16 July 2010

Things on my brain

I'm laying in bed thinking about going to sleep but I thought I'd put a post up before I do of the random thoughts jostling around in my brain.

Number 1: I am so tired of deleting stupid spam comments once or twice a day from my posts. Really?? Do people still do that? Why???

Number 2: I knitted this baby hat for my friend that just had a baby--go figure--and it was so labor intensive. I had to start over four times because I kept making stupid mistakes. Plus the stitch pattern was really tight and it did a number on my hands. They are shaking and kinda crampy. It's worse when I'm on my iPhone too. But does that stop me from writing this from my iPhone or starting a new knitting project? Nope. Yeah, I'm not too smart.

Number 3: We went to the beach today and it was gorgeous. My kids had a ball and were totally wiped out. Daily mission accomplished.

Number 4: My kids are dang cute.

Number 5: We went camping at the beach last weekend--pictures to come--with some family and it was great fun. I have to agree with Cheryl that camping vacations are the best family vacations ou there. I wouldn't have believed it before last weekend but I do now. Everyone had a great time.

Number 6: Big Sister's new favorite song is "Whataya you want from me?" by Adam Lambert. She made me play it twice the other day in the car and then we listened to it at least three times while I was making dinner tonight. She said he looks a little weird (from the picture on his album cover) but she loves his song. Totally cracks me up! I never was a huge Adam fan but I gotta say the girl has good taste in music. That is one catchy tune.


Cheryl said...

It is true! Camping rocks. I'm glad you agree with me. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to get filthy porn spam comments on one of my posts--a really old one (from 2004) that had nothing remotely to do with porn (unlike some of my posts--ha). I think I had to delete it altogether to get the comments to stop. Ultra annoying.

Your kids are dang cute.

Cynthia said...

I get those comments on my work blog (wordpress) but not on my blogger one. I don't allow anon comments though so maybe that's why?

flip flop mama said...

The spam comments are just Asian characters with a link in them usually. I never look at what the link is but I assume it's to some dirty website.

Cynthia, I don't allow anonymous comments either. They are always registered Blogger users with just a junk blog. I always report them for TOS but who know if that does any good. I'm pretty sure they are just clicking "next blog" and just spamming whatever comes up. Maybe I can remove myself from that. I'll have to check.

flip flop mama said...

Well I removed it from the listings. Let's see if that works!