01 September 2009

Overheard in our house

Boogers is full of great quotes lately and these are some of the gems her little brain comes up with.

I told her were going to get churros from Costco and she asked me what it was. I told her it was like a long round donut with cinnamon and sugar. She thought about that for a bit and then said, "Churros are like rolled up burrito cinnamon toast."

B: When I grow up I want to be a doctor, a train conductor, an airplane pilot, a farmer and a builder.
I hope you can do all those things.

There's a lot of breast feeding going on in our house so Boogers has been known to "feed" her dolly too. Her name is Pinch.
B: Pinch drinks soda from my boob, milk from my boob, water from my boob and potato lemon juice. She loves potato lemon juice.

I put in a DVD and it didn't work.
B: Maybe it has a big crap on it.
Me trying to conceal laughter
M: Do you mean a big crack?
B: No crap, that's what Daddy says.
M: Oh you mean it has a LOT of crap on it, like it's dirty?
B: Yes
Okay, BIG difference!

B: I'm going to serve my mission in Kazakhstan and Mr. Smiley is going to Quebec.
She picked Kazakhstan because it was a pink country

B: When you leave raisins out in the sun they turn into grape nuts.
So that's where grape nuts come from!

Last Sunday-B: Is today Fast Sunday*?
M: No
B: Is it Slow Sunday?
Uh, I guess so...

I love the way a 4 year old mind works!

**In our church we set aside the first Sunday of the month and don't eat for two meals. We give the money we saved on those two meals to the poor.


Julie said...

Kid Quotes are my favorite ever.

And isn't Fast Sunday usually the slowest??!!

Melissa said...

HA!! Those were too funny!! I love listening to my kids talk to each other. I shouldn't laugh, but usually I can't help myself :)

Jessica said...

I need to be better at writing things down. I think I will remember and then I don't! She is so funny!

Mrs. Chipps said...

These are the cutest quotes ever! How fun!

I'm glad you found our blog! Trevor is always talking about you guys and is always wondering how you are doing! :) Now he will be able to find out! YAY!