09 December 2009

Hello! For those of you wondering, I'm not dead. I just have a hard time blogging these days for some reason. You know how you think of things to say while you're say, in the shower, and then after you get ready and actually sit down at the computer, nothing is in your brain anymore? Yeah, that's me. Or maybe it's the 6 1/2 month old little guy that keeps me busy all day. I finally got some time last week to organize my papers and file some things away and I realized that I hadn't filed anything since April. That's before Mr. Smiley was born. So it's not just here that I'm behind. It's my whole life. I see papers stacking up in the kitchen. Piles and piles of mail and books. Big Sister brings home so much stuff from school that sometimes I feel so smothered by that. After the kids go to bed all I can manage is to collapse on the couch and watch whatever junk is on TV. I didn't think I'd ever get to this point. I normally am a very organized person. It's a good thing I have my calendar and my shopping list on my phone or I'd probably forget so many other things!

But today I was determined not to let those thoughts from the shower go anywhere except the computer and I thought I'd drop in and give a little update.

First of all, Happy Halloween! Yeah, I'm that far behind...T-Bone was an outlaw for Halloween with his authentic stache so I decided to be his hussie and dress up as a saloon girl. It was really fun. Big Sister was Belle again and Mr. Smiley was a luchador (Nacho Libre style) We were awesome if I do say so myself.

I'm not really sure what happened in November...I guess I'll skip to Thanksgiving! Wohoo, two months down! Instead of driving out to Arizona for Thanksgiving we went and hung out at the beach campgrounds with some friends. The deep fried and barbecued turkeys were yummy! The weather was gorgeous too. I love San Diego in November. The sky is clear, the weather isn't too freezing--usually--and the air has that crisp, fall feeling in it.

So that bring us to December. Man I am zooming. Why didn't I do this months ago? Big Sister turned 5!! It's nuts to think that I have a 5 year old. She had a fun birthday with a couple friends and mostly grandparents. She wanted chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and blue jello with sprinkles on top. Not sure where she got the idea to put jello on cupcakes, but I happily obliged. I made jello jiggler stars and put them on top. True to her personality she didn't like the jello too much but that's okay. Sometimes you have to try things. We were going to go bowling but all the lanes were taken up by leagues. It was pretty annoying that the leagues would completely monopolize the bowling alley during the week. That doesn't make much sense. So instead we went to Chuck E Cheese with Big Sister and her friend. They had fun getting tickets to spend on cheaper than dollar store prizes so it was worth it. Happy Birthday Big Sister!

I tell you what, birthdays stress me out. I think about all these other moms who throw huge birthday parties for their kids and I just don't know how they do it. We went to one of Big Sister's friend's parties a couple weeks ago and there were 20 kids there. It was at the park so there was room for everyone to run around and play, but that is just too much stress for me. I told Big Sister she could invite one friend over to bowl and that turned into two. No big deal, I can handle a 3 kid birthday party. Then my mom, my dad and his wife, and T-Bone's parents came too. That made 11 people altogether. I was so glad when it was over. Not that I don't like spending time with all of them, I'm just one of those small crowd people. I also think it has to do with the fact that her parties are always in our apartment since the weather is so unpredictable in December and everyone's schedules are so jam packed our days to do a party are limited. I'm looking forward to the day where we can have a party in our backyard and there's room for a bunch of kids to run around.

So that's what's going on in Big Sister's life. Now for the little one, Mr. Smiley. He turned 6 months the day before Thanksgiving. He truly is a little one just tipping the scales at 16 1/2 pounds and 26 inches long. That puts him in the 35th percentile for both. Big Sister was always--and still is--in the 75th-90th percentiles. I hope she's not taller than him! He is such a sweetheart. He loves to be held and just walk around with me but he also really enjoys being on the floor checking things out. He is a very intense thinker, you can really see him concentrating. And he will play with one toy for a long time. It's such a change from Big Sister who still is bored within minutes of things. He rolled when he was 4 1/2 months-ish and once he figured he could move he was unstoppable. It wasn't long before he was a rolling machine. He would go the whole length of the living room just because he could. Then he started scooting around and that didn't last very long. Last Thursday--a whole week before he was 6 1/2 months he crawled. (Big Sister crawled at 6 1/2 months) So after a week of practicing, he's getting pretty good. I shake my head at him every time because I was so not ready for that. It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that he would even sit. He still doesn't sit by himself for very long, he just wants to be on the move. He also loves to laugh! He is such a giggler and smiler. He makes my day, every day.

Well I guess that pretty much brings us up to speed. And perfect timing too, because I just heard Mr. Smiley getting up from his nap. Life is good. Catch ya later!

**Oh and there are lots of pictures that I've taken over the last few months but I hate how Blogger makes you upload them so they're all on Facebook. If you know my real name, go ahead and add me--if you haven't already--otherwise, you're out of luck. I'm not that motivated to post them here.**

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So glad you're not dead!

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