06 June 2010

Best 1st Birthday Ever

My little Mr. Smiley turned one two weeks ago so of course we had to celebrate. A month or so ago I got this idea that it would be fun to have all the family just come to Petco Park to have a picnic and watch a game. They do their Saturday games at 5:35pm so it would be a perfect time. At first I wanted to go when the Dodgers were coming down--plus they were giving away "Beat L.A." t-shirts and what San Diego fan doesn't want one of those--but we didn't get tickets in time. Petco Park has a hilly area outside of the stadium where you can set up blankets and you only have to pay $5 to get in. It's perfect for families and there is a little play area behind the hill where the kids can go play if they get tired of rolling down the hill. Since the Dodger game was sold out we went on the next home game, the 29th.

It was the most perfect day. The weather was gorgeous...it had to be 75 with a light breeze. Beautiful I tell you. I made some cupcakes and we got Subway sandwiches, chips, granola bars and juice boxes for the food. My Dad and Step-Mom bought Mr. Smiley a "Birthday Boy" onsie so he was of course wearing that. They treated us like royalty too!

When we got to the ticket gate they saw the cupcakes and asked if we were celebrating someone's birthday. We told him it was Mr. Smiley's first birthday and then they asked where we were sitting. I told him at the park and they said, "Stay there, we have something special we'll bring to you." We all looked kind of surprised that they would even make any deal out of the birthday. Pretty soon one of the workers comes up with a button for Mr. Smiley that says, "Happy Birthday!" and a few more that say VIP (Very Important Padre) for the other kids. They loved them.

So we just had fun eating food and playing on the hill during the game. Around the 7th inning another worker who is just handing things to the kids at The Park comes up to us. My Dad tells him it's Mr. Smiley's birthday and he gets all excited and tells us to stay where we are, he'll be right back. Thinking he's going to get another button I told him that we already got buttons. He says, "Forget the buttons! I'll be right back!" Again we were a little surprised at how excited all these workers were about Mr. Smiley's birthday. He comes back a few minutes later, tells me to pick Mr. Smiley up and then gets everyone's attention. Then he leads the whole "Park" crowd in Happy Birthday and gives him a little ball! Of course Mr. Smiley had no idea what was going on, but it sure was fun to have them pay so much attention to my sweet boy.

We left during the 9th, the Padres were ahead and the kids were pooped. T-Bone and I decided that since everyone had such a fun time we would try to do this every year for his birthday as long as he lets us. Happy Birthday Mr. Smiley!!

Modeling my button

My sister with Grandma and Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Ian

Grandma and Grandpa were there too, and Mom's friend Maren

My Cousin likes Cheetos. His family was there too but my Mom didn't get any
pictures of his mom or dad. They were playing with the kids.

We got these Bobbleheads but they kept breaking. Two of these have no arms, and the
other two lost their bats. And that wasn't even the extent of the injuries. They were pretty cheap.

Here's the ball the worker gave me. My mom took it away though because it was
plushy and I started to take bites out of it.

Here I am with the gift my Aunt and Uncle Truman gave me.
A ball and glove from Sea World! Thanks guys! And my first time having juice. Boy was that yummy!

And lastly, me just looking pretty dang cute.
It was a good birthday.

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Man, I wanna have my birthday there. :)