22 May 2009

Farewell Red Fish

Well today we say goodbye to a member of our family. Red Fish has gone the way of the earth. He has given up the ghost. He has gone to that great fish bowl in the sky.

He's been a good fish. We got him back in February 2008 and figured he'd live for a few months and then we'd get a new one. But he kept on living. During the summer last year we started hearing weird clicking noises coming from his bowl. After much detective work we figured out he was digging in the rocks that we had put in his bowl.

Then earlier this year he started to get this weird film on the top of his water. It wasn't dust from our house or food--just a weird white film. We thought that he wouldn't live past February, then past March. He was starting to look sick and slow, but he kept on swimming.

Unfortunately this morning when I went to tap his bowl to make sure he was still alive, he didn't move. It's a sad day in our house. I had to teach Boogers about the life cycle and how Red Fish's spirit went up to live with Heavenly Father. She was pretty sad, but felt better when I told her we could get another fish tomorrow. She wants a blue fish this time. Any guesses on what his name is going to be? :)

So today we say farewell to our first pet, our first fish. May you find endless amounts of water to swim in, Red Fish.

***Oh and for those that are wondering, I am still pregnant. Today is my due date and if I don't have the baby this weekend, they will induce me on Monday.


Shauna said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the baby :) ♥ HUGS ♥

Alison Wonderland said...

I have this same... Problem? my fish just won't die.
I was wondering what was going on with you and the baby.

Janelle said...

Good to hear you have an induction date.

The poor little fish who come to our house die so quickly.

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Congrats on being one of the winners on the MMB. Please email us with your information so that we can get your goods to you!

The winner post will be up tomorrow.


Staceygirl said...

Man, it seems like you've been pregnant a long time... either that or my life goes in slow motion. I hope you have a smooth and quick delivery. Sorry we didn't get a chance to see you when we were in town this week... really short trip because we had to be home this afternoon :( I asked Carter about your due date... I think he told me the 27th or 28th, but maybe he meant the induction date... wait, that's not right, either. Oh well. I can't wait to meet your little guy.

Susan M said...

Oh, poor fish.

I bet you can't wait to give birth! I remember how uncomfortable the last few weeks are for us shorties!

Sharon said...

Good luck this weekend!

madhousewife said...

Farewell, Red Fish.

Good luck with the whole baby thing. :)

Cheryl said...

Sorry about the fish. :(

But I'm glad you said something about the pregnancy, I was beginning to wonder if you gave birth and just didn't bother to tell any of us! I should have known better. :) Good luck!

Julie said...

I came home tonight thinking "I wonder if Flip has had her baby yet?!!!" Good luck!

And I like the Dr. Seuss thing you have going on there.

Marcie said...

Sorry about Mr. Red Fish but so exciting that you will be meeting your baby boy soon!

bythelbs said...

I had the fish that kept on living. It was excellent at playing dead, though. Like really, really good at it. We had our beta for a good 3 years. I'm afraid his quality of life for the last 2 was not...high. I probably should have Kevorkianed him, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Yay for baby! Yay!

Alison said...

RIP redfish. Mine was blue. It was a month ago.

Hope your baby came! NOTHIN worse than a stubborn baby! 8) I am too a flip-flop wearing mamma and am following you now.