good hands.

Bepeen started the pitocin at level 1 and then came and pushed it up one notch at a time about every half hour. All morning we just hung out in the room and watched TV. T-Bone and I were getting pretty bored and I was starting to wonder if anything was ever going to happen. I decided around noon to turn off the TV and try to rest a little. At about 12:30 the contractions finally started to get regular. They were coming every five minutes and pretty strong. They were still manageable though. I didn't really have to breathe through them at all.

About 1:00pm I felt a really strong pop--and actually heard it. Bepeen thought my water broke, but when she looked there was no indication that that's what it was. I thought maybe Buckethead had gotten his hands stuck somewhere and moved or something. As soon as Bepeen left the room I had a strong contraction that proved it was my water that broke. We called Bepeen back in and she checked me but I was still only 5cm dilated. Right after my water broke the contractions came really strong. I was yelling and moaning through them and knew I would need an epidural to get me through. I never made it to the yelling and moaning stage with Boogers so this was really new to me. I was probably quite a sight to see. It took about half and hour before the anesthesiologist came and with each contraction they were getting stronger. All through the epidural Bepeen kept asking me if I felt like I needed to push. It's funny to say this but I wasn't really sure. I could feel him moving lower and felt a lot of pressure, but I didn't know if I needed to push or not. Looking back I should have said yes. Right after they put the epidural in Bepeen checked me and I was at 9 1/2cm. The Doctor on call was called and I was ready to push. At this point I was finally able to relax and the reality of the experience really hit me. I was going to have a baby. I wasn't just in the hospital hooked up to beeping monitors. After almost three years I was going to have a baby. The hugeness of this overwhelmed me and I actually started crying.

Too bad the epidural went into effect right about then because it slowed my contractions down and I couldn't feel anything to push. At least with Boogers I could feel when I was pushing but didn't feel any pain. The nurse and Doctor said I was doing fine though and I pushed for about a half an hour or 40 minutes. I sort of wished I had been able to hold out a few more minutes before I got the epidural because I think I would have been able to push him out in just a few pushes, but oh well.

Sean James J. was born at 2:22pm on May 25, 2009, weighing 8lbs 11oz and 20 1/2 inches long. His APGARS were 8 and 9 so that was great. They put him on my stomach right away while the Doctor stitched me up and they were cleaning things. He was just so beautiful looking at me. He was pretty blue but as he cried more, he got more color. His cries were kind of weak but the nurse was cleaning him out pretty good and they got stronger and stronger. He had a lot of mucus that he was choking on and spitting up. I was surprised at how long they left him there with me. The nurse asked me if I wanted to keep holding him or have him take his bath and I just held him. I wasn't ready to let him go. With Boogers they whisked her away and weighed and cleaned her pretty soon after she was born.

It was such a surreal experience. I still look at his face and shake my head. It just doesn't feel real.

After they got him cleaned up and weighed they gave him back and everyone pretty much left us alone for a while. I tried to nurse him, but he was not interested at all. A little while later, my Dad showed up with Boogers. She was a little weirded out by him and hid under the table at first when we asked her to take a picture, but it didn't take too long for her to warm up to him and ask to hold him. She is such a proud big sister. She keeps telling everyone that comes over, "I have a new baby brother. I'm a big sister." My mom showed up a short while later and then T-Bones parents as well.

T-Bone's mom on the left with Buckethead and my mom (and dad in the background) on the right

Later they moved me to recovery and my mom took off but the others stayed. We visited for a while and then my Dad took Boogers home to his house again till T-Bone was ready to leave. Around 6:30 everyone took off and it was just me and Sean for the rest of the night.

Sean kept spurting up mucus and I had to use the booger sucker to get it out of his mouth for the next few hours. Around 10:30pm or so he spit up a bunch of brown mucus. The nurse thought he was probably done but they were just going to keep a little watch on him. Around midnight I was finally able to get him to latch on to nurse, but right after he was done he spit up again and this time it had some blood in it. Obviously that's not good so they took him and suctioned 4cc of fluid from his tummy. He was fine after that, thank heavens.

They also did the hearing screening on him three times that night and he kept failing on his left ear. All the hearing screeners thought he probably had fluid in his ear and that's why he wasn't passing. They tried one more time on Tuesday morning but he still didn't pass. So we just have to go to the audiologist in a week or so so they can do another screen. Most likely if it was a fluid problem, it will be dried up and he will pass fine.

We were discharged about 4pm on Tuesday and he's been doing great since we got home. He is such a blessing to have and I am still in awe that this is actually real. We have been so richly blessed by him in our home just for the last few days. He truly is a miracle.

We took him to his first Doctor's appointment yesterday and he weighs 8lbs 9oz. Yeah, my babies don't lose very much weight. Boogers was the same way.

In his going home outfit

For my Vegas buddies here he is dancing with Flat Liberace

Modeling my sister-in-law's sweater she made for him

Oh and did I mention he looks exactly like his sister? Can you tell which is which?

22 May 2009

Farewell Red Fish

Well today we say goodbye to a member of our family. Red Fish has gone the way of the earth. He has given up the ghost. He has gone to that great fish bowl in the sky.

He's been a good fish. We got him back in February 2008 and figured he'd live for a few months and then we'd get a new one. But he kept on living. During the summer last year we started hearing weird clicking noises coming from his bowl. After much detective work we figured out he was digging in the rocks that we had put in his bowl.

Then earlier this year he started to get this weird film on the top of his water. It wasn't dust from our house or food--just a weird white film. We thought that he wouldn't live past February, then past March. He was starting to look sick and slow, but he kept on swimming.

Unfortunately this morning when I went to tap his bowl to make sure he was still alive, he didn't move. It's a sad day in our house. I had to teach Boogers about the life cycle and how Red Fish's spirit went up to live with Heavenly Father. She was pretty sad, but felt better when I told her we could get another fish tomorrow. She wants a blue fish this time. Any guesses on what his name is going to be? :)

So today we say farewell to our first pet, our first fish. May you find endless amounts of water to swim in, Red Fish.

***Oh and for those that are wondering, I am still pregnant. Today is my due date and if I don't have the baby this weekend, they will induce me on Monday.