23 April 2010

One More Month!

**I found this in my drafts folder because I kept forgetting to upload the video. That's why I'm posting it a month later**

Today Mr. Smiley is officially 11 months old!

I'll let that sink in for a minute....

Are you with me? That means one more month until my little baby is 1 YEAR OLD! Ahh, I can't believe it. We wanted this little sweetheart for so long so it just almost seems unreal. I can tell you that this last year--or 11 months--haven't been super easy but just seeing that bright smile and hearing that sweet laugh every day is the best reward for my heartache ever.

He took his first steps last week and--finally--a week later we were able to record them.

I love this little guy!

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Melissa said...

I always love those first little toddling steps!! He's such a cutie!