10 October 2010

Found Out

So I got "ratted out" today. I say it with quotation marks because there is nothing to rat out but appartenly Big Sister thinks there is. I was typing some church related emails this afternoon and T-Bone was teasing me because I also took this quiz. (For the record you should too. Thanks Janelle!) I was supposed to be getting dinner on the table--it was in the crockpot--but I was a little distracted.  So he teasingly said, "Were you typing emails to your boyfriend?" And surprisingly Big Sister says, "Yes." 

Knowing full well I do not have a boyfriend T-Bone decided to keep this going and pulled Big Sister into the bedroom to get some more info. They came out a few minutes later and apparently BS had told me that there had been men in the house. She proceeded to name our 6 year old neighbor, Joey, Juan the maintenance man, and the UPS man. I'm so glad that my honor and reputation depends on the words and reliability of a 5 year old. 

Since we're talking about funny things Big Sister has said, here are some more (I can't remember if I have posted these, some of them are pretty old. So if I have just ignore them):

Looking for somewhere to eat and passing a Mexican restaurant
Me: We should have eaten at Eribertos
BS: What did you say? Say it in English.

There was one more cookie left on the counter
BS in quite a sad voice: Oh look at that one cookie left. It's so lonely. I have some cookies in my tummy that it can hang out with and have fun with.

BS: When I grow up I want to be a dancing doctor. Then when I give people their shots and they are sad, I can dance for them to cheer them up.

BS: Mom, do you want to play store?
Me: Sure, what are you going to buy? Would you like to buy this balloon?
BS: I need to get my Albertson's card first.
Hands me her card.
BS: I would like 5 cents please. 
I explain how stores work and sometimes it looks like they are giving me money when I get change back, but it's just change from money I've already given them. 
BS: Ok let's try this again. 
Hands me her card.
BS: I would like 5 dollars please. 
I guess that one wasn't very clear. 

T-Bone and I were talking about taking some time to work on his resume recently.
BS: Maybe you should work on your nose hairs! Booyah!

Oh yeah Mr. Smiley is 16 months now and as cute as ever. Yesterday T-Bone was trying to take away his blankie so he could put him in his high chair for lunch. He looked at him straight in the eye and said, "Nah" while shaking his head. That's the first time he's said no. We're entering a new phase now. But he also knows how to fold his arms for the prayer so that makes up for the sassiness. :) He doesn't say much yet just Mama, Dada, what sounds like Dada, but we think is Big Sister, bye-bye, uh-oh and hello. 

Here are some cute pictures of them both recently.


Cynthia said...

Such cute little faces- and phrases. You'll be so glad you wrote those down.

Alison Wonderland said...

I would like $5 as well please.

Shellybythesea said...

He also says, "gwaw"....or something like that...which is obviously Grandma. He He!