15 March 2010

Something about that little red monster

Mr. Smiley is not a TV watcher. His attention span is about 20 seconds when the TV is on. He is much happier hanging out on the floor "talking" and playing with his toys. Toys can keep his attention for quite a long time. I'll be knitting, crocheting or just on the computer and he'll be totally content playing with a ball or whatever else is his favorite toy that day. Big Sister on the other hand has always been a TV watcher. When she was little I quickly found that I could get loads done in the 20 minutes of a Baby Einstein movie. As soon as the TV was turned on her eyes rarely moved from it. They saved me that first year or so. We didn't have cable so that's pretty much all she watched when she was a baby. When she stopped taking her morning naps I would use a movie so I could take a quick shower. I don't even think she knew I was in the bathroom she was so mesmerized.

Big Sister still is a little obsessed about electronics. She's constantly begging me to watch something, or play on the computer or some other thing that has a screen. Usually in the morning while Mr. Smiley is napping and if she's ready for school, I'll let her watch TV so I can take a shower. Some things never really change, I guess. Sesame Street is on at 10am here and usually half way through Mr. Smiley will wake up. Just in time for Elmo's World.

I have not seen him so intrigued by anything on a screen before. He loves that little red monster. The first time he saw him, he crawled right up to the TV and got as close as he could. Then he stuck his hand on Elmo and just watched him. Today they were talking about noses and during the nose song at the end, Mr. Smiley was right there dancing along. If Mr. Smiley can see or hear Elmo, he doesn't want to do or look at anything else.

Personally I couldn't stand Elmo when Big Sister was little. It took some time for him to grow on me. The DVD someone bought for her has three episodes on it and I could really only stand half of one at first. Now he doesn't bother me too much but he does get annoying sometimes with all his laughing and that high pitched voice. I'm not sure why little babies and kids love him so much but obviously the people who invented Elmo do.

I guess I know what to get him for his birthday in two months!


Cynthia said...

Maybe it's the voice, or the red or something- so cute that he's an Elmo fan. My girl was a 'Barney' fan. She's 10 now and gets mad if I bring it up. Mr. Smiley, on the other hand, will never need to feel embarrassed about Elmo- he's much cooler than Barney!

Bryan said...

Whatever you do, avoid the movie "Elmo in Grouchland" at all costs! I can handle Elmo in smaller doses. This movie is a full length high pitched scream-fest that only Elmo can provide. But it completely mesmerizes kids. I still can't figure out why they love the sound of his voice??? :)

bythelbs said...

We gave my son a Tickle Me Elmo for his first birthday. That was almost 13 years ago!

I think there are way worse things than Elmo. Like Barney. Never could stand Barney.

Sharon said...

Elmo's got maaaail! Elmo's got maaaail! Argh. :) Mara would press her entire face to the screen whenever the baby sunshine face showed up on Teletubbies.