24 May 2010

So I got a Job

So I promised a post about the job. It goes back a few months. I got an email from the Relief Society President about needs the 2010 Census had for people this year. T-Bone and I talked about it and thought it would be a good way to make some money for our family. When the time came to take the preliminary test I took it and got 100%. After that we just waited.

In the beginning of April I got a call that they would like to hire me as an enumerator (someone who goes door to door to fill out the Census questionarres). I agreed but when I found out the training was four days, two of which I was going to be in Hawaii, I had to decline. T-Bone was so bummed. He was really looking forwad to the extra money coming in even if it meant a crazy schedule for the family. A couple weeks later they called me again and offered me an 8-5:30 schedule in the office. One of the appeals of the census work was a flexible schedule and neither of us ever wanted me to be working full time. Mr. Smiley was only about 10 months at the time anyway and still nursing. There was no way that would work since I have a hard time justifying paying someone to watch my children while I work all day. T-Bone was hopeful that they would call me again.

And they did. At the beginning of May I got another call. They offered me a job as of office clerk. The recruiter told me it was flexible hours and that I had to be willing to work all 24 hours. I told him I wasn't that flexible and really only wanted to work no earlier than 4pm but I could work nights. I figured I could find people to watch the kids for a couple horus until T-Bone gets home. The recruiter said that would be fine and I could just work out hours with my supervisor. So I accepted on those terms.

So a few days later I went to training and got a preliminary schedule to work last Tuesday. I came in, did my thing and then was supposed to get a call about the rest of the week. Well I got lost in the crazy schedule mess so I didn't even know if I would work until last Sunday. He asked me to work 4-10pm Monday through Friday.

I accepted, but not right away. I took this working thing very seriously. It was a big decision for me. At first I called some family and friends to see if they would be willing to watch the kids for a couple hours one day a week. They all said yes and the strange thing was each of them had a different day available. I knew my kids would be taken care of. Then I prayed about it. I knew that I would not be able to do this alone and really wanted to make sure this was the right decision for my family. I started my prayer feeling nervous about it, but ended it feeling calm and that this was going to be okay.

So I worked all last week and I like it. Despite the wardrobe issues, its been working out. I just do paperwork and reports in the office. It's been sad missing putting my kids to bed each night, but I also know that T-Bone is completely able to handle it. He's really stepped up. It's been a good opportunity for him to take charge instead of always just sitting back and letting me do my thing when it comes to the kids. I think they've enjoyed the daddy time too. My plan is to do it until the end of July and then see if I want to continue it.
**I know that was a really boring post, but I wanted to make sure I got the info out there**


hi, i'm brooke! said...

that's great jamie! i've been working for two years now (not that i really want to). at first it was extremely difficult leaving and missing my kids. what got me through was that i knew i needed to, and that in the long-term the girls wouldn't even remember it. it has proved to be such a blessing for us, and i'll be done next month for good. hope all goes well for you! census jobs are supposed to be great and easy.

Melissa said...

I've really been thinking about getting a job next year when all of my kids are in school all day long. It sounds like things are going well for you and it's always a good idea to make it a matter of prayer :)