17 June 2009

The iPhone really can do everything

I totally forgot to put in Sean's birth story one of the best parts...how he got his name. T-Bone and I had talked of many names like all expecting parents do. We had our preliminary list that we narrowed down to a few. We knew we wanted either Spencer or James as a middle name though so that was the easy part. When we went to the hospital our front runners for names were Adam and Ryan and a few others. After he was born everyone asked what his name was but we couldn't decide. T-Bone went home that first night to be with Boogers and I hoped when he came back the next day that both of us would have decided on our own what his name would be and it would be the same one.
Well the next day came and T-Bone came back to the hospital. He was no closer to deciding on a name than I was. We practiced calling the baby the names on our list. The one we like best was Adam and I even told a few people that's what his name was most likely going to be. But it wasn't right. Neither T-Bone or I were totally sold on it. So T-Bone decided he was just going to open up his contacts on his iPhone and start reading names. He read a few and they weren't right. Nothing was fitting this new little person in our family.
Then he said Sean.
I looked at my baby and it fit better that anything we had. I said to T-Bone "Hmm I like Sean." He did too. He kept reading names and once again nothing felt right...until he came to another Sean. It was like a weight was lifted every time I called him Sean. All the other names felt weird but when we said Sean it just felt good. The strange thing was Sean was never on any of our lists. We both looked at each other and said "Yep, that's his name." I preferred the Gaelic spelling so that's what it is. So there you have it. The iPhone really can do everything...including naming your day old son.

14 June 2009

Booger's "Testimony" and other gems

The other day Boogers gave me a pad of paper and told me to write down what she said. These are her words:

I love Daddy.
I love you.
Thank you for this day.
I love to say prayers.
I love my heart and I love to go outside and play when it's sunny.
I love my new baby brother.
I love my mom and my dad and my toys.
I love our car.
I love Heavenly Father and Jesus.
I love my games.
I love having picnics at the beach and the pool and the park.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


And here are some more gems:

T-Bone asked for a high 5 from her.

B: Dad, I don't give high 5's to no people doing the dishes. You have to be patient. You have to be patient for cups. You have to be patient for people to come. You have to be patient for fish.
I get the cups and the people, but fish??
Mom: Boogers, when your brother comes, things are going to be different.
Boogers: How Mom?
M: Well I will have to take care of two people instead of just you.
B: looks down, kind of sad
M: What's the matter?
B: I feel grumpy.
M: But I will still love you very much.
B: I still feel grumpy.
At least she's honest. For the record she hasn't been too grumpy since Buckethead has come. She loves her brother very much.
B: Dad, you broke mommy's feelings.
After I had Buckethead-
B: Hey Mom, you're laying on the floor on your back! Good job!
It's always nice to have someone rooting for you
B: We should buy a Wii.
M: Wii's cost a lot of money that we don't have right now.
B: I have money. (Goes to get her piggy bank). I have $101 monies. (Counts all the coins in her bank up to 100) See, now we can buy a Wii!
If only it was that easy...