28 December 2009

Christmas Wrap-up

Did you all have a good Christmas? I hope so. Ours was perfect as far as I am concerned. In the past 7 years every Christmas Eve we have driven 2 plus hours to T-Bone's Grandpa's house in L.A. We sit there amid tons of chatter and people we don't ever see and mostly who have absolutely no relation to me (T-Bone's Grandpa was married for 10 years and his wife died and these are her children) for two hours and then drive back home. We never get home earlier than 9:30 or 10pm. Did I mention he has 3 dogs and a cat and furniture that has been there for 40+ years? A disaster for someone with pet and dust allergies.

I hate it.

His Grandpa can't hear and is 93 or something so the actual purpose of the visit--to visit with him--is washed up in all the other stuff. We never get to actually spend time or have a conversation with him.

Well this year we didn't go. They are doing renovations on the house and T-Bone's aunt, who lives there recently had surgery so the house and hostess wasn't prepared for a 30 or so person party. Instead we went on Saturday. It was so nice to have an actual conversation with Grandpa and learn something about him. The drive still sucked but at least the visit made up for it.

So instead on Christmas Eve Big Sister and I made cookies in the morning for Santa and then decorated them. After T-Bone got home from work around 2 we did some last minute shopping and then Skyped with my brother and niece and then my sister and her kids. After dinner we just relaxed for the evening. I can't even remember what we had for dinner. I got to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Christmas Story in the Bible to Big Sister. I haven't done that once since we've been married. Big Sister was so excited for Santa to come that she went to bed at 7. She kept talking about how if she heard his sleigh she was going jump out of bed so that she could see Santa in real life. She even opened the blinds in her bedroom about 9 inches so that she could look out the window if she heard anything. It was so fun to see the magic of Christmas alive in her. She sort of got the idea of Santa last year but this year it was so much more. T-Bone and I tried to watch It's a Wonderful Life but I passed out and went to bed, I was too tired. Mr. Smiley has been teething and just not sleeping well so I went to bed early. I'm pretty sure T-Bone watched the whole thing though.

And that brings us to Christmas morning. It was perfect. Big Sister woke up about 6:30 which is normal so it wasn't too rough getting up. She ran in the living room and then ran back and yelled, "Santa came!" I didn't want this year to be super fast opening presents and so we took our time opening them and playing with them before we went on to the next present. It still only took an hour or so but that's okay. We got lots of things, including a Wii with a couple games. This also was the first official year that Big Sister picked out gifts for each of us on her own. I really want her to understand that gift giving is about what the other person wants, not what you want. So far she has only really given gifts to her friends so she hasn't had to think about what they want. If she likes it then she gives it to them. But this year we gave her some ideas and then each parent took her shopping. She really wanted to give me a Snuggie so that's what I got, and she gave her Daddy a tie. T-Bone gave me a big rectangle griddle/grill so we had french toast and bacon for breakfast and then we just hung out. We didn't get out of our jammies all day in fact. We set up the Wii and played around on that, played with Big Sister's toys and books and just relaxed. The Charger game came on in the afternoon so we watched that with my Dad and his wife and then had hamburgers for dinner. Go Chargers!

This year has been good to our family (I'll do a 2009 recap next) and Christmas was happy because of it. I'm so grateful for the time to remember my Savior and his birth. I love that we remember the greatest of all the gifts of God which is eternal life that he gave to us. I try to renew my faith and diligence to try to give back as much as I can through my obedience of his commandments. Merry Christmas!

And some pictures...

Yes, that was our tree. It has been on the side table next to our couch but I thought we should bring it out to the middle for Christmas.
A sweet automatic toothpaste dispenser and orange ball. Santa knows Big Sister's favorite color
T-Bone always looks wasted in pictures. He's modeling his new golf shirts. Both of them. And the hit of Christmas--a lip gloss tray. She has not stopped putting lip gloss on for 3 days.

Mr. Smiley put a piece of paper in his mouth that had blue marker all over it

And a few more gifts


Staceygirl said...

Sounds like a nice time. Papa J couldn't hear anything I said, so I had to tell Russ to ask him questions, and that worked well. Wish you could have come for our Christmas FHE... we read the scriptural account of Jesus' birth, interspersed with hymns... right out of the FHE manual. Maybe another year? I think I'll do the same on the Monday before Christmas every year. Paige and Kallie were singing "glo-o-o-o-ria" from Angels We Have Heard on High for days. It was so cute! Now for New Year's... all the party, none of the stress of bearing gifts!!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

I hope when I'm a grandpa I get to go by T-Bone.

Looks like a fun Christmas!


Sam said...

That is a sweet toothpaste dispenser! Whoever gave you that must be pretty awesome!

flip flop mama said...

They sure are awesome, Sam!

knitkumpoop said...

Tell Big Sister that I loved the Joann gift card. I've already bought fabric with it to make some potholders.

Maybe I'll send some your way.

Thanks again Big Sis!

Susan M said...

That looks like a wonderful Christmas. Glad you guys had a good one!

Anonymous said...

Love the blue tongue. That's a good look for him. :)