24 September 2009


When Mr. Smiley was born we could not believe how much he looked like Boogers. As he's gotten older he has changed a lot so I thought it would be fun to see how much they look alike now.

At birth

8 days & 15 days

About 6 weeks

Almost 3 months

4 months

So they started out looking a lot alike, then not so much. But now I think they really look alike again. It will be fun to see how they grow up. I have the cutest kids.

21 September 2009

It's my birthday and I'll eat if I want to

Earlier this summer my friend Brooke had her birthday. She came to the pool day our playgroup had with a burrito from Rubio's that she proudly proclaimed was free. She had signed up for some local restaurant's Birthday Clubs and was reaping the rewards.

So a month or so ago I signed up for the restaurant's birthday lists too. I was pretty bummed though because all their websites said that you can get free food only on your birthday. Well my birthday is on Sunday this year so I thought I was going to miss out on all the yummy free food--not to mention free day at Disneyland too. Plus who can eat all that food on one day? Then I got a surprise in my email box today. All of the restaurants had sent me their coupons and lo and behold I have until October 4th to use most of them! So my plan is to drop Boogers off at school every day and then head out and treat myself to lunch at Red Robin, Rubio's, and Noodles & Company. Then to dessert at Boudin and Pat & Oscar's.

It's going to be a good week. Happy Birthday to me!

11 September 2009

On This Day

I didn't know what I was going to post today until a few mintues ago. I didn't want to do the same ol', same ol'. I wanted today's post--if I posted anything--to mean something.

I grew up in a very patriotic home. My parents have a deep love for this country and they passed that love on to me. I grew to appreciate the sacrifice that had been made so I could have the freedoms I had. We went on a vacation when I was in High School to Gettysburg and my love for America deepened as I saw proof of that sacrifice. I truly believe America is a blessed land.

Eight years ago when the planes hit the Twin Towers I was glued to the TV all day. It was devastating. I couldn't understand how some people could hate this country so much.

I plan on sharing my love for America with my children. Boogers has grown up listening to the Star Spangled Banner and has even picked up a few words of the song. My heart just swells when she sings it. So imagine my pride and excitement when this morning, with no prompting from me my sweet daughter starts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. She had it nearly memorized after only 8 days of reciting it in Kindergarten. Now, I know she has no idea what allegiance, or Republic, or Nation means but I plan on teaching her. I hope that she can grow to love The United States of America as much as I do.

I will never forget how I felt this day 8 years ago. I will never forget the sacrifices that were made that day. I will never forget the heroes that lived and died that day.

God Bless America!

05 September 2009

The Sound of Your Voice

I love that song. (Sorry if the video is out of sync with the song. It didn't used to be) Anyway, I've been thinking lately. Again. I know, all this deep thinking is way out of character for me. But hey it's happening so I thought I should at least record it for posterity's sake, ya know?

So I was thinking about how I talk to my sweet daughter, Boogers. Anyone who knows her knows that she can be kind of in your face, loud, very talkative and extremely inquisitive. Her favorite words and phrases are, "Why, Mom?" "What are you doing, Mom?" "Why are you doing that?" "What did you say to (insert person's name)?" A month or so ago we were driving to my sister's house 2 hours away. The radio doesn't work in our car and my cell phone was dead so all we had was ourselves to keep us occupied. Boogers sang and chatted non-stop for over an hour. I'm not talking saying something then a break for a bit and then starting up again. It was non-stop. I didn't know someone's mouth could move for that long. She must have amazing muscular structure in her jaw. Sometimes all the questions and the never-ending chatter can get, well let's just lay it all out there and say sometimes it just gets plain annoying.

I have found myself falling into the pattern of using harsher tones of voice than necessary to talk to her. My fuse has been shorter than it needed to be. Lately I've really tried to stop that. I don't want her to look back at her childhood and remember her mom being annoyed with her all the time. Plus I want her to be happy now. I noticed that when I used harsh tones her countenance would change and frankly mine too. If I snapped at her then I was more likely to snap at her the next time I asked her to do something or stop doing something. Like I said in my last post, I want our home to be a place of refuge from the world. Somewhere that she can go after a long day at school and possibly after interacting with some not so nice kids and feel safe. So this week I tried an experiment.

I changed the way I spoke to her. I can't say I've really changed the words I use very much, but just the tone of voice. "Go brush your teeth!" turned into "Boogers, it's time to go brush your teeth, please." or something to that effect. And you know what? It's actually working. She has become such a better listener the last few days than ever before. Not only is she behaving better, but both of us are happier. There isn't any more sulking and pouting (well that hasn't gone away completely but it's not heaven here) or hurt feelings from her. Plus I find that if I use a happier tone of voice, I am most likely to continue to use that tone of voice. Like I said, I haven't really changed what I say, just how I say it. I have discovered that the sound of my voice has such an effect on our home-for good and for bad.

Maybe it's just coincidence but I'm hoping it's not.

02 September 2009

01 September 2009

Overheard in our house

Boogers is full of great quotes lately and these are some of the gems her little brain comes up with.

I told her were going to get churros from Costco and she asked me what it was. I told her it was like a long round donut with cinnamon and sugar. She thought about that for a bit and then said, "Churros are like rolled up burrito cinnamon toast."

B: When I grow up I want to be a doctor, a train conductor, an airplane pilot, a farmer and a builder.
I hope you can do all those things.

There's a lot of breast feeding going on in our house so Boogers has been known to "feed" her dolly too. Her name is Pinch.
B: Pinch drinks soda from my boob, milk from my boob, water from my boob and potato lemon juice. She loves potato lemon juice.

I put in a DVD and it didn't work.
B: Maybe it has a big crap on it.
Me trying to conceal laughter
M: Do you mean a big crack?
B: No crap, that's what Daddy says.
M: Oh you mean it has a LOT of crap on it, like it's dirty?
B: Yes
Okay, BIG difference!

B: I'm going to serve my mission in Kazakhstan and Mr. Smiley is going to Quebec.
She picked Kazakhstan because it was a pink country

B: When you leave raisins out in the sun they turn into grape nuts.
So that's where grape nuts come from!

Last Sunday-B: Is today Fast Sunday*?
M: No
B: Is it Slow Sunday?
Uh, I guess so...

I love the way a 4 year old mind works!

**In our church we set aside the first Sunday of the month and don't eat for two meals. We give the money we saved on those two meals to the poor.