30 August 2010

1st Day of School

School started today. Mr. Smiley is sleeping and I'm having a hard time getting my thoughts to be in one place for some reason Big Sister was thrilled to be going to school today. She has been counting down for weeks. On Friday morning she came into my room and said, "Today is Friday. That means there are three more days until school! And then tomorrow there will only be two more days. And then one more day! And then school! So needless to say she was really excited. My Dad took her shopping last week and bought her a new backpack. She really wanted a rolling backpack and the only one they had left that didn't have a bunch of characters on it was a grey and blue one. It was definitely not one that I thought she would pick out, but it was the one she wanted. She kept saying, "It's kind of boyish, but it's not. I like it." I am so proud of her self confidence. I think I'm more self-conscious for her. At school today I saw two other boys--not in her class--with the same backpack. I'm not sure she noticed, I just hope kids aren't mean. I'm probably worrying about nothing but isn't that what parents do? I'm just so proud of the fact that she knows who she is. She doesn't have to have pink or purple things just because she's a girl. 

Ready for the first day!

Mr. Smiley was happy too!

When we got into her classroom, she found her desk and on it there was a pack of crayons with her name on it. Then inside her desk she had a couple notebooks and they all had stickers with her name on it. She was so excited. She's a good girl who loves people and I know she'll do great!

At her desk, ready for the day!


Jessica said...

They are so big! I can't believe it. They are so cute. Who is her teacher? How are you guys? miss you!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

She's so cute, I hope she had an awesome day. And BTW, Mr. Smiley's bedhead hair is adorable!

Anonymous said...

"School started today."

All I can say is, "LUCKY!"

Oh, and they're adorable, of course. :)

Maile Fano said...

Cute kids you have and I know Kalena is so ready to start school tomorrow. After she met her teacher last week, she is really excited even more than she was.

Staceygirl said...

My mom bought Paige these really wild leggings with all sorts of neon cheetah spots on them. Paige didn't like them, but yesterday morning when I got out of bed just one minute before she had to leave for the bus, she had them on under a pink, blue, and yellow striped knit dress... it was a really bad combo. But there was no time to change, and she said she didn't want to hurt her grandma's feelings. Oh well. Paige is the girl who picks the purple and pink things because they're her favorites... but she often mentions how Josie doesn't like pink and that her favorite color is blue. Funny how she takes note of those things... don't be surprised if she ever asks you what your favorite color is, too :)

bythelbs said...

She looks so happy!

I just can't get over how adorable your kiddos are.