27 February 2010

Some recent happenings

Here are a bunch of pictures of recent happenings in my family.

Mr. Smiley with Grandpa Dave

The family at the park

We got a new camera so it's been fun taking pictures with it.

I made this sweater to get a free Disney ticket

I made this shrug and hat for someone---sssh, don't tell them.

I took this picture of my nephew

This handsome boy turned 9 months and is cuter than ever.
He did have his first fever and ear infection though. That was not fun.

Big Sister and T-Bone went to the Father/Daughter Dance at
school. The theme was a Sock Hop but Big Sister really wanted to dress fancy.

So that's about it over the last couple months.


The Price Family said...

That little shrug and hat are adorable!!! That color would look so beautiful on a brown little baby I know is coming soon...... HAHAHAHAHA

Scribbit said...

LOVE that knitting--what cute gear you've made! I'm just starting on some hats myself.