29 July 2009

Fun with Apps

There are a lot of Apps out there for the iPhone and iTouch. There are Apps for budgeting, games, kids activities, you name it. One App I downloaded this week has been the cause of lots of surprises from Boogers and laughs from me and T-Bone. The iTunes Remote.

It connects to your iTunes (and iTV if you have it) so that you can control your iTunes from your phone. We moved out computer out of our bedroom into the kitchen a few days ago so I finally had a real use for it. The other night we were listening to music after dinner and it was a little loud, so I turned it down with my Remote App. The look on Rachel's face was priceless when she realized it got quieter because no one was near the computer.

T-Bone and I jumped on the opportunity to capitalize on her ignorance. She could not figure out why the computer got quieter. T-Bone started messing with her and turning the volume up and down. She was so confused. I was just cracking up inside.

So tonight we were in the same situation. We were just hanging out in the living room listening to music. A song I didn't like came on and so I skipped it. Boogers was all confused again and we were secretly laughing. T-Bone said, "I wonder if we can tell the computer what to do and it will do it." I had my phone in my hand and he told it to skip to the next song. When it did, Boogers was shocked. She was giggling and surprised. It was classic. So next we had her tell the "computer" what to play and of course it changed songs! She even requested a certain song and it picked it. We were just having a ball with it for 20 minutes. She was so surprised every time it did what she asked it to do.

We are so milking this for as long as we can...


Shelley~Maren said...

Hahaha! That is awesome! She'll catch on and be a geek in no time! ;) (Hey, we need more girl geeks out here! It could happen!) :)

Melissa said...

That's too funny! You'll have to get video of it!! :D

Susan M said...

That's awesome. If we'd done something like that with our youngest, he'd have freaked out, thinking something scary was happening. You know that trick where you make it look like your thumb is disconnecting from your hand? We did that to him once when he was little and he was so upset, thought it was real.

I think my oldest would have realized immediately what we were doing, and our daughter wouldn't even have noticed anything was weird! ha

Wonder how long till she catches on?

Anonymous said...

Messing with your kids is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. Way to go.