06 August 2010

Call me crazy, but I have no interest in eating my own placenta

Today a Facebook friend of mine--well she's really just someone I went to High School with, not really a friend. Actually she's someone who had piano lessons before me and happened to be in the same High School. Anyway, it's not like we're close. I'm going to just forget that giant grammar error and just continue, okay?? Okay. So this girl, she posted a link to this story on her Facebook profile today: Afterbirth: It's What's For Dinner with comments indicating she obviously was in favor of ingesting your own placenta.  A couple of the later comments said things like, "I've heard of people doing that" or "That sounds cool."

Personally that completely disgusts me. I get the whole natural health benefits of it but really? Most animals eat their placentas after birth but does that mean humans have to as well? I don't buy that logic at all. We are humans after all and able to use our brains and discern between instinctive behavior and thought. Between acting like an animal because we know no other way, or acting like a human. Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. So I said, "I don't know. That kinda grosses me out..." Perhaps I could have worded it differently but I wasn't feeling up to it at the time.

The thing is, I feel SO guilty! I don't know what it is about disagreeing with someone that makes me feel guilty. I have no intention of hurting her feelings. I did not attack her personally. I don't care if she eats her own placenta, but I sure as hell won't be doing it. I'm sitting her thinking and wondering whether I did the right thing, by sharing my opinion. The thing is deep down I know that differences in opinion are not wrong. They spark conversation, they could even end up bringing two people closer together, but I still worry about it! I know, call me crazy. 

I try not to share my opinion on Facebook because I don't really like getting into debates. I know I probably should, especially about important topics but people can be very attacking. But I gotta say, this time I just had to say what was on my mind.  

Am I the only one that feels this way?


Jackie Romney said...

That is one of the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Why on earth would you want to eat that?!? Do you know where it came from? SICK!

Sarah said...

I read the article, and it had the perfect amount of sarcasm in it to keep me laughing the whole time! And then I watched the video... umm. Medical things don't really gross me out, but the entire time I felt very squeamish and wondered why anyone would PAY a person to help them eat their own placenta??? That's nasty. Fenogreek promotes milk production. And proper nutrition and sleep can fend off PPD. So... NOPE! I won't be eating any placenta any time soon! :)

Julie said...

My bravery level in sharing my opinion totally depends on who I'm sharing my opinion with.
And isn't it interesting how we have to define our "friends" now?


S'mee said...

Oh sure, I'd eat my placenta...if I were from Mars! Holy Sweet Mary!

Dogs, Cats and all sorts of other animals also lick their bums, sniff each other and eat their own barf and poo! This is logic?

(I'm gagging a little right now)

NO no no. Opinion is fine, especially when someone is puttin' it out there beggin for it! *I* have been somewhat snarky and nasty in my personal opinion here, however, *your* response seemed a tad more tactful, which I think is fine. Hooray for your bravery! And well, evolved thinking! Wahoo!

And yes, let's hope that Sarah's hypothesis is correct and this is all "tongue in cheek" (ack/gag) -sarcasm!

Alison Wonderland said...

Just because you can doesn't mean you should (as an aside I'll mention that it's my understanding that most animals eat the placenta in an attempt to prevent any preditors knowing that a baby was born. So if I happen to give birth where there's likely to be hungry lions around I suppose I might consider it. Otherwise, not so much.)

As far as your comment. I get it, absolutely but I think you're ok.

Melissa said...

I don't know... a little salt and pepper... maybe a dash of hot sauce... saute it with a few onions... okay. I'm done. I'm gonna make myself puke!! Actually, as I was reading your post I was thinking of "Silence of the Lambs". I haven't seen the whole movie, but who hasn't seen Anthony Hopkins talking about eating livers or brains or something and making that horrible slurping sound... ::shudder:: I know it's not the same thing, but that was the image it brought to mind :S

As for expressing your opinion, I feel the same way. I worry about hurting someone else. But, like S'mee said, if they're willing to put something out there like that, then they have to be willing to take the good with the bad.

flip flop mama said...

Jackie, people have been doing things like this for years in the name of natural health or health benefits.

Sarah, I don't get grossed out either, but eating my own organs is where I draw the line!

S'mee, Nice to see you here! :) The dog and cat thing? Totally my point. Just because animals do things doesn't mean we should. I really don't think it's tongue in cheek. I would bet that it's totally real.

Alison, I hope there aren't ever any lions that necessitate you eat your placenta to save your baby!

Melissa, Totally SotL-ish! Blech!

Staceygirl said...

People tout health benefits of things that aren't really health benefits, too! I was watching some show that had antique "health" products. Apparently, radiation was all the rage. You could buy radioactive water or pay to have this machine emit x-rays into your body. Sounds smart, right?

I wouldn't even look at my placenta - much less eat it! Isn't that bordering on cannibalism? Of course, I do not eat other animal organs, either. If other people want to, more power to them... I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

I'm always thinking I said the wrong thing, but I'm starting to learn that I'm much more critical of my comments than anyone else is. As long as you're not downright rude, sharing opinions is perfectly fine!!

And who cares what this girl who went to the same high school as you thinks, right?

bythelbs said...

I'm late to the conversation, but man, that's just gross. And I think saying so is just fine. It's not like you said, "You're gross!" Heck, I would say the same thing to someone who said they like raisins. And that's NOTHING compared to a PLACENTA.

Katie Harding said...

lol! I had never heard of that until I watched "baby mama" yuck!!!!

Mike and Amie said...

Let it go sister. You are entitled to your opinions just as much as she is.
"Placenta, it is NOT what's for dinner!" Gross!!