15 June 2010

Look Out First Grade Here She Comes

I feel like lately this has been the blog of Mr. Smiley. I do have another child and she is great. We are blessedto have Big Sister in our family too. I am especially proud of her because at the end of this week she will finish her first year of school. She completed Kindergarten with flying colors!

In California the deadline for kindergarten is December 2nd. Big sister was born on December 2nd. Granted if she had been born 43 minutes earlier she would have been born on the 1st, but 43 minutes is 43 minutes. Since she was born on the cut off date we waffled for quite a while as to whether or not we should enroll her or wait another year. Being that she is the absolute youngest you cn be to go to school in California we wondered how she would do. Finally last year we decided that we would put her in Kindergarten. If she didn't do good either we could pull her out or just have her do it again. She excelled from the beginning.

When she was two she knew all her letters and by three had started writing some. We knew she was smart and we are so proud of how far she has come this last year.

The one thing she couldn't quite get a handle on before kindergarten was the sounds of the letters. Something hadn't quite clicked there so I was curious to see how long it would take for her to learn those. The first half of the year there were a lot of basic things that they were learning. But she started to learn the sounds of each letter better. It wasn't until January that her sound recognition and reading really took off. In the monthly homework her teacher started sending home a writing journal. They were to write a one sentence story each week and then illustrate it. At first it was hard to get her to write. She is a perfectionist and really wanted to make sure she was spelling every word right--except I wasn't allowed to correct her. She was supposed to use what she knew about the sounds the letters make to form the words. That journal will be something that I will keep forever. Once she started that, everything she learned the first three months all fell into place. By last month she was supposed to write at least three sentences for each story and she was doing great. Her reading improved and within a month or so she read her first book. I couldn't have been prouder as a mom! She has been a reading machine ever since.

As she graduateds from Kindergarten and goes into First grade I can only imagine where her leaning will take her. It has been an exciting year watching her learn and grow and I look forward to what comes next.

We love you Big Sister and are proud of you!


Staceygirl said...

Now, if you had posted this to Argus, everyone would have attributed her brains to her Johnston genes, but I'm sure some of it comes from Mom! Next time I see her, I'll have to ask her to read me a story. That's exciting! Good luck next year, Big Sister!

Alison Wonderland said...

It's always fascinating to me to watch my kids learn to read and it seems like it's usually just like that, they don't get it and then, all of a sudden, they do.

Maren said...

She's TOTALLY ready for 1st grade! I couldn't believe how smart she is, and how fast she was reading books to me! :) She's definitely a keeper! ;-)