07 March 2010

Remember the good things

I've been feeling a little grouchy lately. What with all the car and sick issues we've been having here. And honestly I'm feeling kind of sick of myself. I'm sure the rest of you are as well so this post is dedicated to the good things that have happened lately.

*Sean's medicine is making his ears so much better! Consequently we have out happy Mr. Smiley back. Plus one of his teeth broke the surface so at least that pain is relieved as well.

*I have surprisingly been super healthy through all this sick fest. --knock on wood--

*We got to go to Disneyland on Saturday!! Have you done your volunteer work yet? Big Sister had no idea we were planning it and she was so excited when she found out. She has been praying all week that she can go to Disneyland so it was such a dream come true!

*And.....it didn't rain until 5 o'clock yesterday. We had 7 blissful hours of very uncrowded Disneyland.

*My husband has a job and he passed his big test. Hopefully that means good things in the future for him at work.

*Since we've gotten so much rain lately the hills are green and blooming with beautiful spring flowers!

*Tonight I cooked a yummy meal for the missionaries. I love it when the food I plan actually turns out the way I planned.

So there are plenty of things that I have to be happy about. I just need to remember.

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