25 May 2010

One Year Ago Today

I thought today would never come. I thought May 25, 2009 would never come. It truly was a dream come true. After two years of trying to get pregnant with two late first trimester miscarriages I finally got pregnant in September 2008. This one would stick and we would find out in January that we were going to welcome a sweet baby boy to our family. He proved to be a stinker when after being dilated to 3cm 3 weeks before his due date, I went overdue. I was in so much pain I convinced my doctor to induce me earlier than our insurance provider usually allows.

May 25, 2009 was the date. We were to arrive at the hospital early in the morning so we could start the induction. The morning was boring but after my water broke at 1pm everything progressed really fast. Out he came at 2:22pm. I'm getting emotional just re-reading his birth story.

This last year has been an amazing one. I am amazed at the amount of love I have. Mr. Smiley is such a joy to have around. He loves people and is always waving at everyone and flashing that darling grin of his. He really knows how to melt people's hearts--including mine. His laugh is infectious. He is so easy going. We are truly blessed to have him in our family.

Some things about him:
*He took his first steps a week before he turned 11 months and now is a walking machine. He wants to walk everywhere instead of crawling.
*He can say "mama, baby, dada, and banana"
*He adores his sister
*He still doesn't like the car seat. I'm hoping when we turn him around he'll like it better
*He eats pretty much everything we give him. Most meals he eats more than his sister. And yet, he is still just a little guy!
*He's starting to climb on things. Yesterday we found him halfway up the bunk bed ladder.
*He's an early riser.
*He's so good at playing by himself. He loves to just wander around the house and explore.
*He loves to snuggle. He'll just come up to me and give me a hug. The sweetest thing!
*He loves the bath. As soon as he hears the water go on he practically runs to the bathroom.
*He loves to knock over stacks of things.
*He loves to have his silky blanket and sucks on it when he's sleeping.

I couldn't resist these baby feet!

And here are a couple I took of him just playing around yesterday

*He's 1 today! We love you Mr. Smiley! Happy Birthday!

24 May 2010

So I got a Job

So I promised a post about the job. It goes back a few months. I got an email from the Relief Society President about needs the 2010 Census had for people this year. T-Bone and I talked about it and thought it would be a good way to make some money for our family. When the time came to take the preliminary test I took it and got 100%. After that we just waited.

In the beginning of April I got a call that they would like to hire me as an enumerator (someone who goes door to door to fill out the Census questionarres). I agreed but when I found out the training was four days, two of which I was going to be in Hawaii, I had to decline. T-Bone was so bummed. He was really looking forwad to the extra money coming in even if it meant a crazy schedule for the family. A couple weeks later they called me again and offered me an 8-5:30 schedule in the office. One of the appeals of the census work was a flexible schedule and neither of us ever wanted me to be working full time. Mr. Smiley was only about 10 months at the time anyway and still nursing. There was no way that would work since I have a hard time justifying paying someone to watch my children while I work all day. T-Bone was hopeful that they would call me again.

And they did. At the beginning of May I got another call. They offered me a job as of office clerk. The recruiter told me it was flexible hours and that I had to be willing to work all 24 hours. I told him I wasn't that flexible and really only wanted to work no earlier than 4pm but I could work nights. I figured I could find people to watch the kids for a couple horus until T-Bone gets home. The recruiter said that would be fine and I could just work out hours with my supervisor. So I accepted on those terms.

So a few days later I went to training and got a preliminary schedule to work last Tuesday. I came in, did my thing and then was supposed to get a call about the rest of the week. Well I got lost in the crazy schedule mess so I didn't even know if I would work until last Sunday. He asked me to work 4-10pm Monday through Friday.

I accepted, but not right away. I took this working thing very seriously. It was a big decision for me. At first I called some family and friends to see if they would be willing to watch the kids for a couple hours one day a week. They all said yes and the strange thing was each of them had a different day available. I knew my kids would be taken care of. Then I prayed about it. I knew that I would not be able to do this alone and really wanted to make sure this was the right decision for my family. I started my prayer feeling nervous about it, but ended it feeling calm and that this was going to be okay.

So I worked all last week and I like it. Despite the wardrobe issues, its been working out. I just do paperwork and reports in the office. It's been sad missing putting my kids to bed each night, but I also know that T-Bone is completely able to handle it. He's really stepped up. It's been a good opportunity for him to take charge instead of always just sitting back and letting me do my thing when it comes to the kids. I think they've enjoyed the daddy time too. My plan is to do it until the end of July and then see if I want to continue it.
**I know that was a really boring post, but I wanted to make sure I got the info out there**

21 May 2010

The Problem With Clothes

I got a job last week. I know it sounds crazy--it still does to me--but it is what it is and I'm actually really liking it. I'll tell you about it in another post. This post deals with a different topic.

Clothes. There is something seriously wrong with the fashion industry and their sizing charts. I've known this for a while, but this week it was really brought to my attention again.

Since I have been pregnant and not three times in the last few years my wardrobe has changed dramatically. I have gone to maternity clothes to regular clothes three times and consequently my weight has fluctuated quite a bit. So I have had lots of clothes, few of which currently fit me but I manage.

Since I've had Mr. Smiley I have bought clothes sparingly as well. Both because of lack of funds and fashion sense. I only bought the bare minimum of things until I shrunk back to normal size. I have a couple pairs of jeans and some shirts that have lasted me the last few months.

One thing I don't have is any dress pants. And that won't do with an office job.

So last week I went to Kohl's for some work-appropriate clothes. After much searching I was lucky to find one pair of pants and one shirt that fit me and that looked decent. At the register I realized that pair of pants had obviously been owned before because the hem had been hand altered. The price was only $3 something and the hem was perfect for my shortness so I bought them anyway.

I figured I could wear some skirts the rest of the week if I needed to, but they had issues getting me scheduled so I didn't even know if I would work more until Sunday. I needed clothes starting Tuesday so I needed to get out there quick.

So that brings me to last Monday. I packed the kids up after school and off we went to the strip mall with Ross, Marshall's and Nordstrom Rack. I figured they would have the most variety since I hadn't done very well at Kohl's. At Marshall's I found a couple blouses so I figured I was on a roll. Their pant selection was horribly disappointing through. They seriously had 4 in my size.

So I went down to Nordstrom Rack. They had plenty of pants to choose from so I pulled all the styles I liked off the rack in what I thought was my size and headed for the dressing room. I've lost quite a bit of weight since having Mr. Smiley but by no means am I super tiny. I am average weight for my height. I am a petite 5' 2" and weigh 115 pounds. There are definitely people that are smaller than me. Heck I've been smaller than me right now and certain points in my life.

I was swimming in the size 4s. I could not believe it. So I went back and picked a couple from the sparse 2s. Still swimming. What?? The dressing room attendant jokingly said I should try a size 0, but seriously?? They don't even make a size 0! That would mean that there is no one smaller than me. There is something seriously wrong with that.

Now I'm all for making people feel good about themselves. Going into a store thinking they're a size 10 and lo and behold they're fitting into a size 6. Wohoo, good day! But seriously, let's be realistic. That person is not a size 6. America is getting fatter, let's not exacerbate the problem by making people think they aren't. And cause more of a problem for us little people who now can't find any decent clothes that fit us.

Where do you shop? Do you find sizes to be pretty standard across the board or is it just me?

20 May 2010

Kindergarten Love

For many months, Big Sister has been telling me that she is going to marry a boy that is both in her Kindergarten class as well as her class at church, B. They have been "in love" and seem to be very happy. B told his parents that he didn't want too many people to know about their love and that he wanted to keep it secret. His Dad told us that.

Fast forward to yesterday. I picked Big Sister up from school and after the normal pleasantries we had this conversation:
BS: I don't want to marry B anymore.
Me: Why not?
BS: He doesn't really play with me very much and I don't know where he is playing during recess. I want to marry S instead.
Me: Oh yeah? So is he your new boyfriend?
BS: S is nice and he plays with me so I'm going to marry him because I love him.
This all started because T-Bone took the kids to the park on Tuesday and S was there and they played for a while together. So this morning I was dropping her off and she saw her friend, O. O starts in on BS on how S is her boyfriend and she is going to marry him. Come to find out from O's mom that there are a number of girls in Big Sister's class that are madly in love with cute little S. Seems she'll have to get in line....I hope B is not too crushed. This is a pretty big breakup. Kindergarten love...

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Weekend!

Yes, I said "Mother's Weekend." Mother's Day isn't just one day this year. This year I decided to do something special for myself. A few months ago my friend told me about an Iron Girl event that they were holding in Del Mar. It sparked an interest in me to train to run a 5K. Last year our ward's Young Women put on a 5K and I walked the whole thing. I wasn't really interested in the race aspect of it, I just wanted to participate. So my walking partner, Erin and I just used it as our morning workout. It was great to be able to say I'd walked a 5K.

So at the beginning of the year I started running a few times a week to train for the 5K. It kicked my butt. We live in a pretty hilly neighborhood so there isn't much opportunity to just run on a flat surface. Then I got sick, my kids got sick, it rained a lot and so I stopped running for a couple months. Fast forward to a month or so ago. There is a local meetup.com group that started up a track workout at the Middle School and so I decided that I needed to join that group so I could at least get one workout in each week. Erin and I went that first night and once again, it kicked my butt. I was so sore the next day. But each week it got easier and easier. Then I set some goals for myself. I ran a mile without stopping on the track. Then I ran a mile and a half without stopping. Then I ran 2 miles around without stopping. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I figured I would at least be able to finish the 5K.

You see, I am not a runner. Put me in the pool and I can swim for hours. In the water I am at home. On land, I'm a mess. My hips hurt, my legs hurt, my ankles hurt. And I get really bad shin splints. When I was at college I worked out a lot and ran on the treadmill. I had shin splints so bad I could hardly walk. It took a couple years for those to get better.

So when I decided to run the 5K that was big for me.

Yesterday I did it. I ran a 5K. And when I say ran, I mean I only walked for about 30 seconds after I passed the mile 2 marker. That's it. I freakin' ran a 5K. I know to some of you that's nothing, but to me it's big. And I feel good too. It didn't even kick my butt.

Running this made me realize that I can DO things. I can set goals and accomplish them. I can finish what I started.

I am strong.

And so are you.

So to all you women out there set a goal, accomplish it and show yourself how strong you are!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there! I'm thankful for my mother and everything she has done for me. Thanks Mom!

I got spoiled this morning! T-Bone made me an omelet for breakfast that was super yummy. I had to say I was a little nervous when he said he was going to make an omelet, but it turned out well! Then Big Sister gave me a balloon and some potted plants for me to plant. Oh and a little ladybug rock that she painted in school. She is finally at that age where she is understanding about Mother's Day and is really getting into it. It's fun to see her get so excited about keeping a secret!

I'm so grateful for my children who have made me a mother. They are a wonderful part of my life and I treasure them.

On another note, I let Mr. Smiley play with the little balloon that Big Sister gave me and she was not super happy about it. She said, "It's not Happy Brother's Day, it's Happy Mother's day!" So that got T-Bone and I thinking. Why isn't there a Brother's and a Sister's Day? Don't they do good things too? Don't they deserve a day to themselves? We concede that they do. So we have here-by dubbed the Sunday after Mother's Day to be Sister's Day and the Sunday before Father's Day to be Brother's Day! Big Sister has already put in her gifts requests. Feel free to adopt these new holidays for your family.