28 February 2010

I feel like I'm getting my blog mojo back. I've started thinking about my blog and writing posts in my head. And you know what thinking leads to. I should probably stop but I won't. I'll keep on boring you with my meaningless drivel.

Can I tell you how happy I am that March is coming tomorrow? Okay I will.

I'm happy it's March tomorrow!

February has not been the best moth in our household. We've definitely had a busy month with our share of adventures. Here's what February gave us:

**A car accident
**Colds for everyone
**Bronchiolitis for Big Sister
**Ear infection for Mr. Smiley
**Lots of sleepless or restless nights
**Tantrums thrown by my 5 year old
**We got sicked out and rained out of our plans to go to Sea World.

It's been long.

I can't say that February is a total loss though. There has been some good.

**Went to a girl's night out to the movies.
**We got our tax return!
**We got a new camera.
**We spent some time with my sister.
**T-Bone surprised me with a date to the movies right when I really needed it. He even set up a babysitter and everything. We finally saw Avatar. How I love that man.

I know that our month is probably tame for other people but it was enough for me. I am ready for a fresh start.

Lastly, T-bone is taking his Series 7 test tomorrow. He's been studying for months and it seems weird that it's finally here. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We really want him to pass this test!

Here's to a better March!


Melissa said...

We're semi ready for March. This month is going to bring some big craziness for our family... :S BUT! I hope it's a good month for you guys!!

Cynthia said...

Good luck with the tests! I hope the month goes well for you. I'm never sad to leave winter behind.

I usually can't wait for February to end but this year I've got a big event on March 11th that I'm scared and excited about so I'm totally cool with it NOT coming too quick!

The Roz's said...

i love your "meaningless drivel"! i love that your outlook is still so positive even though you had a rough month. we are excited for march too!

Jen said...

I hope March is a good one for you. Good luck to your husband with the series 7 test. I've seen the manual for studying that test.

jdprice said...

Go T-Bone!!!!