24 February 2010

A Post Worthy of the Blog

Big Sister loves to rhyme. She's constantly singing song and making up things with rhyming words. She also has been known to just list off words that rhyme with each other. She loves it. I wholeheartedly encourage this and we usually make a game out of it. Rhyming is good for the brain. There is one word, however, that I have hoped she would not rhyme.


Yeah, I think you can see where I'm going from here. Today on the way to school she started rhyming this word. Only it was ducky. Ducky, sucky, mucky, f---y. My eye twitched a little as I heard that word come out of my sweet girl but decided to ignore it. Maybe she wouldn't say anything else. But she kept rhyming and this time it was duck.

So I very matter of factly told her that we don't rhyme with the word duck because there is a very nasty, bad word that rhymes with it. She asked what it was but I said, "Let's just not rhyme with duck, okay?" Not satisfied--she rarely is in situations like this--she said, "Is it fudge?"

Only she didn't say fudge. She said the mother of all dirty words. The F dash dash dash word.

My eye twitched again and this time my head too. I abhor that word and to hear it said from innocent lips was hard to hear. I explained to her that yes, that was the word I didn't want her to say and that it was very bad. She looked a little nervous like I was going to be real mad so hopefully we won't have to have this conversation for many years. I wasn't mad of course. How could I be? She had no idea what she was saying.

It is kind of funny that she guessed right the first time. It makes me wonder if she has heard that word before somewhere.

My daughter dropped the F-bomb. Definitely a momentous day.


Julie said...

Definitely blog-worthy. I think it's hilarious that she guessed it the first time -- I think that word just sounds terrible, so maybe that's why she knew it was the bad one. Maybe she has heard it, though. Not hard to imagine in the sort of anything goes public element we have going on.

Good job for not freaking out.

Maren said...

Smart girl. Hopefully she'll learn it's an awful word, and never say it again. Just make sure she knows you still love her, you're not mad, but that you'll be very disappointed if you hear her say it again.

I'm just wondering if that'd work... I'm no mama... heh. Good Luck :)

madhousewife said...

When my oldest was about 2, she started counting stuff, only she couldn't pronounce "five" for some reason. Instead she said, "F---." It was terribly disturbing while it lasted, but there wasn't anything I could really do about it. She wouldn't have understood what the h--- I was talking about.

Jackie and David Romney said...

Next time...IF there is a next time, you should wash her mouth out with soap just like Ralphy.

flip flop mama said...

Wow Mad, that would have been hard to listen to for me. Especially from a 2 year old.

Jackie, I'm hoping there is no next time.

Susan M said...

Oh wow! I remember once when my younger brother was little my mom got mad and said the sh-- word. He promptly parroted it back to her. I was aghast, being older, I knew it was a no-no word. Funny how that memory is so vivid 30+ years later!

Shellybythesea said...

Emily said the F-word at age 5 also. In fact...she said just about every bad word out there! They are sponges and pick everything up. Once they start school it's all there for there wondrous ears and eyes!

bythelbs said...

What?! What?!?! Where's the Lifeboy?

Sounds like you handled the situation just right.

The Price Family said...

HA she is funny. You acted very appropriately though. Good job. Now I know what to do if this ever happens.

The Price Family said...

HA she is funny. You acted very appropriately though. Good job. Now I know what to do if this ever happens.

Alison Wonderland said...

I have a friend whose kid was supposed to make up an animal for a school project. He decided to combine a fish and a duck for his animal. He did not call it a dish.