18 November 2010

And the Award Goes to?

Luckily no one yet!  What award you ask? The First Broken Bone in the Flip Flop family.

Earlier today we thought that the award might go to Mr. Smiley. Yesterday he was running around the car and he tripped and smashed right into the side of the curb with his nose. It was really red, swollen and purple so we were a little concerned. The on-call nurse recommended we take him to the ER in case of a possible head injury, but I opted to just watch him overnight to see how he was doing. I'm glad I didn't spend 5 hours in the ER because he seemed just fine and woke up bright and smiley this morning.

Except for a green and purple nose.

I took him in to the doctor this morning and she suggested we get him x-rayed to cover all the bases even though she couldn't see or feel an obvious break. It is still pretty swollen though so a small break definitely could have been masked by that. When she came back from reviewing the x-rays she thought she saw a break right on the bridge of his nose, but she wanted to review it with the Radiologist. His nose was so bruised and swollen I thought for sure it was broken, but she called later to tell me it wasn't.  Phew!

Mr. Smiley dodged a bullet with this one! Despite his big swollen, purple nose he still is super cute!

16 November 2010

Mohawk Hat

 A couple weeks ago I got an email from a friend that said I needed to make one of these.  Well when it comes to knitting projects I rarely turn down an opportunity. I've seen these hats before, but never thought I would make one. BUT since she asked....I made her one. I think it came out pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Pay no attention to that last picture. It looks terrible. I was really excited about giving this to my friend so I quickly took pictures last night at 9:30pm instead of waiting until today to take better shots.

**If you legitimately want me to make you one of these, just email me at flipflopmamablog at gmail dot com and we can work out colors and details. I will sell them for $12 for an adult size and $10 for a child size (plus shipping, of course).


It's Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I'm doing laundry. That means that I'm a day behind and I don't really like being a day behind. I usually do my laundry on Monday mornings just to get it out of the way but yesterday we spent the whole day at Sea World, so it's excused.  I''m also out of quarters--yes I have to do my laundry in the apartment laundry mat--so I had to go to Albertson's and change my $20 bill for two rolls of quarters. I hate the look the checker always gives me. It's like she's thinking, "Oh, you are one of those people who live in the apartments...." Maybe it's just my insecurities, but why don't they ever just give me my quarters without acting like I just took $100 bill? They are just quarters and I'm pretty sure you can get more if you need them. 
As I was sorting and getting ready to do the laundry I was thinking of a few things. I sort my clothes into whites, colors and darks but it's pretty interesting because I wash them all on warm. Why do I even bother sorting them? I just can't bring myself to put them all mixed up in the washer. I almost typed warsher which is really funny because my Grandma always says "warsh". Anyway, the other thing about my laundry is I lost the cup that comes with the detergent bottle so I really have no idea how much detergent is going in to the washer. I just kind of squirt until it looks like there's enough. And I can't really go check to see if it's sudsing (is that a word?) because the washers that we have here are front loading and automatically locking after a minute so who knows what's happening in there. One time I washed my iPhone and I couldn't even open the washer to get it. I just had to suffer for 30 minutes until it was done. There should really be a cancel button.The good thing about having to do my laundry in the laundry mat is that I can do all my loads at once. I am done with laundry in 2 1/2 hours flat.

I've always kind of wondered if we are all just getting the wool pulled over our eyes about laundry and washing machines. How do we know that they are really getting clean? I mean in the olden days clothes were dirty. They worked outside on their land, they got dirty and so you could tell when clothes were clean. My clothes aren't dirty...maybe a little smelly sometimes but really nothing like what they used to have to wash. They come out all warm and smelling clean so they must be clean, I guess.

Well the 30 minutes are up so I have to be the wonderful parent I am and leave my sleeping toddler to change the clothes to the dryer. 

In other news, I'm working on a new knitting project. It should be done by this weekend and it is awesome!

Happy Tuesday!