28 February 2010

I feel like I'm getting my blog mojo back. I've started thinking about my blog and writing posts in my head. And you know what thinking leads to. I should probably stop but I won't. I'll keep on boring you with my meaningless drivel.

Can I tell you how happy I am that March is coming tomorrow? Okay I will.

I'm happy it's March tomorrow!

February has not been the best moth in our household. We've definitely had a busy month with our share of adventures. Here's what February gave us:

**A car accident
**Colds for everyone
**Bronchiolitis for Big Sister
**Ear infection for Mr. Smiley
**Lots of sleepless or restless nights
**Tantrums thrown by my 5 year old
**We got sicked out and rained out of our plans to go to Sea World.

It's been long.

I can't say that February is a total loss though. There has been some good.

**Went to a girl's night out to the movies.
**We got our tax return!
**We got a new camera.
**We spent some time with my sister.
**T-Bone surprised me with a date to the movies right when I really needed it. He even set up a babysitter and everything. We finally saw Avatar. How I love that man.

I know that our month is probably tame for other people but it was enough for me. I am ready for a fresh start.

Lastly, T-bone is taking his Series 7 test tomorrow. He's been studying for months and it seems weird that it's finally here. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We really want him to pass this test!

Here's to a better March!

27 February 2010

Some recent happenings

Here are a bunch of pictures of recent happenings in my family.

Mr. Smiley with Grandpa Dave

The family at the park

We got a new camera so it's been fun taking pictures with it.

I made this sweater to get a free Disney ticket

I made this shrug and hat for someone---sssh, don't tell them.

I took this picture of my nephew

This handsome boy turned 9 months and is cuter than ever.
He did have his first fever and ear infection though. That was not fun.

Big Sister and T-Bone went to the Father/Daughter Dance at
school. The theme was a Sock Hop but Big Sister really wanted to dress fancy.

So that's about it over the last couple months.

24 February 2010

A Post Worthy of the Blog

Big Sister loves to rhyme. She's constantly singing song and making up things with rhyming words. She also has been known to just list off words that rhyme with each other. She loves it. I wholeheartedly encourage this and we usually make a game out of it. Rhyming is good for the brain. There is one word, however, that I have hoped she would not rhyme.


Yeah, I think you can see where I'm going from here. Today on the way to school she started rhyming this word. Only it was ducky. Ducky, sucky, mucky, f---y. My eye twitched a little as I heard that word come out of my sweet girl but decided to ignore it. Maybe she wouldn't say anything else. But she kept rhyming and this time it was duck.

So I very matter of factly told her that we don't rhyme with the word duck because there is a very nasty, bad word that rhymes with it. She asked what it was but I said, "Let's just not rhyme with duck, okay?" Not satisfied--she rarely is in situations like this--she said, "Is it fudge?"

Only she didn't say fudge. She said the mother of all dirty words. The F dash dash dash word.

My eye twitched again and this time my head too. I abhor that word and to hear it said from innocent lips was hard to hear. I explained to her that yes, that was the word I didn't want her to say and that it was very bad. She looked a little nervous like I was going to be real mad so hopefully we won't have to have this conversation for many years. I wasn't mad of course. How could I be? She had no idea what she was saying.

It is kind of funny that she guessed right the first time. It makes me wonder if she has heard that word before somewhere.

My daughter dropped the F-bomb. Definitely a momentous day.

03 February 2010

What's been keeping me from blogging

Blogging is hard work. It takes time. It's a lot easier just to put a little blurb of my life on Facebook and then walk away. If I blog I have to sit down--hmmm, that's usually not so hard--think about writing, and actually take the time to type coherent sentences. Time that I don't want to give right now. Mr. Smiley has finally gotten into a fairly reliable nap schedule so you may see more posts from me in the future, but don't hold your breath. You see I've been busy in other ways that don't involve little people.

I've been making this:

What do you think? He's pretty cute, huh? It's a gift for my dear friends who are adopting their second little boy. In the beginning I always think that knitting stuffed animals will be such a great idea. They're cute, fluffy, everyone loves stuffed animals. And I'm right until I get to the piecing together part. That part sucks. I can never get the arms, legs, wings, whatever, to look natural. I tried numerous times to get these limbs to at least look decent. I think I just need to take a class on stitching pieces together. There has got to be an easier way!

Anyway, so besides chasing after a crawling 8 1/2 month old, taking a 5 year old to and from school, keeping a house in order, running errands all over town and trying to get some sleep this is what I've been up to lately.

My next project is something I've never tried before: clothes. I'm going to be knitting a cute little shrug but I can't tell you who it's for. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

What have you been up to lately?