15 December 2009


Why do I think it's a good idea to stay up until 11:30 playing worthless games on my iPhone when I know that I'm going to get woken up in a couple hours?

Why is it that when I really want Mr. Smiley to have a good nights sleep, he doesn't?

Why is it that when I want Mr. Smiley to take a long nap he doesn't and when I expect him to sleep a short time he ends up taking a long nap?

Why is it that in a room full of acceptable toys Mr. Smiley will find the one forbidden thing I forgot to put out of his reach?

Why is it that Big Sister will fight me to put in a sweatshirt when it's cold outside but when it warm she will be dressed with her hat, scarf and gloves?

Why is it that Big Sister will have a closet full of toys and games but have "nothing to do"?

Why is it when I'm frustrated at Mr. Smiley for not falling asleep in the middle of the night that he smiles that huge smile and gives me a giggle so it's impossible to not be happy? (I'm thinking that's a survival technique).

Why is it that so much of my life revolves around sleep or lack of it?


The Roz's said...

oh i'm right there with you! we were going to go to the library this morning and they both fell asleep. d doesn't usually nap until 2.
i must have been up 10 times last night between the 2 kids. ian to eat and for his pacifier and davey cuz he's congested and isn't sleeping well.
maybe someday we'll sleep again, but i've come to accept, it won't be any day soon! hang in there!

bythelbs said...

I feel your pain.

It gets better. The sleeping thing. Well, actually, I don't know that I'm getting much more sleep, it's just that my kids aren't the ones causing the lack thereof. I have only myself to blame for that one.