01 June 2010

I would just like to report that yesterday I was able to find two pair of pants that fit me. In MY size. Not a pretend size that I'm suposed to try to fit into. My work wardrobe is now completed thanks to the Macy's Petite section.


Staceygirl said...

I learned petite is for women up to 5'4" -- I'm 5'5", but sometimes it works. The regular ladies' pants are ALWAYS too long for me (long torso, short legs), but sometimes the short ones are just a tad too short. I must be in that unfortunate spot in between :( Luckily, Gap pants seem to fit me just right, so I always hit the outlet when I'm visiting the in-laws.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for properly fitting pants! I'm still searching for some of my own. You've given me hope that it's not an impossible quest.