22 October 2010

What a Difference No Makes

So a couple weeks ago Mr. Smiley first said the word "no". Of course we were surprised and a little proud since our little guy doesn't say much yet. The pride has since worn off, but we are still much surprised at hearing such a powerful word come out of our little guy. Especially this week as he has learned to perfect it. For example I rarely hear just "no". It's always "no no no" most of the time with great emotion and a head shake. 

Yesterday there was a break in the rain we've had all week and we had some time before we needed to pick up Big Sister from school. I decided to take Mr. Smiley out for a short walk around the apartment complex. Last week we would have meandered down sidewalk after sidewalk with me following close behind simply trying to keep him from going in the street. Yesterday we got downstairs and all he wanted to do was watch the maintenance man rake leaves off the grass. That's cool, I thought, but then I tried to get him to keep walking. "No no no!" Okay, fine. A couple minutes later I tried to play a chase game with him and heard, "No no no!" again. A short time later I actually succeeded in getting him to the other side of the building where he promptly began climbing the stairs. He got to the top and then wanted to go down again. Each time I would try to hold him or heaven forbid hold his hand, I got the "no no no!" Finally we made it down to the sidewalk again where he discovered the green sprinkler control covers. You know those things with holes on the top that fill up with water when it rains and then it just sits there and gets nasty. Well the holes on top are perfect for little fingers to dip into. Mr. Smiley decided he needed a drink from the holes, but of course I wasn't going to let him. I tried to divert his attention elsewhere and get him to keep walking but all he could think of was dipping a finger in the hole and sucking off the water. There were two about 3 feet apart and at first was hopping between them both but finally I just put one foot on each and stood on both of them with my legs spread apart. That did not make him happy and a little tantrum ensued! I couldn't believe it, not even 17 months old and throwing himself on the ground crying. So I did what any mother would do and pulled out my phone so I could video him.

He's so funny when he does these things that I can't help but laugh. Like tonight at bed, we put him in his crib and kept telling him it's bedtime. He started in with his "No no no!" while shaking his head and throwing himself on his bed completely and utterly distraught. (The good, yet funny thing is that as soon as we leave he stops crying so it's totally an act)

Where did my happy go lucky, follow mom anywhere, easily diverted little baby go?? Now he understands what we say and has an opinion! Things are dangerous now...


Alison Wonderland said...

"So I did what any mother would do and pulled out my phone so I could video him."

Melissa said...

Awesome! I so wish I had gotten the video camera on my phone... can't tell you many times I have wished for that!