25 March 2010

Happy 10 Months Mr. Smiley and Other Randoms

Mr. Smiley is 10 months old today! He is full of all kinds of skills. He loves to laugh, clap and play peek-a-boo. He can pull up and cruise along everything but has no interest in standing on his own. He loves food and will eat pretty much anything I put on his tray. He is starting to sleep a lot better too. He still gets up usually once a night but I can deal with that since at bedtime I can just lay him down awake and he will fall asleep. It was hard work getting to this point so I'll take what I can get. He says, "Mama and Dada," and has 4 teeth now. Lately his favorite thing is to crawl under the crib, hang out there for a little bit, and then crawl out. He will go in a circle--in and out, in and out--for quite a long time. Happy 10 month birthday, little man!

So I got some books for Mr. Smiley from the library the other day. One of them was Oink-Oink and Other Animal Sounds. I just got it because it had some nice artwork and fun animal sounds. When we got home and I looked at the book closer I was intrigued by something.

Why do animals in different countries make different sounds? How can a dog say "Mung-mung" in Korean, "Bow-wow" in English and "Gav-gav" in Russian? They are not even remotely the same sound! Someone please enlighten me.
We are now proud owners of a Mazda5! Last night T-Bone and I bought our first car in 5 years and the first car that wasn't owned by a member of our family since we were married (both of us had cars when we got married though). We are totally spoiled since our Sebring's radio has been broken for two years, it only has a tape deck (but we can't use it anyway since it doesn't work), if you don't hold the trunk open it may slam down on your head (yes, I know from personal experience), the a/c makes a weird chirping noise intermittently, and a myriad of other problems. We are just stoked to finally have cruise control and a working radio.
Today Big Sister asked me if she looked like a Mom today. I was a little confused until she said, "Because I'm wearing this bracelet." Unfortunately that didn't clear anything up. Then she said, "All mom's wear dresses and bracelets all day long." For the record I usually only wear dresses on Sunday and bracelets less often so it's really funny that she said something like that.
And lastly, I've been thinking the last few days about this new healthcare bill. I don't want to get into it here, so I'm just going to share this post at Rarely Home Mom. She lays it out pretty clear.

15 March 2010

Something about that little red monster

Mr. Smiley is not a TV watcher. His attention span is about 20 seconds when the TV is on. He is much happier hanging out on the floor "talking" and playing with his toys. Toys can keep his attention for quite a long time. I'll be knitting, crocheting or just on the computer and he'll be totally content playing with a ball or whatever else is his favorite toy that day. Big Sister on the other hand has always been a TV watcher. When she was little I quickly found that I could get loads done in the 20 minutes of a Baby Einstein movie. As soon as the TV was turned on her eyes rarely moved from it. They saved me that first year or so. We didn't have cable so that's pretty much all she watched when she was a baby. When she stopped taking her morning naps I would use a movie so I could take a quick shower. I don't even think she knew I was in the bathroom she was so mesmerized.

Big Sister still is a little obsessed about electronics. She's constantly begging me to watch something, or play on the computer or some other thing that has a screen. Usually in the morning while Mr. Smiley is napping and if she's ready for school, I'll let her watch TV so I can take a shower. Some things never really change, I guess. Sesame Street is on at 10am here and usually half way through Mr. Smiley will wake up. Just in time for Elmo's World.

I have not seen him so intrigued by anything on a screen before. He loves that little red monster. The first time he saw him, he crawled right up to the TV and got as close as he could. Then he stuck his hand on Elmo and just watched him. Today they were talking about noses and during the nose song at the end, Mr. Smiley was right there dancing along. If Mr. Smiley can see or hear Elmo, he doesn't want to do or look at anything else.

Personally I couldn't stand Elmo when Big Sister was little. It took some time for him to grow on me. The DVD someone bought for her has three episodes on it and I could really only stand half of one at first. Now he doesn't bother me too much but he does get annoying sometimes with all his laughing and that high pitched voice. I'm not sure why little babies and kids love him so much but obviously the people who invented Elmo do.

I guess I know what to get him for his birthday in two months!

08 March 2010

The Song of the Heart

In my ward I'm the Ward Music Chairperson. So I'm responsible for planning the Sacrament meeting hymns and musical numbers. I also lead the music in Relief Society. I know my way around the piano and sheet music but I can't say I'm terribly musically inclined.

Yesterday I filled in for the Chorister in Sacrament because she was out of town. We sang very common hymns: There is a Green Hill Far Away, God Be With You Till We Meet Again and The Lord Is My Shepherd. Most of our ward is not new to the church so these songs should have
been fairly familiar and yet I was surprised by something as I was leading the music.

Many of the members of the congregation weren't singing.

It wasn't like their attention was elsewhere either. They were looking straight ahead but their mouths weren't moving. I've noticed this while leading the music in Relief Society as well. I've always known that there are just some people who don't sing but I was really surprised at how many there actually are in our ward.

Personally I've never considered not singing. I'm no "singer" but I can carry a tune. Even if I couldn't I think I still would sing. Am I the only one that thinks like this? Is it because I grew up in a somewhat musical house? My sister an I both played the piano as kids and my dad is a good singer.

Good voice or not music plays such a part in feeling the Spirit at church. God has told us that when we sing it's like we are praying to him so who wouldn't take up that opportunity?

Do you sing in church? Why or why not?

And I know here are a lot of you in the ward that read my blog so if you don't sing I want to see you doing so from here on out, okay? Okay.

07 March 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

Here's the rundown of Disneyland!

Mr. Smiley was fascinated that he didn't have to be in his car seat
on the shuttle ride from the parking lot.

I sneaked Big Sister's Minnie ears in the bag that we got when she
was one so she could wear them around the park.

Big Sister's been way into Winnie the Pooh lately and so when we saw Tigger she just had to go and say hi. She was so excited to tell him that she had one of his movies. I love the way both Mr. Smiley and Big Sister are in this picture. It really shows a lot about their personalities.

I love this picture! My two happy guys!

And the family picture after riding It's a Small World. Mr. Smiley was enthralled with that ride. He was bouncing up and down, laughing and waving at all the puppets. He loved it! It was so fun to see his reaction.

Trying to get a picture of all four of the cousins was a little challenging!

All in all it was a great day. The rain didn't come until about 5pm but I think the prospect of rain scared quite a few people away because it really wasn't all that crowded for being a Saturday. The longest line we waited in was for Autotopia and it was only about 20 minutes. At first I felt like we had gypped the kids by leaving before the rain but they were done anyway. We all had dinner together and by the end of that they were more than ready to go home. Moms and Dads were pretty exhausted too! I'm so glad we could go and that Disney does fun things for us to get free tickets!

Remember the good things

I've been feeling a little grouchy lately. What with all the car and sick issues we've been having here. And honestly I'm feeling kind of sick of myself. I'm sure the rest of you are as well so this post is dedicated to the good things that have happened lately.

*Sean's medicine is making his ears so much better! Consequently we have out happy Mr. Smiley back. Plus one of his teeth broke the surface so at least that pain is relieved as well.

*I have surprisingly been super healthy through all this sick fest. --knock on wood--

*We got to go to Disneyland on Saturday!! Have you done your volunteer work yet? Big Sister had no idea we were planning it and she was so excited when she found out. She has been praying all week that she can go to Disneyland so it was such a dream come true!

*And.....it didn't rain until 5 o'clock yesterday. We had 7 blissful hours of very uncrowded Disneyland.

*My husband has a job and he passed his big test. Hopefully that means good things in the future for him at work.

*Since we've gotten so much rain lately the hills are green and blooming with beautiful spring flowers!

*Tonight I cooked a yummy meal for the missionaries. I love it when the food I plan actually turns out the way I planned.

So there are plenty of things that I have to be happy about. I just need to remember.

03 March 2010

I am very glad, in fact I, at last, I come back home


I can't embed the video, but this is one of the best videos I have seen in along time. I plugged the title into a Translator and my blog title is what it spits out. I have no idea what it means.

02 March 2010

Some more pictures

A couple days ago I posted pictures of the shrug and hat I made but I really wanted to see them on a baby. My friend Aline graciously let me take pictures of her sweet daughter Gabriella today. I think they came out pretty good. It sure helps that Gabriella is super cute!

And then I was playing around and taking more pictures of Mr. Smiley. Why is it little babies are so easy to take pictures of? I love them!