23 October 2010

Family 5K

Our Stake put on a 5K this morning and I decided that we would do it as a family. I'm the Mom so I get to make decisions like that. Mr. Smiley of course rode in the stroller, but T-Bone and I walked the whole way. Big Sister walked about two thirds of it before she got really tired. She took Mr. Smiley's place in the stroller for the rest.  I'm proud of her for doing so much though!

I had planned to make T-Bone a hat for his birthday but the first one I made was too big. I ended up making two that fit him and since I had left over yarn I made one for myself (but that also fit Big Sister). Thinking it would be cute if we all had matching hats I whipped one up for Mr. Smiley last night too. So here we are Team J with matching hats.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

So cute!

Alison Wonderland said...

Look at all you cutie pants... I mean hats.

Melissa said...

Love those hats! So very fun :)

Emily said...

great pics!

you are motivating me to pick up knitting.

you are rad!

Anonymous said...

That IS cute. And what a great decision-making mom you are!