11 December 2009

Out of the mouth of Big Sister

Here are some recent gems from the mouth of Big Sister:

Right after starting Kindergarten
Big Sister: I'm almost going to be in first grade, but I'm not. But I am.

BS: Grandpa can I zerbet your tummy?
G: Sure! (Lifts up his shirt to reveal a very hairy belly)
BS: Ugh, never mind your tummy is too furry!

BS tripped and fell on the way to school
Me: are you ok? What did you hit?
BS: the ground

BS: I didn't even toot at school. My bum was sleeping.

T-Bone: What's greatest threat to America? (Referring to Stephen Colbert)
BS not missing a beat: What's the greatest recipe in the universe?
T-B: Bears?
BS: no hot dogs!

At the star party at school
BS: I can't see anything. I can't even see that truck.

On her birthday knocking on the bathroom door
Dad: Who is it?
Big Sister: It's Big Sister. The 5 year old. The one that's having a birthday.

Speaking of an owie on her arm
BS: Dad, look at this junk.


Shelley~Maren said...

Haha! She's funny!

The Stokes Family said...

those were so cute --

Hey can you email me your address & crayon roll choice - so I can send you your winnings! :)

imaginethatbychris at yahoo dot com

Susan M said...

Haha! Too funny. Kids are the best.

Staceygirl said...

You'll really miss those funnies when she gets older. I'm glad I wrote some from the boys in a little journal. They're not so funny anymore (although they sure think they are!).

Staceygirl said...

The boys, that is, are not so funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

Too cute. The ground. Love it.