20 May 2010

Kindergarten Love

For many months, Big Sister has been telling me that she is going to marry a boy that is both in her Kindergarten class as well as her class at church, B. They have been "in love" and seem to be very happy. B told his parents that he didn't want too many people to know about their love and that he wanted to keep it secret. His Dad told us that.

Fast forward to yesterday. I picked Big Sister up from school and after the normal pleasantries we had this conversation:
BS: I don't want to marry B anymore.
Me: Why not?
BS: He doesn't really play with me very much and I don't know where he is playing during recess. I want to marry S instead.
Me: Oh yeah? So is he your new boyfriend?
BS: S is nice and he plays with me so I'm going to marry him because I love him.
This all started because T-Bone took the kids to the park on Tuesday and S was there and they played for a while together. So this morning I was dropping her off and she saw her friend, O. O starts in on BS on how S is her boyfriend and she is going to marry him. Come to find out from O's mom that there are a number of girls in Big Sister's class that are madly in love with cute little S. Seems she'll have to get in line....I hope B is not too crushed. This is a pretty big breakup. Kindergarten love...

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