31 December 2010

That's what I get for saying I like my calling

 About 5 months ago I was called to be a Nursery teacher in my ward. To say I was surprised would be a complete understatement. I was currently serving as the ward Music Chairperson and the Relief Society chorister. Pretty low-key responsibilities and I liked it that way. I'm still the music person though. So I was not thrilled with that calling. I dreaded being in charge of the little people for 2 hours. I mean I get enough of that at home but I accepted the calling.

For a 4 or 5 weeks, I really did not enjoy being in the nursery. I was a burden, and I really wanted to be somewhere else. Then I remembered that I hadn't been set apart. (For those of you not LDS, we receive callings to serve in our congregation. When we do we receive a special blessing to help us accomplish these callings and we call that getting set apart). I had been sick, my kids had been sick, I'd been out of town--all kinds of things kept getting in the way. Honestly I can't really remember much of that blessing except that I will make great friendships while serving, but something changed after that day.

I really began to enjoy being in Nursery. I began to love the kids. I began to embrace my time there and make the best of it. I even felt the Spirit during the short 5 minute lesson time. I do enjoy my calling. It's tiring, but I like it. In fact the other day I was telling T-Bone that I'm surprised that I like it so much considering the hesitation I had at the beginning.

Well serves me right because last week I was called as the Nursery Leader instead of just a teacher.

Why oh why did I ever say I liked my calling? No really, though. I'm actually looking forward to the challenge.

28 December 2010


We decided that Christmas Eve would be a great day to go enjoy the Christmas thing they have going at Sea World. Our passes have been so great this year! We've definitely gotten much use out of them. My sister and her family came and my Dad and Karen. It was a beautiful day! We originally planned to go Wednesday but with the storm we postponed it. It was a good thing we didn't brave the weather and go anyway because they closed the park due to flooding. The rain was crazy last week! Anyway, Se World was great except Mr. Smiley was kind of grouchy. About an hour later he was sitting on my lap and I realized how warm he was. Fever city. We saw another show and a couple more animals and then decided to get the little trooper home to rest. He ended up having a fever of 102.5 all weekend. Poor little guy.

So Christmas Eve evening was pretty calm once we got home.  We read the Christmas story in the Bible and then The Night Before Christmas and then Mr. Smiley went to bed at 6:45. I had planned to spend  little more time with Big Sister talking about Christmas and getting ready for Santa but she was intent on going to bed with Mr. Smiley too.  So there we no cookies and no note left out for him. The funny thing is that at 7:30 she called out to us that she couldn't fall asleep. I let her come out and have a drink of water and then sent her back to bed. A little while later she did the same thing but since it was getting much later I told her she needed to stay in bed. I'm pretty sure she finally feel asleep around 8:15. Silly girl. Mr. Smiley woke up three times that night so T-Bone and I took turns getting up with him. Consequently Christmas morning came a little too soon for us, but not soon enough for Big Sister! We had a small but wonderful Christmas. All Big Sister wanted was make-up from Santa so he brought her that and a new Barbie. Here are some pictures (most of them will only be exciting to me, but feel free to browse! :) :

 Merry Christmas!


10 December 2010


I noticed with my last post that I can now type in align left again~! It's been a while. It was stuck in center for months. It's the little things these days...

Anyway, so there is a bunch of stuff that I've been mulling around in my head lately and because this is my blog it's going here.

We got a note in the Wednesday envelope from Big Sister's school that someone had pertussis at her school and our children may have been exposed. Now I get the whole wariness of immunizations. I really do. I don't like giving them to my kids. I think that many of them are just ways for the pharmaceutical companies to make a lot of money--especially the flu shot. I also know that some children have reactions to them and I'm really sorry about that. But, and this is a big but, I do it for the good of society. I do it because babies die. As of September 18th, California has had 4,018 cases and 9 deaths this year of this disease. Immunizations help people. Don't put my children in danger.

Moving on...We got our Christmas tree on Monday. Last year we had a two foot tree on our side table and while it was festive in a much smaller scale, this year we decided we wanted a regular size tree. I was sucked in to the Bed Bath & Beyond ad of a 6 foot artificial tree for $50 with a 20% off coupon so for FHE on Monday we headed over there. I couldn't believe they were even selling it. I wish I had thought to take a picture. It was the thinnest Charlie Brownish tree I had ever seen. Needless to say we took one look and kept walking. Instead we played in the back of the store. T-Bone thought it would be fun to try out the fluffiness of the pillows on the bedding displays. He loved it. After our shenanigans at BB&B we headed to Target and found a much better looking tree for the same price.

We had only one string of lights that worked so after a couple days I finally got out to buy some. On Wednesday night Big Sister decided she wanted to decorate the tree. I was in the midst of making dinner so I told her that she could decorate it but that I wouldn't be able to help her until dinner was in the oven. Not five minute into decorating she asks me, "Mom can you help me find...." She paused not knowing what they were called and I seized the opportunity. "No, honey. If you can't find what you are looking for right now, then go do something else." Without missing a beat she asks, "You mean look for them?" **face palm** Turns out she was looking for the hooks to hang the ornaments. We only have two boxes of Christmas decorations and she "looked" through both of them. After dinner T-Bone helped her "look" for them. They were no where to be found. Then I stuck my hand in one of the boxes and not 10 seconds later pulled out a bag of hooks. I remember my mom being so frustrated with us kids because we could never find anything so now I know how she felt.

The tree is now decorated. Big Sister was nice enough to decorate the bottom two thirds of the tree with clusters of ornaments. I wish I had taken a picture. My plan was to systematically move 5 or so ornaments each night so that she wouldn't notice that I had redecorated the tree, but that wasn't necessary. Mr. Smiley helped me the yesterday. Whatever ornament he could reach he would very helpfully pull off the tree and bring to me. Then I would just stick it up on the top undecorated third of the tree. We finally have one of "those" toddler trees. I've given up this year on the "pretty" tree like I've had in the past. Maybe in a couple years.  Ah who am I kidding? In a couple years the tree will be overridden by my children's homemade and "sentimental" ornaments. That will be a nice phase in tree decorating.

Mr. Smiley is at a fun age. He's learning to talk and has started saying quite a few words. Yesterday he said "apple" clear as day. Mostly it's just intonated babbling. You know, the kind where he is talking super intently and pointing and gesturing but you have no idea what the heck he is trying to say. I love it. He can say shoe (which comes out shi but it's always the same), bubble, blanket, here you go is always na-na while he hands us something, all done, diaper and a few more as well. Plus he signs more, all done, food, please and we are working on thank you. He is super fun to have around the house. I love watching him learn and grow!

And finally, next week we are going to be in the audience of the Conan O'Brien show! T-Bone is thrilled and I'm pretty excited too. He just cracks me up. If you haven't seen him in jeggings, I leave you with another video.  Just don't drink anything while watching this. I'm warning you. I cannot be responsible for soda/water/milk/Koolaid all over your computer screen. I'm having a little trouble with the embed so here is the link: http://www.tbs.com/video/conan.jsp?oid=236630&eref=sharethisUrl

So long...

06 December 2010

02 December 2010

Happy #6 Big Sister!

She's finally 6! She had to wait all year to be six because she has the last birthday in our family. Nevermind that we all have to wait a whole year for her birthday....She wishes that her birthday was January 1st so that she didn't have to wait a whole year. But she's 6 now! And beyond thrilled. 

This year I gave her the choice of having a couple friends go bowling or have a few more friends over for a party. She chose a party with a Tinkerbell theme and invited some girls from her 1st grade class. So reluctantly I dragged myself to Party City and bought into Disney's commercialism by buying a plethora of Tinkerbell products. What I want to know is how Tinkerbell even became "something". She was a tiny fairy that sprinkled pixie dust in Peter Pan and now she has her own movie and product line??? Anyway, Big Sister is super excited so that's what matters. I'm happy to push aside my distaste for all things commercialized-Disney for the happiness of my child this year.

Some things about Big Sister lately:

She has been super helpful around the house. She loves to help me clean the bathroom, put away the dishes in the kitchen and wash windows. Let's hope that keeps up. She doesn't like putting away her clean clothes though.

She is reading like a champ now. Something clicked halfway though Kindergarten last year to where she figured she could read simple words, but just in the last couple months she has excelled with reading. She is getting much more confident. I'm so proud of her!

Her favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti. She loves to ride around on her razor scooter but her favorite thing to do is jump rope. 

We love you Big Sister! Happy Birthday!

18 November 2010

And the Award Goes to?

Luckily no one yet!  What award you ask? The First Broken Bone in the Flip Flop family.

Earlier today we thought that the award might go to Mr. Smiley. Yesterday he was running around the car and he tripped and smashed right into the side of the curb with his nose. It was really red, swollen and purple so we were a little concerned. The on-call nurse recommended we take him to the ER in case of a possible head injury, but I opted to just watch him overnight to see how he was doing. I'm glad I didn't spend 5 hours in the ER because he seemed just fine and woke up bright and smiley this morning.

Except for a green and purple nose.

I took him in to the doctor this morning and she suggested we get him x-rayed to cover all the bases even though she couldn't see or feel an obvious break. It is still pretty swollen though so a small break definitely could have been masked by that. When she came back from reviewing the x-rays she thought she saw a break right on the bridge of his nose, but she wanted to review it with the Radiologist. His nose was so bruised and swollen I thought for sure it was broken, but she called later to tell me it wasn't.  Phew!

Mr. Smiley dodged a bullet with this one! Despite his big swollen, purple nose he still is super cute!

16 November 2010

Mohawk Hat

 A couple weeks ago I got an email from a friend that said I needed to make one of these.  Well when it comes to knitting projects I rarely turn down an opportunity. I've seen these hats before, but never thought I would make one. BUT since she asked....I made her one. I think it came out pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Pay no attention to that last picture. It looks terrible. I was really excited about giving this to my friend so I quickly took pictures last night at 9:30pm instead of waiting until today to take better shots.

**If you legitimately want me to make you one of these, just email me at flipflopmamablog at gmail dot com and we can work out colors and details. I will sell them for $12 for an adult size and $10 for a child size (plus shipping, of course).


It's Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I'm doing laundry. That means that I'm a day behind and I don't really like being a day behind. I usually do my laundry on Monday mornings just to get it out of the way but yesterday we spent the whole day at Sea World, so it's excused.  I''m also out of quarters--yes I have to do my laundry in the apartment laundry mat--so I had to go to Albertson's and change my $20 bill for two rolls of quarters. I hate the look the checker always gives me. It's like she's thinking, "Oh, you are one of those people who live in the apartments...." Maybe it's just my insecurities, but why don't they ever just give me my quarters without acting like I just took $100 bill? They are just quarters and I'm pretty sure you can get more if you need them. 
As I was sorting and getting ready to do the laundry I was thinking of a few things. I sort my clothes into whites, colors and darks but it's pretty interesting because I wash them all on warm. Why do I even bother sorting them? I just can't bring myself to put them all mixed up in the washer. I almost typed warsher which is really funny because my Grandma always says "warsh". Anyway, the other thing about my laundry is I lost the cup that comes with the detergent bottle so I really have no idea how much detergent is going in to the washer. I just kind of squirt until it looks like there's enough. And I can't really go check to see if it's sudsing (is that a word?) because the washers that we have here are front loading and automatically locking after a minute so who knows what's happening in there. One time I washed my iPhone and I couldn't even open the washer to get it. I just had to suffer for 30 minutes until it was done. There should really be a cancel button.The good thing about having to do my laundry in the laundry mat is that I can do all my loads at once. I am done with laundry in 2 1/2 hours flat.

I've always kind of wondered if we are all just getting the wool pulled over our eyes about laundry and washing machines. How do we know that they are really getting clean? I mean in the olden days clothes were dirty. They worked outside on their land, they got dirty and so you could tell when clothes were clean. My clothes aren't dirty...maybe a little smelly sometimes but really nothing like what they used to have to wash. They come out all warm and smelling clean so they must be clean, I guess.

Well the 30 minutes are up so I have to be the wonderful parent I am and leave my sleeping toddler to change the clothes to the dryer. 

In other news, I'm working on a new knitting project. It should be done by this weekend and it is awesome!

Happy Tuesday!

30 October 2010

Big Sister's Sweater

Here is the latest thing that I've made. Big Sister has been begging me to knit her a sweater for months. So we finally went to the yarn store and picked out some cute yarn she liked and a pattern and I went to work. It was a pretty basic pattern, but I'm not the biggest fan of it. I'm not sure I totally like how it came out either. But that could be due to the one huge mistake I made. It was supposed to be more of an empire waist line but I misread the directions and did way too many rows in the bodice part. The other thing is it curls at the bottom. Oh well, she loves it so that's what matters.

23 October 2010

Family 5K

Our Stake put on a 5K this morning and I decided that we would do it as a family. I'm the Mom so I get to make decisions like that. Mr. Smiley of course rode in the stroller, but T-Bone and I walked the whole way. Big Sister walked about two thirds of it before she got really tired. She took Mr. Smiley's place in the stroller for the rest.  I'm proud of her for doing so much though!

I had planned to make T-Bone a hat for his birthday but the first one I made was too big. I ended up making two that fit him and since I had left over yarn I made one for myself (but that also fit Big Sister). Thinking it would be cute if we all had matching hats I whipped one up for Mr. Smiley last night too. So here we are Team J with matching hats.

22 October 2010

What a Difference No Makes

So a couple weeks ago Mr. Smiley first said the word "no". Of course we were surprised and a little proud since our little guy doesn't say much yet. The pride has since worn off, but we are still much surprised at hearing such a powerful word come out of our little guy. Especially this week as he has learned to perfect it. For example I rarely hear just "no". It's always "no no no" most of the time with great emotion and a head shake. 

Yesterday there was a break in the rain we've had all week and we had some time before we needed to pick up Big Sister from school. I decided to take Mr. Smiley out for a short walk around the apartment complex. Last week we would have meandered down sidewalk after sidewalk with me following close behind simply trying to keep him from going in the street. Yesterday we got downstairs and all he wanted to do was watch the maintenance man rake leaves off the grass. That's cool, I thought, but then I tried to get him to keep walking. "No no no!" Okay, fine. A couple minutes later I tried to play a chase game with him and heard, "No no no!" again. A short time later I actually succeeded in getting him to the other side of the building where he promptly began climbing the stairs. He got to the top and then wanted to go down again. Each time I would try to hold him or heaven forbid hold his hand, I got the "no no no!" Finally we made it down to the sidewalk again where he discovered the green sprinkler control covers. You know those things with holes on the top that fill up with water when it rains and then it just sits there and gets nasty. Well the holes on top are perfect for little fingers to dip into. Mr. Smiley decided he needed a drink from the holes, but of course I wasn't going to let him. I tried to divert his attention elsewhere and get him to keep walking but all he could think of was dipping a finger in the hole and sucking off the water. There were two about 3 feet apart and at first was hopping between them both but finally I just put one foot on each and stood on both of them with my legs spread apart. That did not make him happy and a little tantrum ensued! I couldn't believe it, not even 17 months old and throwing himself on the ground crying. So I did what any mother would do and pulled out my phone so I could video him.

He's so funny when he does these things that I can't help but laugh. Like tonight at bed, we put him in his crib and kept telling him it's bedtime. He started in with his "No no no!" while shaking his head and throwing himself on his bed completely and utterly distraught. (The good, yet funny thing is that as soon as we leave he stops crying so it's totally an act)

Where did my happy go lucky, follow mom anywhere, easily diverted little baby go?? Now he understands what we say and has an opinion! Things are dangerous now...

21 October 2010

I Need Something

So today a friend of mine posted her Facebook status as "needs something" That made me think of a funny story that happened with Big Sister wasn't a big sister--she was only 3. T-Bone and I were watching TV in the living room and it was around 10:30ish. I think this was the time we were addicted to "24" and would watch episode after episode without stopping. Anyway, we were watching TV and we heard BS come out of her room which was right behind us. She was just barely potty trained at the time but was wearing undies to bed. She came in to the living room and I asked her, "What is going on honey, do you need to go potty?" In a really confused and worried sounding voice she said, "I need something." "Okay, what do you need?" I asked.  "I need something," was all she said. 

Thinking I should just take her to the bathroom, I got up and tried to steer her in that direction, but she resisted. Instead she started pulling at her pants while kind of chanting, "I need something." T-Bone and I kept asking her what she needed, but she never answered. All of a sudden she turned around and headed to her bedroom again, but stopped by the door and just peed all over the floor. We just kind of stood there dumbfounded. Then of course we took her clothes off and started cleaning the floor. While I was wiping her down and getting her dressed again, she fell fast asleep on the floor right next to where she peed. 

After this happened we realized she was never awake at all and was totally sleep walking. Since she has slept walked quite a few more times and most of them include peeing in random spots in the house. 

T-Bone and I will periodically say, "I need something" just for fun.

11 October 2010

Making the choice to be a Mom

My dear friend, Erin, who has a private blog posted this a couple weeks back. I loved it so much I asked her if I could post it too. I would have just linked to it, but you know, the whole private thing. So I'm reposting it in it's entirety.

Not Gonna Lie, I am Pro-Choice

President Monson has said, "Who can comprehend in its entirety the lofty role of a mother? With perfect trust in God, she walks, her hand in His, into the valley of the shadow of death, that you and I might come forth into light"..."these two sacred persons, God and mother, partners in creation, in love, in sacrifice, in service, are as one." (Ensign, April 1998)

These words have pressed upon my heart and mind a great deal lately.
Contrast the absolute truth spoken by a living Prophet, that the noblest and most God-like work a woman can do is to be a mother, with the prevalent message that has seeped into every form of modern media; that to be the best woman you can be, you must put yourself (body image, career, social status, bank account...) first.

Stories of people arguing that it is irresponsible and not eco-friendly to bring more children to the earth have taken center-stage.

Likewise, every time an election is approaching the pro-life vs pro-choice debate is given new life.

I must tell you that I HATE the term,"pro-choice," especially when used as the opposite of pro-life. Hello!!!, The entire plan of salvation is pro-choice. I am pro-all sorts of choices. I believe that you have the choice not to have sex until you're married. You have a choice to have protected sex when you are not ready to have children. You have the choice, if you choose not to wait until your married, or have unprotected sex, or even have protected sex and still get pregnant, to then make even more choices. I believe you have the choice to marry the other parent. You have the choice to single parent. You have the choice to place the child for adoption. I am pro all sorts of choice-makin' but I am NOT pro-abortion. And that is really what the opposing argument is, but it would not be politically correct to call a spade a spade and ask people if they are pro-life or pro-abortion. So the talking heads coined the catch phrase "pro-choice" to make everyone more comfortable. HATE IT!!!!

Sadly, as Elder Nelson stated in the October 2008 Ensign article, "Abortion: An Assault on the Defenseless," "Worldwide reports indicate that more than 40 million abortions are performed per year." That is more than the total number of military lives lost in World War I and II.

This Woman's work, this God-like gift, is being treated with disrespect and even contempt. That alone is enough to make my heart heavy. But the real reason this has struck such a cord with me is because everywhere I turn, I am constantly associated with the most valiant, remarkable contrast to the prevalent wicked message of the world.

You women are amazing. you made the CHOICE to have children even when your husband is working or in school (or both) full time. You made the choice to have children when you knew that your body would pay a significant price. You made the choice to spend thousands of dollars in infertility treatments and bit your tongue when everyone was "comforting you" until you had kids. You went outside your comfort zone and everything you had predetermined in your head and spent thousands more on adoption. You gave up a second income and put some personal and career goals and aspirations on the back burner for a while in lieu of different goals and aspirations. You spent months being deathly ill while having other children and a husband and a calling and a life to take care of. You had a husband who was not what he said he would be and needed to be when you needed him to be. You spent night after night either in the NICU or on your knees praying that there would not be one more night in the NICU, not knowing from one day to the next if it would be her last, you read book after book and turned to every resource you could to figure out how to meet the needs of a child that came to you with attributes you were in no way ready to handle, much less embrace. You have a child with a disability that has and will affect every single day of your life. You have yearned and prayed and fasted for a child that has not come. You have had more than one unexpected pregnancy, but never resented those children for a minute. You have had miscarriages. You have had still-born children. You have buried your little child in the ground. You have become a zombie because you have not slept and may not sleep any time in the foreseeable future. You have been nine months pregnant in the most unbearable heat. Your own disabilities keep you from giving your children everything you want to give, but that never keeps you from giving them everything. You suffer from post-partum depression, you face constant criticism, even from your own family for choosing to raise your child in righteousness...

You are as good as they get. You are what Heavenly Father needs. You are what satan is working overtime to diminish. You choose faith over fear and love, service, and family over everything else.

I am sure each of you could write a novel entitled,"Areas in my life in which I feel I am lacking," but I hope that you realize that you are doing something that is really, really, good and vitally important every day.

You made the CHOICE to be mom.

10 October 2010

Found Out

So I got "ratted out" today. I say it with quotation marks because there is nothing to rat out but appartenly Big Sister thinks there is. I was typing some church related emails this afternoon and T-Bone was teasing me because I also took this quiz. (For the record you should too. Thanks Janelle!) I was supposed to be getting dinner on the table--it was in the crockpot--but I was a little distracted.  So he teasingly said, "Were you typing emails to your boyfriend?" And surprisingly Big Sister says, "Yes." 

Knowing full well I do not have a boyfriend T-Bone decided to keep this going and pulled Big Sister into the bedroom to get some more info. They came out a few minutes later and apparently BS had told me that there had been men in the house. She proceeded to name our 6 year old neighbor, Joey, Juan the maintenance man, and the UPS man. I'm so glad that my honor and reputation depends on the words and reliability of a 5 year old. 

Since we're talking about funny things Big Sister has said, here are some more (I can't remember if I have posted these, some of them are pretty old. So if I have just ignore them):

Looking for somewhere to eat and passing a Mexican restaurant
Me: We should have eaten at Eribertos
BS: What did you say? Say it in English.

There was one more cookie left on the counter
BS in quite a sad voice: Oh look at that one cookie left. It's so lonely. I have some cookies in my tummy that it can hang out with and have fun with.

BS: When I grow up I want to be a dancing doctor. Then when I give people their shots and they are sad, I can dance for them to cheer them up.

BS: Mom, do you want to play store?
Me: Sure, what are you going to buy? Would you like to buy this balloon?
BS: I need to get my Albertson's card first.
Hands me her card.
BS: I would like 5 cents please. 
I explain how stores work and sometimes it looks like they are giving me money when I get change back, but it's just change from money I've already given them. 
BS: Ok let's try this again. 
Hands me her card.
BS: I would like 5 dollars please. 
I guess that one wasn't very clear. 

T-Bone and I were talking about taking some time to work on his resume recently.
BS: Maybe you should work on your nose hairs! Booyah!

Oh yeah Mr. Smiley is 16 months now and as cute as ever. Yesterday T-Bone was trying to take away his blankie so he could put him in his high chair for lunch. He looked at him straight in the eye and said, "Nah" while shaking his head. That's the first time he's said no. We're entering a new phase now. But he also knows how to fold his arms for the prayer so that makes up for the sassiness. :) He doesn't say much yet just Mama, Dada, what sounds like Dada, but we think is Big Sister, bye-bye, uh-oh and hello. 

Here are some cute pictures of them both recently.

05 October 2010

Tender Mercies

Today I was overcome with the tender mercies that I have received over the last few weeks, but especially days. I wanted to share them with you:

Kids who go to bed easily and willingly

Kids who normally wake up at 6:30 but slept in until 8:00 on Saturday and Sunday

Friends and family who, at practically a moment's notice, are willing to watch my kids

A husband who is by my side through everything

Conference weekend so I could rest and recover

The prompting to go to the grocery store on Friday morning

Peace and comfort by the Spirit through times of sadness

When Mr. Smiley will spontaneously climb on my lap and pat me on the back or give me a hug

A week's worth of knitting projects for my niece to keep me busy

Dinner at a friend's house on Sunday night

Big Sister being so obedient and happy the last couple weeks

Doctors who are calm of mind and quick on their feet--even at 1 in the morning

I had a miscarriage on Friday. My third one. I was 10 weeks. It was hard to swallow at first but after having time to be sad I'm ready to move on. I am blessed with two beautiful children and I love them and appreciate them more every day. I am so grateful for all the blessings that I have and they are many.

30 September 2010

Has this guy ever had children?

A couple months ago our friends went out of town and asked us to get their Sunday paper for them. I did and perused through it. I came across this article from John Rosemond. Go ahead and read it. I'll wait.

Are you done? So what was your first impression? I'll tell you mine.

A concerned parent writes in asking about her son's throwing problem and the first thing the guy does is insult her! I was in awe that this guy was a Family psychologist and regular columnist and was treating people this way. If I went to him and he answered a question to my face like he does in writing I would walk right out. The second thing that bothered me was his course of action for the child. Sticking a kid that young in his room for that long seems a little much for me. And lastly, don't take any kids to sit-down restaurants until after they are four years old? Are you kidding me? Sounds a lot like "Children should be seen and not heard" approach.

What do you think of Mr. Rosemond's "advice"?

28 September 2010

Sometimes I just have a really hard time coming up with a title

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a good day. It was filled with lots of fun, food, phone calls, Facebook posts  and festivities. Wow, that's a lot of "F" words...I felt very loved and was grateful for that. I've had some disappointment lately and it was really good to have a day where happiness and friendship abounded. Life doesn't always work out the way I want it I've realized--well actually life hardly ever works out the way I want or expect--and yet I still have a hard time dealing with that. More on that later, but first back to the birthday...

So I have Google Voice. It's cool because all my calls--no matter if they come in on my GVoice number or regular number are sent to my GVoice voicemail and those get transcribed and sent as an email to my Gmail. So anyway, my 90 year old Grandpa called me yesterday (well actually he called T-Bone's phone) and left a message. The best part of having Google Voice is getting the voicemails transcribed. The first line of his message was transcribed as "wishing you A Very Happy Birthday, and all yo". He's totally down with it, ya know? :) I have quite the hip Grandpa, even if it is only Google Voice that thinks that. 

Here's another awesome transcription of a voicemail I got from T-Bone:

Okay. I don't know how are you doing A little bit more about my name is Linda. Hello. Hello. Hello. Something. It's been called in Because, or no, I was going to be a called yourcellphone. And I have a that all I I need to let me home Well, I may and Mr here in the shower. Bye and then net and. If you have been this IS A maybe you never pick the message or so. And has been. Hey.

It's magical.

So I haven't been around much lately. Last weekend I flew up with Mr. Smiley to Washington to spend time with my brother and his family who lives in Olympia. I was lucky and got to spend a couple hours with Bythelbs first on Saturday, who showed me parts of Seattle! Then I spent the rest of the time in Olympia walking around Jesse's new school, the capitol building, rivers and waterfalls and just plain hanging out. Vacationing is different when you have kids that need to nap. I didn't mind though. I was just glad to hang out and spend time with them. Here are some pictures from the trip.

I've been thinking that in the history of my life September has not proven to be very good. Not very many happy things--besides my birthday of course--have happened in September. But then I start thinking about it and realize that I'm wrong. Yes, some really crappy things have happened and are happening, but they are definitely balanced with some really wonderful things. I was listening to the Relief Society Broadcast on Sunday and was struck by the opening song. I loved the speakers, but the song is what I needed to hear. Here are the words to Count Your Blessings: 

When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed,
When  you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done.
Count your blessings, name them one by one.
Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.

Are you ever burdened with a load of care?

Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,
And you will be singing as the days go by.

When you look at others with their lands and gold,
Think that Christ has promised you his wealth untold, 
Count your many blessings, money cannot buy,
Your reward in heaven, nor your home on high.

So amid the conflict whether great or small,
Do not be discouraged God is over all.
Count your many blessings, angels will attend,
Help and comfort give you to your journey's end.

I really needed to remember that this life is a small moment. It will be full of heartbreak and trials, but in order to make it through we need to focus on the positives. I have husband who loves me. I have two beautiful children. I have a home to keep me safe and warm. I have so many more things but just thinking about a few things really lifted my spirits. Lastly I have the gospel of Jesus Christ. His true church is here on the earth and I am truly blessed to be a member of it. No matter what happens if I remember these things I'll be okay.