25 July 2009

The verdict is in

Well it's been five days since the incident and unfortunately I have bad news. The battle of washing machine vs. iPhone goes to the washing machine this time. Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers but it wasn't meant to be.

The phone turns on but only when it's plugged in but it only stays on for 30 seconds and then shuts off. If I leave it plugged in it will keep restarting and shutting off over and over again.

All is not lost though. T-Bone is in the process of selling my 80Gb iPod that I bought two years ago to make some money to replace the phone. Apple has a deal where if something happens to your phone that isn't covered by warranty then you can buy another one for $200 bucks. Much better than the regular price of $599. I should be able to get at least $120 for the iPod. And even if I wanted to give up on the iPhone all together and just get a crappy phone I'd still have to pay $250 because Apple is losing out on their cut of the service fees. So we are going to the Apple store tonight to talk a deal.

It's been interesting not having a cell phone for the week though. I haven't really missed it like I thought I would. The only time I really wished I had it was yesterday as I was driving two hours each way to and from my sister's house. Our radio in the car doesn't work so I had nothing to occupy myself except my thoughts. Oh and the non-stop chatter and singing of Boogers, but she was asleep on the way home.

Anyway getting back to the phone thing. I've known this but was reminded that I really don't use my phone as a phone as much as I use it as a mini computer. I have my email, Google Reader, Facebook mobile, Google maps, the Scriptures, my calendar, music and some games on there that I use way more than I use it for calling people or getting calls.

Sure having a phone makes meeting up with friends way more convenient, but I still was able to do the things I wanted to and see the people I wanted to this week without too much trouble. It's true that I didn't talk to people very much but I could have. We have a Magic Jack VOIP line that I used so I wasn't completely phone-less but not many people know we have that and even less know the number.

Not having a cell phone was strangely cleansing for me. I'm almost not looking forward to getting a new one tonight because I've enjoyed the freedom of not having it. At least now I know I can live without it so hopefully I will spend less time wasting time on it.


Alison Wonderland said...

I know what you mean. I love my touch so much that sometimes I think about upgrading to the iPhone. And then I remember that I have a phone and I NEVER use it.
And I'm pretty sure that I'd get along fine without the touch too.

Staceygirl said...

That is sad. I really thought it would work. Russ and I lived without cell phones for at least two years, and I can honestly say there were only a couple of times where I really needed a phone and couldn't even find a pay phone. I guess I made do because I don't remember any lasting damage. I finally got another phone when I was pregnant with Paige (just in case of emergency!!), but I don't use it too much since it's a 10-cent per minute phone. I don't see why we need to be plugged in all the time. Sometimes it is nice to know that no one knows where you are and no one can get in touch with you. Then you can feel more free!!

bythelbs said...

Hope you get a good deal!